The Lowes

                 The Lowes of Baltimore Co., Md 
 In 1658 a William Lowe transported to Md. 
 1683 Samuels Delight surveyed for Samuel Sicklemore between 
1706-25 in possession of John Taylor and John Lowe, poss.
 son of Wm.Sr. 
Wm Lowe , Sr. progenitor in Balt. Co by 1702 wife Rebecca.
Wm Lowe , Sr. d. by 15 June 1719 when John Lowe with 
William Lowe, Jr. and Thomas Norris posted administrative bond.
Wm rendered his rights of admin to John Lowe, his brother. 
John Lowe renders acct of Wm Lowe, Sr. est May 9,1721
 Children of Wm. Lowe Sr. 
1. Wm , Jr. b ca 1685 ; d. 21 Apr 1743, will Balt. Co.Md.
2. John m. Elizabeth Johnson (dau of Daniel and Frances Johnson 
ca. 1713 B. Co , Md. Had son, Daniel Johnson Lowe in Va, 
Pr. Wm. Co(Barnes)
3. Ralph m.Ruth Collett, dau of David Collett
4. James b. 5 Feb. 1702 BC Md. d. by 1747( There is an ancestral
 file on this son on LDS site)
5. Thomas b.  Feb. 1706 m. Tamer Love d. prob Berkley WV
6. Samuel b. 16 Jan 1707/8  B Co. Md; b. by 1736; appears
 to have never m.
7. Abraham b. 19 Jan 1709 /10 Balt. Co Md; d. not in Balt. Co 
William Lowe, Jr.
1719 Wm Lowe and Benjamin Jones are administators for Wm 
Pickett, dec. and made payments to Vaughn Davis who m. heiress 
of Gideon Scoates whose widow m. William Pickett. 

William Lowe, Jr. m. Temperance  1710. Balt. Co. Marriage 
Records. (Clayton Greer mistakenly assumes this is Wm Lowe,Sr.
They have daughter  , Sarah born 1714. 
1716 Elizabeth Heathcoat Pickett m. John Taylor. Her 3rd
1721, May 9 , John Lowe renders acct of Wm. Lowe, Sr. est. 
Temperance Pickett Lowe must have d. between 1710 and 1720 
June 3,1721 Elizabeth Lowe, dau. of Wm. and Sarah born 
(St. John's Register) ( It is this daughter who m. Aquilla 
Greer, son of John Greer and Sarah Day,I believe.)   
1724 Wm Pickett est made payment to Vaughn Davis.
1726 Wm Lowe was paid part of his wife's filial part of 
Pickett's estate. Temp Lowe was dec. by the time and this 
was made by John Taylor and his wife, Elizabeth Heathcoat 

6 August 1727 William Lowe, son of William and Sarah Lowe 
was born . ( St. Johns Register)

1728 William Lowe received certificate and patent for Lowe's 
Thicket 100 acres in Baltimore Co 
1728 March 6, Balt. Co. William and Sarah Lowe of Baltimore 
Co., Md to Thomas Franklin of same 3,500 pounds of tobacco,
100 acres between The Little and Great Falls of Gunpoweder River. Signed, William(x) Loe, Wit. Philip Jones , Edward 
 (Thomas Franklin signed lease of Aquilla Greer in 1743. )

1729 , Apr. I , Balt. Co., Md. William and Sarah Lowe , planter
of Baltimore Co., Md to Robert Cutchin, planter 3,500 pounds of Tobacco. signed William (x)Lowe Wit. John Hall, William Smith and Edward Hall 
1730 Thomas Cresaps settled at a place called Conejohola on w 
side of the Susquehanna river in or about 1710 and near him were
 his kinsmen, John Lowe, William Lowe and Daniel Johnson Lowe. 

1734 George Groves, poss. bro of Wm Groves, d. by 4 April

1734 when admin. bond was posted by Wm. Lowe with John Norris 
and Benjamin Jones  
Feb. 28, 1736. Wm Lowe, Jr. was admin of est.
of Geo. Groves. Was Sarah dau. No children are named.Will
abstract (Md. Cal Wills ) 
(John Norris had daughter Ann who m.a Greer, 
will Md Cal of wills) 
Benjamin Jones m. Merriken Day,
Sarah Day Greer's sister; 
also a Benj Jones m. Eliz. Pickett, Heathcoats sister. In Barnes account he has Sarah as admin and states Wm Lowe m. her on date 
of this estate record . I believe this is an error .
From Baltimore Co. Families by Barnes and on Ralph Lowe from
 J. M. Robbins, letter . Also Baltimore Co., Deeds by Davis.   

6 March 1737 Heathcote Pickett sold Samuels Delight to Wm Lowe 
tract to be his during life & and after his decease to Sarah 
Lowe, dau. of Wm & Tempy, his wife.

1739 Samuel Lowe, son of Wm and Sarah was b. Dec. 18, 1739
(St. John's Register)

1740 Wm. Lowe leased from "Charles Carroll 150 acres of 
Chimliar in Balt. Co for the natural life of William, John
and Thomas Lowe. Aquilla Greer also leased land n Dec. 1743 
from Charles Carroll , same tract so he was living very close
to Wm. Lowe, Jr.                     
                   William Lowe, Jr. Will

William Jr. will dated 21 April 1743 Naming wife, Sarah 
1.Sarah b. 22 March 1714 (BCF), dau of Temperance  Pickett,
William,s  first wife, possibly m. Andrew Vance in 1745 
2.William b. 1727  m. Ann Davice 30 Aug 1746 ( this is Wm in 
Wilkes Co N.C.)

3. Thomas Lowe m. Sarah Maner 1754 prob. b. by 1734.

4. Samuel b. 1739  

5. Elizabeth b.1721 BELIEVED TO HAVE Married Aquilla Greer

6. Mary b. before 1727 

7 John b. ? ( This is the only child whose b. date I have
 not found.)
8. Rachel b. 173? m. Benjamin Greer 1745 St. John's Register 
9. Anne b. 1735 m. Joseph Greer 1750

All of the children were by Sarah except daughter, Sarah. 
Temperance Pickett died ca. 1719. The next child ,Elizabeth, 
was born in 1721. (St. John's Parish Records)   
Wife, Sarah was sole executrix signed . Witnesses: William 
M Watkins, William Slade, Edward Mortimore . 

14 Jan 1744 Lewis Lafee and Sarah, his wife, presented an 
inventory of the personal estate of William Lowe in Baltimore
 Co., Md and made oath that the inventory was a true one. 

Inventory made by Darby Stanley and William Stanford and 
signed by John and Elizabeth Lowe , Lemuel Howard and William
Dallam signed as "creditors")Original Inventories Balt. Co. 
Box 10 folio 12 , Hall of Records , Annapolis. 
8 May 1744 Lewis Lafee and Sarah Low were married , Sarah 
widow of William Lowe, Jr.( St. John Parrish Register, 
Note date of marriage and date above in inventory conflict as 
they were  named man and wife in that inventory.  
7 June 1744 Sarah Lowe, dau of Wm. & Temperance Lowe, dau of
 William Pickett, conveyed 75 a. to Stephen Onion )TB#C: 522)
April 12, 1745 , Sarah and husband , Lewis Lafee made an
account 0f Wm. Lowe's estate; Lemuel Howard for Wm. Lowe's 
funeral ,John Standifer , John Roberts ,Thomas Mitchell, 
Aquila Grear,Shelton Standiford , Archibald Rollo, Thomas 
Johnson, Edward Mortimore, Robert Holiday,Robert Torio,
Walter Tolley and Sutton Sicelmore.

Total of disbursements was 60.3.6: Inventory 
of whole estate was 348.16.7.  Edward Mortimore and George
Elliott, both of Balt Co.. Sureties . 

Lewis Lafee and wife, Sarah took oath to the Court as to 
the report being correct. Accounts , Baltimore 
Liber 21,Folios 259 and 260, Hall of Records . .  

1744 Mrs. Lowe, etc was debitor to church 2.0  

1745 Rachel Lowe m Benjamin Greer (St. John Reg. )

1745 Sarah Lowe and Andrew Vance m Jan 4 , p. 193, St. 
John's Register  

5 Nov. 1764 Isaac Lowe m. Sarah Mitchell in St. John's 
Was this Isaac , son of Wm. III? 

1750 Jan. 2 Ann Lowe m Joseph Greer , p. 193 St. John's 

Aug. 18, 1850 Jacob Davies Dr. Currencey Sterl p. to 
Ball of Jo. Grieer marriage fee 2.6 
He also paid other accounts. This tell us the Greer and 
Lowes were there in 1750. St. John's Parish Register.

1752 Aquilla, Benjamin, Joesph and John Greer  were listed
 on Lunenburg Co., Val Tithable List 

25 Nov. 1766 Bedfod Co, Va. Thomas Lowe along with John 
Greer, Jr.,William Mitchell, John Mitchell, William Lowe,
William Bond, Isaac Lowe and other ordered to work the roads 
in the Co.  

Ann Haynes,dau. of Henry Haynes d. in Henry Co., Va. was 
first married to a Lowe. I believe it was a Samuel Lowe who
d. in Bedford Co. ca. 1766;left a meager estate, the invento-
ry of which is given in estate records.
1767  She m. James Greer, son of Aquilla Greer in 1767. She had two children by Lowe, a son,Stephen and Mary Ann. Mary Ann m. a brother of James,Asel Greer.  
He was much older,but we have never been able to trace Stephen.
I believe that Samuel was a son of Wm., but   have had no proof 
until now. The will of Wm. Lowe, III in Wilkes Co proves he had
son Samuel who was evidently deceased and he left land in 
Virginia to Stephen 
1774 John Greer, Jr along with his family and probably 
the Lowes moved to Wilkes Co., N.C. John Greer leaves will 1782

1780 William Lowe leaves will naming his sons, Isaac, Isaiah,
John, David, William and grandson, Stephen. He leaves land in Virginia to grandson and names him as son of Samuel. Samuel is evidently the only son by his first wife, Ann Davis. He names
the others as being sons of his wife, Mary. 

1780 Stephen Lowe m. Ruth Kearby in Va. 20 Nov 1780. 

1787 An Isaac Lowe m. Mary Aney Browden in Pittsylvania Co.,

1785 Stephen Lowe and wife, Ruth sell land from Bedford Co 
that lies in Pr. Edward.

 1785 Thomas Graves or Groves made return along with Wm Greer
 on estate settlement of Henry Haynes Sr. 22 Sept 1785 Henry
 Co., Va. 
1786, Solomon Greer marries Hannah Lowe.  Solomon is the 
child of Aquilla Greer, son of John Greer ,Jr. and his 
wife, Ann (Walker?)  Hannah names a son, Isaac and one, 
William Lowe. 

 Marriage Bonds:
 1. Here is a William and the bondsman was Isaac!!

Bride: Ann Owen Groom: William Lowe
 Bond Date: 05 Feb 1800
 County: Wilkes
 Record #: 01 157
 Bondsman: Isaac Low
 Witness: Wm. B Lenoir, C
 Bond #: 000166318

 2. Here is an Isaac's marriage bond:

 Bride: Mary Preston (Which Isaac is this?)
 Groom: Isaac Low
 Bond Date: 07 May 1787
 County: Wilkes
Record #: 01 157
 Bondsman: Lewis Demoss
 Witness: Wm. B Lenoir, Deputy Clerk
 Bond #: 000166308

 3. Here is Isaac's son's marriage bond:

 Bride: Sarah Adams
 Groom: Isaac Lowe, Jr
 Bond Date: 23 Aug 1805
 County: Wilkes
 Record #: 01 157
 Bondsman: Philip Price
 Witness: Jno Jones, Deputy Clerk
 Bond #: 000166314

 4. Here is a Lincoln Co. Low (Salley) and the
 bondsman was William!!  A possible sister!

 Bride: Salley Low
 Groom: Isaiah Abernathy
 Bond Date: 02 Feb 1813
 County: Lincoln
 Record #: 01 009
 Bondsman: William Low
 Bond #: 000070668

 5. Here is another bond where Isaac was bondsman. 
 Means he was alive in 1838!!

 Bride: Emily Bradshaw
 Groom: Henry Asbury
 Bond Date: 17 Jul 1838
 County: Lincoln
 Record #: 01 013
 Bondsman: Isaac Lowe
 Witness: N M Reinhardt
 Bond #: 000070851
 Comment: Low

 6. Here is a second bond for Isaac... don't know if it
 is the same Isaac or not, but this could be a second wife.

 Bride: Sarah Hardgraves
 Groom: Isaac Lowe
 Bond Date: 08 Sep 1790
 County: Wilkes
 Record #: 01 157
 Bondsman: Francis Hardgraves( He was s-i-law of John Greer,
Jr. ) Later Died in Davidson Co., Tn. 
 Witness: Chs Gordon, Clerk of Court

Isaiah Lowe m. Drucilla Starkey in Oglethorpe Co., 22 March 
1796. Not known if he son of Wm Lowe or if Drucila was dau. 
of John Starky and Elizabeth Greer, dau of Aquilla I and wife Elzabeth. 

A John H. Lowe was also listed with heirs paid in settlement 
of Asel Greer's estate Clarke Co., Ga. 1828-38