Benedict Barnes

Until recently, descendants of the William O. Barnes family of Harrison County did not know the origin of their pioneer ancestor, Benedict Barnes, who came to Upshur County, Texas ca. 1847 amd married Mary Ann Bass Ford, widow of William Ford, in Harrison County in 1851.

The origin of this Barnes family begins in Prince George's County, Maryland with the family of:

1. Henry Barnes and wife, Elizabeth of St. John's Parish.

Henry signed an Oath of allegiance in 1778 Pr. George's. Henry left probate record dated 2 April 1793 Folio 1-326, Elizabeth left one dated 22 Sept 1794 Folio 1-347. They had a family of at least eight children:

i. Elizabeth Barnes b. 26 Jan. 1752

ii. Ann Stacy Barnes b. 11 Oct. 1753 m. Adam Nigil? 2 Feb. 1790.

iii. John H. Barnes b. 2 Nov. 1755 m. Sarah Evans 19 Feb 1785;left will in Edgefield County, S.C.Will Bk. A. p.p. 360-61.



b. Nancy

c. Loyd (Loid) a Loyd Barnes is in Dallas County, Al. 1830 census. d. John e. Frelly

iv. Henry Barnes, Jr. b. 4 Mar. 1762 m. Ann Lanham 3 Feb 1790. Revolutionary soldier; enlisted 1782..


a. Elkanah Barnes b. 15 June 1797 Prince Georges County, Ms.; m. Mary Lumpkin

b. Hezekiah Barnes b. Dec. 13 1803 S.C. m. (1) Martha Jones (2) Elizabeth Phillips; came to Texas before 1845. He is buried in Rosedale Cemetery in Gladewater, north ofthe Armstrong plot.

c. Sarah Ann Barnes m. Anderson T. Wright 14 May 1830 Mont. Co., Al; d. 10 Oct 1879 Gregg Co., Tx. Both buried Mosely Cemetery.

d. Henry Barnes, Jr., dec. before Mother; m. Mary Davis, daughter of Person Davis; had three children: Henry, Sarah and James (Thomas) Franklin. (In Ann's estate record was Thomas Franklin. See Guardianship Petition later)

e. Randall d. young.

f. Aletha Robey Barnes b. 18 Feb 1791 St. John's Parish, Prince Georges Co., Md.; m Thomas Butler Sr. in S.C.

g. Mary b. Oct. 1815, S.C. m.(1) William Shepperd, Jr.(2).Eleazor Sheppard. She d. between 1842-48 in Mont. Co., Al.

h. Elizabeth Barnes m. James Able Moseley

i. Tracy A. Barnes, b. 28 Feb. 1805, S.C. d.Aug.1841; m. Thomas Talley 26 Feb1824 Mont.Co.,Al. (Bk c. p.279) Also another son Theodora born 1793 to Henry and Ann Robey is given under Births of children given at there Baptism at Broad Creek ( Maryland Historical Society Records.)

Many of these or descendants came to Upshur County, later Gregg County, Tx.

v. Greenbury Barnes b. 14 July 1765 m. Joanna; had son Thomas Trueman b. 28 August 1796 and a daughter, Kitty, b. 29 May 1792. He stayed in Maryland and died in Prince George's Co ca. 1816..

2. vi. Benedict Barnes b. 24 July 1773 m. Sally Lanham 7 March 1801. (See below)

vii. Basil Barnes b. m. Mary Lanham 23 Jan. 1791 Prince George's Parish.

viii. Reason Barnes b. ; was also in Edgefield Co., S.C. All above were born in St. John's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland. Reason Barnes left a will in Edgefield County, naming his wife Elizabeth Barnes as Executrix,1 Oct. 1822. She married (2) William Robertson.

2. Benedict Barnes, Sr. married Sally Lanham 7 March 1801. She was the daughter of Solomon and Charity Lanham. He was still in Prince George's County, Maryland in 1800 as were Basil and Reason. John may have gone to South Carolina earlier as there is a deed record for a John Barnes in Edgefield County in 1787. A story on the Lanham family states that the brothers of Sally Lanham came to Edgefield about 1800. (See Lanham Family)

Sometime between his marriage and the 1810 census, Benedict removed to Edgefield County, S.C. where it is believed Benedict, Jr. was born ca. 1810. On the 1810 census of that County, Benedict Barnes, Sr. had 4 males under 10, one male 16 under 26, one male 26- under 45, one female under 10, one f. 26 and under 45. One descendant, David Robertson of Jefferson, Texas, states there were only three known children. But a petition for guardianship by Josiah Landrum (sic) shows two more children and does not mention Elizabeth. The mother, Sally, was deceased before Benedict, Sr.

i. Henderson Barnes, over the age of 14 petitioned the court to name Josiah Lanham as his guardian "to take charge of his person & estate." (See petitions later)

3. ii. Benedict Barnes, Jr. b. Edgefield County, S.C. ca. 1810.

iii. Elizabeth Barnes- no mention is made of her in estate petitions.

iv. Susan Oliver Barnes b. 10 March 1817 Edgefield County,S.C., m. William Robertson, ancestor of David Robertson.

v. Catherine Barnes mentioned along with Benedict, and Susan as being under 14 in petition by Josiah Lanham.

Benedict, Sr. was named executor of his brother, John's will along with John's sons, Loyd and John. Henry Barnes witnessed it, written the 3 Nov 1815 and recorded 24 Aug. 1816. Benedict, Sr. died 24 October 1817, estate record in Edgefield District, S.C. (See estate record later)

In 1818 Henry Barnes,his brother, also died in S.C. and about 1819, his widow, Anne Robey Lanham Barnes, migrated to Pintala, Montgomery County, Alabama with her sons, Elkanah, Hezekiah and other children.

3. Benedict Barnes, Jr. It is probable that Benedict, Jr. moved also at this time. It is not known when his mother died. Montgomery County, Alabama marriage records show that Benedict Barnes married Elizabeth Broadwater April 1836. On the 1840 census, he is shown in Montgomery County. with 1 male 20-30 1 female under 5 and 1 female 30-40. Near him on that census is Hezekiah Barnes, to whom he must have been very close, as he is found in Upshur County, Texas near Hezekiah on the Tax records in 1849. No record has yet been found that proves when Benedict's first wife died, or when he might have sold any land in Alabama before coming to Texas.

Hezekiah is said to have come to Texas in 1845. The first record of Benedict in Texas is the 1849 tax record, and on an 1851 Upshur County jury list from which he was picked as a grand jury member. On the tax roll he appears on the W.C.Wakeland Survey as did Hezekiah and a William Barnes. In 1849, he witnessed a deed of Anderson Wright, whose wife was Sarah Ann Barnes,Hezekiah's sister. The second wife of Hezekiah was Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of George Phillips and Elizabeth Talley Philips who are believed to have been in the Jonesville area of Harrison County, Texas by 1842. the Wrights were also in Jonesville by 1845 and Upshur Co. by 1846. Hezekiah Barnes, born Dec 13 1802-Jan 2 1874, and his wife are buried in Rosedale Cemetery in Gladewater. Anderson Wright and Sarah Anne Barnes Wright are buried in the Mosely Cemetery near there.

Although no deed has been found for Benedict Barnes in Upshur County, he continued to be on the tax roll until 1851 after he married Mary Ann Bass Ford. Mary Ann may have been a sister of L. L. Bass who was not old enough to be her father. She was first married to William Ford. Mary Ann gives her birth place as Alabama and her mother and father born in S.C. on the 1880 census. They and L.L. Bass were both on the 1840 Talladega County census. L. L. Bass married Mary Ann Davis Barnes, daughter of Person Davis, and widow of Henry Barnes, III, the son of Henry Barnes, Jr. and Ann Lanham Barnes. There is a guardianship filed in Nacogdoches County for Bass as guardian of James F. Barnes, minor and son of of Ann Lanham Barnes. (See later) Bass gives his birthplace as N.C. on the 1860 census.

In 1853 Benedict Barnes appears on the tax roll of Harrison County on the E.A. Merchant Survey with 160 acres valued at $448. The total value of his property was $2160. He is on the same survey as L. L. Bass. He is found on the 1854 Harrison County Scholastic Record with M. Barnes and three of the Ford children as Guardian. M. Barnes was probably the child by his first marriage and might have been Mahala Barnes who is found living in the HH of a ---- Tate in Upshur County in 1850. In 1860 Benedict is found listed at the Freedom Post Office. He is 50 years old; Mary Ann is 36. This corresponds with age on the 1840 Alabama census. At this time he had real estate valued at $ 800 and a personal estate of $4000. the children's names were all in initials with W. O. the only one easily read.

It is not known when Benedict died nor where he or Mary Ann are buried. The last child was born in 1869? according to 1880 census, and B.Barnes was last found on the Harrison County tax rolls in 1876 still on the E.A. Merchant Survey. The map of the old surveys shows this to have been several miles west of the W.O.Barnes property almost to the Gregg County Line.

A deed for this property has not been found, but there are two deeds, one in 1868 where Benedict Barnes bought a tract of land from John Burke of Marion County, Texas on a promissory note (not yet paid ) that was part of a tract sold by W.W. Holeman to L.L. Bass and bordered on E.A. King. This land was also on the E.A. Merchant Survey. The deed was dated 25th of January 1869 and recorded March 31 1869. E. Blackwell Clerk. Then on 26th September 1870, he had a mortgage deed for three hundred dollars to L.L. Howard and J. Houward advanced him "on my growing crop now being grown and culivated on my own plantation ypon which I now reside, known as the Barnes place, said advance is made in plantation supplies and for the of enabling me to make and cultivate a crop." (It appears the Holeman place and E. A. Merchant survey were the same.)

Tax records show Mrs. Mary Barnes on the Tax Rolls for 1878

on the Holeman property, and in 1885 and 1886, 1887, and

1888 for the property on E.A. Merchant survey. On the 1886 roll there was also B.A. Barnes (Benedict Allen?) on the Samuel Porter survey and W.O. Barnes on the Mijacah Lindsay survey. It appears Benedict probably died in 1876. The children of Benedict and Mary Ann Ford Bass Barnes:

i.* Frances Sophire (Fannie) b. ca. 1854 Freedom P.O Harrison County, Tx. m. W.J. Bell; moved to Wichita Falls, then Arlington, Tx. Children; Eula Bell b. 26 May 1874-) Wilfred (W.J.) b. ca. 1787; Everett b. ca. 1879

ii. * Ellie b. ca. 1856 Harrison County, Tx.; age 25 on 1880 census.

4.iii. * William Oliver b. 1857 Harrison County, Tx. m. 30 October 1884, Alice Gray Owens, b. 1867,dau. of John Owens and Clarissa Sockwell Porter Owens.

iv. * Caroline Virginia ( Callie) b. ca. 1859 ; m. Feb 1884, Dr. Robert McLelland; Lived in Gilmer, Tx. children; Allen, Aubrey, Norman, Eutsley, Sybil, Hilton, and Henry. v. Benedict Allan b. 1862; m. Ellie Pollard; lived in Arlington, Tx. Children: Irma, Beuna, Doris, Allen, and Cleora.

vi. Thomas Jefferson b. ca. 1864- d. 1935; m. Viola Medcalf; Settled in Marshall, Texas; worked in for T & P RR. 1a. Brossie Barnes m. C.K. Andrews; lived in Ft Worth, Texas ; d. 18 Feb 1979; bur. at Greenwood Cem. in Marshall.

vii. Della b. ca. 1865; age 15 on 1880 census; said to have died young.

viii. Leila ( Lula?) b. 21 Dec. 1867; m. Robert Stephens 21 Dec. 1884 lived in Gilmer, Tx. Children: Myrtle, Vernon, Ike, William

Mary had four children by William Ford. He died after the 1850 Harrison County Census. Children:

i.* Lizzie Eliza Ford b. 11 Oct 1843, Talladega Co., Al.. m. 24 dec. 1860 Wm. Neal Ramey. Children; Neil, Annie, Jesse, Lizzie, Sallie, Betty.

ii. Mary Jane Ford b. 1845 Talladega Co., Al. m. (1) Richard Taylor (2) W.D.Roberts. Children: Nonie and Eugenie Taylor.

iii. * Sarah E. Ford b. 1847 Harrison County, Tx., m. Bishop Chandler.

iv. * Major A.H. Ford b. 1849 Harrison Co., Tx. m. Mariah King. Removed to Ennis, Tx * Those marked with asterick were in B.Barnes HH on 1860 census. 1860 Federal Census Harrison County,Texas- Freedom P.O P. 505 B.Barnes 50 m Farmer 800 400 S.C. Mary 36 f Al L.A. 16 f. Al J.E. 12 m. Tx. A.H. 10 m Tx. F.S. 6 f Tx. S.E. 4 f Tx W.O. 3 m Tx. C.V. 7/12m Tx. J.G. Ford 11 m.

Listed below are L.Bass 48 M 9152 19,995 N.C Below them are F. Barnes f. 20 La. ( Francis Taylor m. James Franklin Barnes) J.F. " 4 Tx.

On 1880 census: 374/399 Barnes M.A. w f 55 w K.H. Al. SC SC Ellie w f 25 dau s A.H. Tx. S? Al.

Callie w f 19 dau s A.H. " " "

Benjamin w m 18 son s works " " " on farm

Della w f 15 dau s A.H. " " "

Lela w f 13 dau s A.H. " " "

Tommie w m 11 son s works on " " " farm

W.O. was supposedly living at this time in HH of the Bells, but not shown on census. . The following are found in Upshur County Cemetery Records:

Gilmer Cemetery Oldest Part

Caroline V McClelland b. 1860 d. 1936; Dr. Robert H. Mcclelland b. 1861;d,1906; Eutsley McCelland b. 1889; d. 1907 Sybil V. Mc Clelland wife of Reese Epperson b. 1895;d. 1928.

Leila Blanch Stephens b. 14 Nov 1866 ; d.28 March 1944 William Robert Stephens b. 28 Dec. 1863; d. 31 July 1936; Vernon J. Stephens b. 1889 d. 1956 Marie f. Stephens b. 1891; d. 1970, William B. Stephens b. 13 July 1909 d. 29 Aug. 1954.

Upshur County Marriage Records: W.R. Stephens and Lula (sic) Barnes 21 Dec. 1884.

4. William Oliver Barnes, born 22 Oct 1858, in Harrison Co., Freedom P.O. married Alice Gray Owen b. 2 Aug 1867. in Harrison County on 20 October 1884 on Hyn- son Springs Rd. Her parents were Clarissa Sockwell Porter Owens, daughter of Edwin Buchanaan Sockwell and Margaret Head, and John Owens. They can be found on the 1850 Carroll County, Ga. census. The Sockwell family were also originally from Maryland. Clarissa Sockwell married is married (1) John Porter (2) John Owen who disappeared and (3) Austin Choat January 1878.. Austin Choat and wife, Jane, age 45 are found on 1880 Harrison County census H H 426/4555 with his daughter Louisa,John Porter, Alace, age 12 and John? age 9.

W.O and Alice married in the HH of Austin Choat and her mother. (See Remembrances Past by Pauline Scott Barnes). Alice Gray Owen inherited 50 acres of land from J.W. Porter said to be her stepfather, but the marriage to Porter by her mother was before she married Alice's father. Perhaps it was instead her half-brother.


i. Bessie Jane b. 26 Jan 1887 Hynson springs Rd Harrison Co., Tx. ; m. 11 June 1918 Marshall, Tx.; John Leonard Pinchard; d. 10 Apr. 1965 Shreveport, La.; bur. Forest Park Cem.

a. Alice Pinchard 26 Feb 1920 in Marshall, Tx. in W.O. Barnes on S. Fulton St.; m. E. Roark Brockway d. 1 July 1952; Alice died 1989; lived in Shreveport.
1a. John Oliver Brockway who lived in Shreveport with his mother.
b. Dorothy b. 2 Dec. 1922; m. Arthur Frank Clagett who was full professor of Sociolgy at Stephen Austin University;

ii. Eddie Lee b. 7 Nov. 1888 Hynson Spring Rd. Harrison Co.; m. 21 Nov. 1908 Tula Bell Robinson ; d. 18 June 1950 bur. Family Plot Hallsville, Tx. Tula b. 22 Nov. 1891 in Coosa Co., Al., died at age 86, bur. in Hallsville cem.

a. Paula Barnes m . Hamilton Cain; lives in Hallsville;
1a. Faron Cain b. 15 July 1953; lives in Hallsville; Vice-Pres. of Hallsville Bank.
b. Stella Barnes m. Joe Mauldin m. 12 Apr. 1936; eloped to Athens,Tx. Joe d. 3 May 1979.

1b. Mickey Mauldin
2b. Bubba Joe Mauldin
3b. Paula Beth Mauldin m. Wm. Bill Brock
4b. Hamilton Mauldin works in Marshall, Tx.

c. William Edwin Barnes b. 1913; died 5 Jan 1969 at Brook Hospital in San Antonio where he lived. Survivors were his wife, Mrs. Belle Barnes, and his mother, Mrs. Tula Barnes of Quitman and two sisters, above. (From Barnes collection in Marshall Genealogical Collection at old Court House in Marshall.)

iii. John Orby b. 13 Nov. 1991 Hynson Springs Rd. Harrison Co., Tx; d. 19 Feb. 1905. bur. Family Plot, Hallsville Cem.

5. iv. William Roy b. 26 June 1894 Hynson Springs Rd. ( See later)

v. Rufus Guy b. 13 Apr. 1897 d. 7 May 1920; bur. Family Plot Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall, Tx. .

vi. Ruth Aline b. 23 Oct 1899 married 29 July 1920 Clarence Dell Mings d. 23 August 1981 ; bur. Algoma Memorial Gardens, Marshall, Tx.

a. Wanda Mings b. 24 April 1923 Marshall, Texas ; m. (1) Billy Mayo (2) Ralph d. Irwin Nov. 2, 1966; d. 3 March 1989. Four children.

vii. Willie Kate b. 16 Aug. 1902; d. 21 Oct 1902.

viii. Julian Paul b. 21 Feb. 1904 ; m. 16 Dec. 1928 Pauline Scott in Dallas, Texas by Dr. George Truett, First Baptist Church; a. Julie Barnes m. Inloe

ix. Clarence Whaley (Tibbie) b. 2 Oct 1907 ; m. 11 Nov. 1932 Waxahachie, Tx. m. Dora Francis Brown; side 5 Nov. 1989; was a lifelong resident of Marshall; and a member of the First Baptist Church..

a. Clarence Whaley Barnes Jr. 1a. Guy Vincent Barnes 1b. Dolly Gay Barnes

b. Glen Fitzgerald Barnes

c. Basil Neill Barnes

d. Schoene Dell Barnes age 34 d. 18, Nov. 1977 Marshall; bur. Good Shepherd Mausoleum.

x. Norman Earl Barnes b. 27 July 1910 ;d. 7 July 1945 in plane crash WW II China Burma Area belonged to L.C. D. S. A.T.C.; never married

xii. Raymond Arden b. 1 Aug 1912; m. Gene Harris 3 January 1947; d. 4 September 1993.

5. William Roy Barnes was born 26 June 1894 in a log cabin located off Hynson Springs Road about nine miles north west of Marshall, the son of William Oliver Barnes and Alice Gray Owens Barnes .

He attended Hallsville Public School and studied business at Reddick Business college in Marshall. He worked for Wichita Mill & elevator before joining the the military in World War. He serve two years 1917-1919 as Corporal Company M, 359th Infantry, 90th division in Europe.

He married 15 Feb. 1920 Longview, Texas by a Methodist Minister, Margaret Louise Hagerty, daughter of -Michael Patrick Hagerty and Martha Isabelle Wolfe. He owned and operated a cotton gin on East Grand Avenue for many years. He purchased the old Erie Austin property on Victory Drive and sold lots to residents. He also worked at Thiakol. Indian Springs Drive, next to his property, was so named by him because of the many Indian relics found there and a large spring.

Margaret Barnes died 6 June 1971, and he died 19 Oct. 1984.Both buried in St.Joesph Catholic Cemetery Marshall, Tx.


A. William (Billy) Roy Barnes, Jr. born 22 February 1921; died in plane crash while still in service in 1949. See below.

Marshall News Messenger Obituary Sunday October 21 1984 and Wednesday June 16, 1971, and 5 March 1949.

6. William Roy ( Billy) Barnes, Jr. was born 22 February 1921 to W.R. Barnes, Sr. and Margaret Hagerty Barnes at their home on Victory Drive in Marshall, Texas. He attended the public schools in Marshall, Kemper Military Institute, Texas University and the College of Marshall.

MARY LEE ANDERSON was born 8 March 1924 to K. G.and Mary Lee Gauntt Anderson in Crockett, Texas. From letters it is known that her grandfather John Wesley Anderson and Grandmother Martha Caroline Anderson came by train to be there at her birth and also Grandmother Gauntt from Athens, Texas.

During the depression, her father and mother moved to Athens, her mother's home town, and she started school here where she graduated in 1941. In September 1942 she enrolled in what was then the College of Marshall, now East Texas Baptist, and there she met William ( Billy) R. Barnes, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barnes of Marshall. He was waiting to be called to the Air Force Cadet pilot training program. (Billy was already a pilot, having learned at CPT school held in Marshall in which many of his friends participated.He was called in June of 1942 and went to San Antonio, first. It was while on a visit to see him in August of that year that Billy gave her an engagement ring.

They were married in E.St. Louis, Ill. 5th Sept 1942. where he was sent for basic training. In Feb. 1943, he graduated as 2nd Lt. He was sent to Brownsville, Texas for further training to fly in the U.S A. Air Transport Command. He went overseas in June of 1943 and served 16 months flying the " Hump" in the China Burma India theater. A son was born in Dec.22, 1943. Billy did not see him until October 1944. Mary Lee waited in Athens until his return. They, then, were stationed at Love Field in Dallas, then Kansas and in 1947 he went to Warner Robins, Georgia. He had been promoted to Captain while overseas. Another child was born in 1947.

On February 28 of 1949 while returning from a Instructors training school at Edwards Air Force Base in California the plane carrying him was lost and crashed in Mexico with all aboard killed. The search lasted for a week before the plane was found in Mexico. THe plane had burned. HIs funeral was held on the March 8, 1949, Mary Lee's birthday. Billy was 28. He was buried in St. JOesph's cemetery in Marshall. A third child was born posthumously, and he was promoted to Major posthumously.

Mary Lee returned to school and received a B.S. degree in 1954 in History and English and taught school for 22 years in Trinidad, Marshall, Longview and Kerens. With the aid of her mother, she raised her children. Returning to Athens in 1973 she took early retirement in 1979,and she has since enjoyed the pursuit of family history, is a member of UDC, DAR. and The Athens Genealogical Organization. There are eight grand children.

The children of Captain William Roy Barnes, Jr. and Mary Lee Anderson Barnes are:

i. Kenneth Roy Barnes b. 22 Dec. 1943; m. Betty Gilcrease of Alto, Tx.

a. Shannon Michele b. 25 Feb. 1970; attends school at Lubbock; married Kevin Mefford May 1993. Both expect to graduate in 1994 from Texas Tech. 1a. Joshua born Oct. 1993

2 a. Kailey Nichole Mefford born JUne 1998

b. Kevin Alison b. 9 Aug. 1974. Kevin, also a graduate of Nacogdoches High School, attended school in Lubbock at Texas Tech.

ii. Deborah Lee Barnes b. 20 April 1947 m. Edward Taylor 1969; div.; went to East Texas State University and has a masters degree; m. (2) Dr. Terry Simpson who teaches at Maryville Presbyterian College;

a. Anna Cristine Taylor b. 1 Nov. 1969, Dallas, Tx. Graduated with Honors from East Texas State University in Commerce in May 1993.

b. Meri-Margaret Taylor b. 31 Dec. 1971, Athens, Tx.; m. Ray Loyst in 1993; divorced;graduate University of Tennessee. 1999

c. Trisha Lee Taylor b. 22 Feb. 1978, Nacogdoches, Tx; attends school at University of Tn.

iii. Billye Louise Barnes b. 21 May 1949 Jacksonville, Tx.; m. (1) Terry Reisig Longview, Tx.; m. (2) Clifford Wheeler, Jr.

a. Jennifer Gauntt Reisig b. 21 Feb. 1972, Ft Lauderdale, Fl.; attended Tyler Junior College; m. Kerry Brown 1a Dylan Jacob Brown b. 1994

b. William Jeremy Reisig b. 31 Nov.1974 Houston, Tx.; graduated from Robert E. Lee HIgh School in Tyler, Texas 1993;

c. Katherine Claire Wheeler b. 30 Sept 1985. Tyler, Tx.; now is 8 years old and in the second grade.

Yesterday, October 2, 1993, a dedication was held on the East Texas Baptist University (C.O.M.) campus in Marshall of a monument of the men who attend the College of Marshall and gave their lives during World War II and immediately afterwards. Billy's name and that of his uncle, Norman Barnes are on that list. All of the children attended with three of the grandchildren, Trisha Taylor, Megan Loyst, and Claire Wheeler. Also my two sisters, Margaret Burkett and Nancy Garrard. It was a memorable day for us. Mary Lee Barnes PROBATE RECORDS OF NACOGODOCHES COUNTY, TEXAS


Be it remembered that on the twenty-ninth day of March and one Thousand eight hundred and forty-seven a petition was filed in the clerk's office of the probate court March term 1847 Nacogodoches County to the Honorable William hart, Judge of the Probate court in and for the County of Nacogodoches. The Petition of Lawrence L.. Bass, a citizen of Nacogodoches County showeth unto your honor that he was the guardian of James F. Barnes in the state of Alabama, that he has recently removed to Nacogodoches County and settled permanently therein, that he settled with the court before leaving Alabama that James F. Barnes is a minor under the age of twenty-one years and has a considerable estate consisting of negroes and other personal property wherefore your petitioner prays that he maybe appointed guardian of the said James F.Barnes upon such terms as the court may direct and for such other orders decreed as may be necessary. Baird, Cage and Allison, Attys. This application at the said March term of the court to which it is addressed was continued for want of notice and afterward, to wit, at the May Term 1847 of the court aforesaid all prerequisites of the law having been complied with- this application came up for consideration and an entry made in minutes of said court of its acation therein in words following, to wit:

Lawrence L. Bass for the guardianship of James F.Barnes. In this case said minor being above age of fourteen years appeared in court and espressed his desire that said Bass be his guardian. Wherefore, it is ordered said Bass be invested with guardianship on his giving bond for twenty thousand dollars, and taking both for faithful performances of the trust which bond was entered into on said day May 31, 1847. by said Bass having William Davis and Wiliam Ford for securities, the same was approved by the Judge of the said court and with an oath endorsed n the back of it- duly administered & filed in said Clerk's office and letters of guardinaship were then issued unto said Bass.

Harrison County, Texas Early Marriage Records 1839-1869 Nancy Blakely Ruff.

Benedict Barnes m. Mary A.Ford Nov. 28, 1851

James F. Barnes m. Frances Taylor 16 Jan 1855.

William Barnes m. Mary E..McKay 10 July 1848

Andrew Ford m.Mary Ann Robinson December 23, 1848.

Mahala Barnes m. James M. Tucker Feb 1862

Martha Barnes m. Thomas M. Tate Jan. 12 1854. ( Mahala Barnes was in HH of Thomas Tate in Upshur Co. 1860 census )

Frances Barnes m. E.A. King Nov. 15, 1860

R.B. Barnes m. Anna Brightwell Sept 10, 1867

Mary Jane Ford m. R. P. Taylor Feb 20, 1860

Harriett Barnes m. Stephen L. Terry Jan. 18, 1854. They were on the Marshall County 1860 census.

Marriages Implied in Probate Records Edgefield County, S.C.--Barbara Langdon.

Elizabeth Barnes, widow of Reason m. Wm. Robertson p. 395, 358, 360, 361 ----1826

Susan Barnes William Robertson box. 512, Pack 1