Hans Waggoner

The Waggoner-(Wagoner-Wagner). Family

Hans "John' Waggnor was the father of Susannah Waggoner Camp who married Thomas Camp and the mother of Nancy Camp who married Job Smith. He is said to have come to Phildelphia in America from Rotterdam , the Netherland , aboard the Pink Plaisance which docked Sept 1732. He is very elusive in pinpointing his age and dates he married. For instance , one source gives he was born 1720, but if that is so , he was only twelve years old when he arrived. Some say his first wife died in Pennslyvania before he journeyed to the Carolina and was a squatter what is now Forsythe County , North Carolina in where now stand s the community of Bethabara, (old town )where he built a sturdy log cabin.He then moved to Yadkin, but along came the first Moravian Settlers into Bethabara and found the cabin in 1753. There is a reproduction of the cabin now in Bethabara Park. Waggoner and his children joined the Mobley(Moberly) family caravan as it came about 1758 . They were moving to South Carolina from Maryland . He is said to have gone with them because he felt they were "genteel" and he wanted his girls so raised . He settled on the Reedy Branch of Beaver Creek of Broad River in Craven County now Chester and Fairfield Counties. .

He was worried about protecting his daughters from the Indians so he built a fort for them. He married again. Some say as many as 5 times and had more children. He was still living as late as 1778 when he was named on a jury list for 1778-1779. A family history book on the Kennamer family states he belonged to the Beaver Creek Congregation. He is said to come sometime after the families of Cannamore, Miller and Free came. They were united in communion in July 1759. The first minister was Rev. David Martin.

The Beaver Creek congregation was so called from a little brook running into the Broad River on the edge of Craven County about 180 miles NNW from Charleston.

From the History of Fairfield Countty there are several deeds to Samuel Mobberly (Mobley) yeoman on the N. side of Broad river 1770 on Beaver Creek and 2 in 1772 by (Hans Wagner) John Waggoner, miller 150 acres on Little River bounded by lands of William Alls and Richard Spencer witnessed by Selah Delashmet .and John Halsey.

From another source, it is stated that soon after their arrival in South Carolin, Jans Wagner and the Mobberlys participated in the wars with the Cherokee Indians He constructed a strong fort of white oak logs, hewn 12 inches square and when there was danger from the Indians , all the neighbors gathered for protection. The had meat from hunting and bread was brought by pack mules from the Congaree. From Mills Atlas , Ft Waggoner (Wagner) is down Hwy 215 from Feasterville One mile east at Junction of Beaver Creek and Reedy Branch built in 1760 by Hans Wagner as a refuge against the Indians

The Fairfield County History gives Marie Delashmette as the wife of a Hollander , Hans Wagner, early as 1754. From another source, it is stated he was married 5 times, the names of two are not known. 1. Unknown wife who died before the Carolinas ; supposedly one son 2. Marie Delashmette ca 1754? Had Mary who m. Samuel Mobley, Sr. (Mary is said in one source as born in 1743 so problem there? That would have meant she was daughter of first wife and born before South Carolina. 3. Elizabeth Johnson had Ann Wagner m. Andrew McClain 4. Mrs. Fair said to be mother of John , Suka married Ned Mobberly and daughter who married George Hill. They went to Georgia. 5. Margaret , last name unknown . Jans was a widow in 1771 and some later, his wife was Margaret. Hans Waggoner died on the Santee River, South Carolina prior to 1790. Each direct heir was left $300. He is said to be buried in the old Hans Waggoner graveyard a few hundred feet northwest of Beaver Creek of Broad river about 3/4 mile above point where Highway 215 crosses Beaver Creek. So who was the mother of Susanna married Thomas Camp, George and Isaac. Another source states in the Hill /Mobberly book that he must have married Margaret in 1760. Known Children 1.Mary born ca 1743?; married Samuel Mobberly,Sr.

2.George was born by 1747 in order to have obtained land in 1768

3. Isaac was born 9/11/. 1761 according to pension rolls. .

4. Ann married Andrew McClain

5. John , Jr. to Kentucky ;granted land in 1763 or was this John , Sr.?

6.. Suka married Ned Mobberly

7. Daughter married George Hill to Georgia

8. Susanna married Thomas Camp. Records show that she was born ca. 1766 and her first child born 1781 in which case , she would have been only 15. Also Camp records state her sister , Elizabeth , married Abel Hill. Is this daughter said above to have m. George Hill. In this case then, she would have to have been daughter of Mrs. Fair?

Susanna was left legacy in the George Wagner Estate York County, S.C. Will Bk I , p. 490 will dated 9/3/3 1811-probated 1/12/1818. Other legatees named are John Beam, Mary Wagner, dtr. of John deceased; Elizabeth Hill; Margaret Halsey ; Catherine Halsey , Catherine Delashmett, Mary Mobley, Susanna Camp, Anna McClean, wife of Andrew; Isaac Wagner; Louisa McClain; Margaret Watts, Mary Sutton ,(wife of James), one share each to Messina and Rachel McCain. Wit. Johna. Sutton, James Scott and James Smith Sources

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