The Camp Family

The Camp family has been chronicled in many books, most notably a book written by Col.R.N . and Catherine Cleek Mann. There is also a Camp Newsletter that has been published for many years, and now on line is a very good homepage outlining their Elroy Christenson Also Wayfarers in Walton - Lamps to Posterity has very good information..

1. Thomas Camp born in County Essex, England ca. 1661 to Virginia ca. 1679; Married Catherine Barron , daughter of Andrew Barron, James City County, Va.

2. Thomas Camp , son of Thomas and Catherine Barron Camp born 1691 King and Queen County, va. ; married Mary Marshall, daughter of Thomas Marshall and Martha Sherwood; d. 1751 Culpepper Co., Va.

3.Thomas Camp married (1 Winifred Starling) (2) Margaret Carney and is said to have had 24 children by both wives. Winifred Starling is mother of John Camp m. Mary Tarpley (Note) I have seen articles that question both the Marshall and Tarpley connections. I have not been able to verify any of the above in public records)

4. JOHN CAMP b. 13 Oct 1743 Orange Co. VA d. 1813 Jackson Co., GAburied Lebanon Church, Greenville, SC; m. Mary Tarpley 30 Jan. 1764 (John Camp's cousin) b. 30 Oct 1740 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. VA d. 17 Aug. 1789 her father: James Tarpley her mother: Mary Camp

Children: 1. Thomas Camp b. 1765 N C* m . Susan Wagoner (b.c1766)

2. James Camp b. 1768 N C*d. m. ? Berry

3. Annie Naomi Camp b. 1769 Orange Co., NC*d. after 1850 Walton Co., GA m. John Hill

4 Starling Camp b. 24 Nov 1771 Rutherford Co., NC*d. 15 Apr 1851 McMinn Co., Tenn ; m. Anna Helm 25 Dec 1800

5. William "Snipe Bill" Camp b. 1773 Rutherford Co., NC*d. after 1812 Elyton, Jefferson Co., AL; m. Sarah Eliz. Reeves ; 2nd m. ? Dun/Dunn

6. Abner Camp b. 12 Jul 1775 Rutherford Co. NC*d. 17 Sep 1853 Winder, GA; m. Elizabeth Ragsdale

7. Kezziah Camp b. 20 May 1777 Rutherford Co. NC* d. 14 Aug 1835 Greenville Co., SC m. Benjamin Arnold - 5 Feb 1795

8. John Camp Jr. b. d. m. Eliza Thomason

9. Sara Camp b. d. 21 Oct 1854 m. Thomas Graydon b.c1770 (Many genealogies have this as Grayson)

10. Winifred Camp b. d. m. Thomas Kinsman* *records of Nevelle Mann

1743 - John Camp was the third born to Thomas Camp and Winifred Starling in Orange Co., VA.

1764, Jan 30 - John Camp marries Mary Tarpley of Williamsburg, VA, sister of Rev. John Tarpley, founder of Methodism in VA. and a descendent of Wm. Tarpley of Brewton parish. [DAR records of the Camp Fam. data]

1776 - Camp, John Lt. , Revolutionary soldier- served under Col. Roebuck. AA. 1014; x3424; C. S fought at the Battle of Kings Mtn., South Carolina

1777 - Camp, John Caswell 1777 North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701 - 1786 Vol.1 -2 Geneological Pub. Co. Inc. , Baltimore, Ohio 1989

1778- Old first Register. No. 360 (granted April 1) John Camp claiming 150 acres on land on the north side of Broad River joining and below Richard Hendersona's land including his own imporvement. Also joining land of Mr. hill, Dec. 4, 1778 [records of Rutherford Co., NC]

1780 - Sept - John, Nathan, and Thomas Camp Sr. participated in the Battle of Kings Mtn. where a Lt. Camp was wounded according to eye-witness reports. The only known Lt. Camp under Col. Roebuck was Lt. John Camp. (Note) our Thomas , son of John who married Sussanah Waggoner is also said to have fought in this battle, but he would have been only 15 if date of birth is correct. The Thomas listed above is probably Thomas , Jr.rather than Sr. , since Sr. surely was tool

1781- "The Sullivan Independent Company of Volunteer Scouts - 1781 was organized when 96 Dist., S.C. was being terrorized by Tories and Redcoats. After the fall of Charleston and loss of Lincoln's Army, there were no Americans in arms in the state except a few, small detached bodies of patriots, mostly old men and young boys. Men of the regular army had become prisoners of war, or had escaped from the state. Rapacious plundering, outrages, and murders were the order of the day. Volunteer bands sprang up like mushrooms, many of whom are not mentioned in history, but it was these who played a large part in the salvation of the state. The Sullivan Scouts was organized among relatives, friends, and neighbors, It was a loose organization of some 100/150 men, with 4 co-captains, each of whom, in an emergency would call together the men nearest him or whom he could reach, and go at once into action, while the rest of the company was being assembled by signals or courier. each of the captins was directly responsible for defending a certain territory. Sometime the farm bell, the cow-horn, or a woman on horseback sounded the alarm. The women were placed on alert and used their ingenuity to warn neighbors of impending trouble, sometimes the call of bird or a smoke signal was used . The men working th fields or elsewhere, would at once drop everything, gather their arms, mount a fleet horse and rush to the assembling place. Many of the Tories were caught and hung. the site is a ford on Reedy River, to the rear of the Prospect Baptist Church (colored) where baptisms took place in the river. This place was near an old tan yard and about 2 miles from the old Lebanon Methodist Church of Today. There is a list of men who were hung here and some their families are very prominent today. " [Mrs. Sara Sullivan Ervin of War Shoals, SC. a descendant of John Camp and Mary Tarplely through their daughter Kezziah Camp who married Benjamin Arnold, reprinted from Camp-Kemp Family Hist. p. 48 -50] Note that Thomas Lindley and David Smith's names are also on this marker.

1784-1799 in the Minutes of the County Court of Spartanburg Co., S. C. Vol. I

p. 68 John Camp against John Chism. On a Summons. Came the Plaintiff by James Yancey Gentleman his attorney and the Defendant by Daniel Brown Gentleman his attorney and upon the Parties being heard it is considered by the court that the Plaintiff recover 2 s3 d3 1/4 besides his costs. John Camp, Sarah Camp and Reubin Hull is allowed s 12 d6 each for 5 days attendance in suit John Camp Against John Chism.

p.41 John Camp against John John Chism. Trover & C. On Motion of Daniel Brown Defendant's attorney, that the Plaintiff give surety for costs, being an Inhabitant of North Carolina, Maximilian Conner, Entered himself as surety for the Plaintiff. p. 50 John Camp against John Chishm. Trover Continued until next court at Defendant's cost. p. 72 John Camp aagainst Thomas David. Trespass. This case refired to the arbitrament of John MacKinney & John McElheny with power of Umpirage, Their award to be returned to our next court to be considered as a rule thereof. p. 75 John Camp against John Chism. Petition. Ordered that this suit be discontinued. p. 85 John Camp against John Chism. Case. Ordered that a Dedimus Potetatum issue to Rutherford County in North Carolina, to Examine John Camp, Thomas Camp, Susannah Camp, Reubin Hill and Sarah Camp on the Prt and behalf of the said Plaintiff, He being also required to give the Defendeant Ten days notice of the time and place of examination. p. 88 John Camp against Thomas Davis. Trespass. Ordered that this suit be dismissed at each Party paying their own cash.

vol. 1789-1794 (p. 100-190) p. 104 On motion of Sarah Boid for administration on the estate of John Boid Deceased, Ordered that she have letters accordingly, upon there giving John Camp and James Wofford surities for her lawful administration, which was accordingly don. p. 108 John Camp against John Chism. Petition. Continued by consent of the parties. John Camp against John Chism. Trespass. Continued by consent of the parties until next court. John Camp against John Chism. Case. Continued by consent of the parties until next court. p. 122 John Camp against John Chism. Petition. Came the Plaintiff by James Daugherty Esq. His Attorney and the defendant by Thomas P. Carnes Gentlman his attorney and Parties agreeing to refer this case to william More, John McCarter, Nathan Ward, Thomas McKnight, John McMahan, John Vernon, Thomas Selman, William Shed, Thomas Williams, Hon Cannon, David Golightly and Moses Timmons Gentleman Jurors. We find 9 for the Plaintiff and Cost of Suit... p. 130 John Camp against John Chism. Trespass Same against Same. Case. Ordered, that the above cases be continued until next court. p. 136 John Camp against John Chism. Trespass. Dismissed at the Plaintiff. Cost. John Camp against Benjamine Wofford. Detinue. Ordered that htis suit be discontinued at the Plaintiff costs by his assent. p. 146 John Camp aginst John Chism. Case. On motion of Zacheriah Toliaferro Esq. attorney for the Defendent, ordered that this case be discontinued at the Plaintiff costs by his assent. [ Spartanburg Co., South Carolina Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799]

Another source for the case of John Camp vs. John Chism is a family history on the Chism family. Writer states the feud was probably over some property that Chism took from Camp. He physically abused Camp up with other members of the Camp family. Thus the Assault case was filed. 1792 - Deed Book MQ, page 49 - 28 -1792, recorded June 3, 1795. John Camp of Greenville county, South Carolina to Daniel Miles of Rutherford County, N. C. for 35 lb 150 acres in Rutherford Co., N.C. on Second Broad River. Witnesses: James Camp, Thomas Camp and John Camp. [records of Rutherford Co., NC]

1788-1799- Location book D, Greenville Co., Courthouse, Greenville, S. C. Camp, Bradford p. 449 500acres Fork Rayburn Creek, Laurens

Camp, John Sr. p. 449 276acres on Pitchin's Creek, Laurens

Camp, Cranshaw p. 28 555acres on Bush Creek

Camp, James p. 299 305acres on Reedy River, Laurens

Camp, Larkin p. 444 500acres Rayburn Creek of Reedy R. , Laurens

Camp, Shearwood p. 448 305acres N. side Reedy R., Laurens

Camp, William p. 485 132acres Water of Reedy R., Laurens

Camp, William p. 444 225acres Rayburns Creek, Reedy, Laurens

[Patent Land Survey (index of Land Acquisitions 1770-1870, Greenville Co., courthouse, Greenville, S. C.]

1800 - Greenville Dist, SC

Camp, John p.273 10001 -00101 -03

Camp, Thomas p. 273 12101 -02001 -00

1810- Deed Book 41-42, page 7 Dated Sept. 6, 1810 recorded Jan. 7, 1833. John Camp of Jackson county, Georgia to Jacob Fisher of Rutherford County, North Carolina for $800. 158 acres plus on 2nd Broad River, Rutherford County, N,.C. (patent John Camp Oct. 28, 1782) Witnesses: Stephen Camp, Jurat and Peter Fisher. [records of Rutherford Co., NC]

1810-S. Carolina Camp, Bradford [Laurens 44] 10010 -10010 -00

Camp, James [Laurens 42] 22010 -01000 -00

Camp, Thomas [Laurens 42] 00010 -12010 -00

Camp, Thomas [Greenville 273] 12101 -02001 -00

1813 - John Camp dies in Jackson Co., GA but is buried in Lebanon Church, Greenville, SC.

Sources: DAR records of the Camp Fam. data, DAR National Library, Wash. D. C Landrum, Dr. L. B. O. . History of Spartanburg County, South Carolina 1900, reprinted 1954. Mann, Col. Robt. Nevelle and Cathrine Cleek Mann, Camp-Kemp Family Hist. Vol. I - II, 1969, Cedar Bluff, Alabama 35959. records of Rutherford Co., NC. reprinted in "Kemp Family Newsletter", Vol. VIII , issue 1 Spring 1996 Williams, Russ E., The Kemp, Turner, and Roberts Families on Little Silver Creek, Washington, Parish Louisiana. The Story of Three Pioneer families of early Louisiana, their Ancestors and Progeny., 1992. Monroe, LA., Williams Genealogical Pub., 514 Cole Ave, Monroe, LA 71203

There are deeds where John Camp, Thomas Camp, Jr. as he was referred to although he was not , we know it and Nancy Camp signed . in Jackson County, Georgia.

From Wayfarers in Walton --Lamps to Posterity. 5.Thomas, son of John and Mary Tarpley Camp born in 1765 in North Carolina married . Susannah Waggoner b. ca. 1766 Rutherford Co., N.C;. died. after 1818 Jackson County,daughter of John Waggoner is buriied in the yard of the home of her daughter , Nancy who married Job Smith . Sussanah ,a sister of Elizabeth Waggoner who married Abel Hill. . Thomas served in the Revolution and was in the battle of King's Mountain.

Their five children were

1. Elizabeth b. 12/30 1781 Rutherford co., N.C. m. Laurens District, S.C.; d.1850 Campbell County , Ga. whose husband was Joseph Camp , son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Dykes Camp.

2 Patience Drusilla b. 1893?; m. David Thompson, son of Frederick and Nancy Coker Thompson; d. 1886 at 93

3.Violet m. John Stroud .

4 . Nancy m. Job Smith

5. William said to have died in childhood.

I have been to the Smith Cemetery and have seen the graves of Job and Nancy Camp. I could not find the grave of Susannah Waggoner Camp. Also in one of the Mann Books, I failed to mark which Vol , but pages 132-135 discusses Thomas Camp. They state he may be buried in Tennessee. Another source states he died in 1823 and is buried outside Winder. Records in Walton are of the older Thomas . I have not read them, but I believe this Thomas is buried in outside of Winder , Ga. Susan Waggoner Smith died in Walton Co. and is said buried in the yard of her son, Job Smith who m. their daughter Nancy Camp. There are deeds where John Camp, Thomas Camp, Jr. as he was referred to although he was not , we know it and Nancy Camp signed . Susan lived until 1818 at least.

Found in this record from an article published in Walton Co 1924 entitled "Another Stroll" by C. M. Thompson. which describes a walk through lands on Marbury Creek which is where the Camps, Whaley and Smiths lived. "Now down this stream may small streams flow into it every hundred or more yards. We more than likely now passing thru the Baker land grants and approaching the Marbury grants. We have crossed state route No.11 and find a stream known by some as the Still House branch, and about a mile up this stream is buried all alone the body of Thomas Camp who came to this section in 1803 and took 450 acres of land. His wife, says a genealogy , was Mary Tarpley . This Thomas Camp was a brother of Abner Camp and his sister Annie m. John Hill. (John Camp, his father was there by 1798. )

The article goes on to say "A Half mile from this single grave nearly north is the grave of John Camp at the Old Jones Cemetery.( When was John who married. Mary Tarpley body moved to S.C?)

Down the creek and near the crossing of the old way to Bethlehem was James Smith lands ,all of these are probably descendants of Job Smith or his father.This brings us down to the T.K. Smith farm Here in time passed lived one Alfred Whaley who moved to a western state." Alfred(Alford)m. Mary Caroline Smith, dau. of Job and Nancy Camp. are my great, great grandparents

The following is an extract taken from Camp Family Notes dictated by Joseph Camp(6) of Mumford , Alabama between 1895-1902 to his daughter, Laura Camp Bailey. This Joseph was a son of Joseph Camp (5) and Elizabeth(nee)Camp(6):

" Thomas Camp , son of John Camp, married Susan Wagoner in South Carolina at Wolfe's Crossroad , Greenville District, and their Children were born in Virginia (? This I do not believe MLB) Deed records seem to show they were in North Carolina in 1793.They moved to South Carolina and then Georgia. Grandmother Susan is buried in the yard of her youngest daughter , Mrs. Job Smith in Jackson , now.Walton-- think Grandsire Tom died in Tennessee. They settled in Jackson 1798 and built a nice large frame house and there being no paint in those days , covered it with pitch which looked like black paint I stayed all night in that house in 1886(then perfectly sound,had been built almost 100 years) with my cousin Jim Thompson who was baptised with me and another cousin, Archibald Stroud, at the same time by our circuit preacher, David Garrison. We (three sisters sons) were born in the same year, 1811. We prayed we might all become preachers. My cousin , Archie and I became preachers and my cousin James became a classs leader and official of the Church James' mother , Aunt Drucilla Thompson, lived and died in that house a short time after I was there in 1886, at the age of 93 years

-----(Granny Susan feeding her cows heard firing of the guns at King's Mountain in the Revolutionary War. Her husband, Grandsire Tom , was in the battle and received a wound by a bullet passing across his forehaead just beneath the skin. He was called Scary Tom.)"

From a N.C. Genealogical Journal "High shoals the tract of 300 acres containing the Shoal lying on both sided the river entered by a Mr. Henderson 60 or 70 years ago(1828 Surveyed by Syms who since ? the beginning corner on a Gum which settled every dispute about the shoal place The High Shoals were owned by John Camp during the Revolutionary war. His son, Thomas Camp, lived on this place . Camp sold to Mark Bird soon after Peace both sides . "(BGSOTC February 1997)

A deed in Laurens County, S.C. shows that Susannah Camp signed her dower rights in a deed where Thomas Camp, Jr.sold land 100 acres Ne.side of Rayburns Creek Wit : B.H. Saxon and Solomon Hopkins. Jonathan Downs,J.P. made deposition that she signed dower August 13 1798. Also in 1798 Thomas Camp to Joseph Camp 100 acres on Raburns Creek So the Camps and Smiths knew each other before Georgia The Lindleys lived on Raburns Creek.

Sources 1. Anita Sams, Wayfarers in Walton --Lamps to Posterity 2. Elroy Christenson Home Page Note: he has some wrong information about Thomas, son of John which he had not corrected last time I visited the page. 3. Col.R.N . and Catherine Cleek Mann The Camp-Kemp Book 4. Ancestral Lines, Owen- Newman-Kenneth L. Newman 5.Records of Bill Jobe Studio City, Ca. 6. Other acknowlegdements on other lines above : Kay Rockett' s Homepage for pictu re of Thomas Palmer Jones . 7. Jackie Weeden and Ruby Nelson for list of Eli Whaley Grandchildren also list of deeds for Eli and others in Hancock County, Gwinnett, and Walton Counties, Georgia.