The Whaley Family of Maryland, Virginia, Georgia

Whaley of Georgia, Virginia and Maryland

Some Researchers of William Whaley, who died in Greene County,Georgia in 1795, believe that he was a descendant of Edward Wale of Somerset County, Md and Worcester County, Md. although as yet there has been no proof of this.

Torrence in Somerset on The Eastern Shore of Maryland states that Edward Wale was from Accomack County, Virginia and arrived in Maryland ca 1668. In Cavaliers and Pioneers, patent Book No. 4 there is an Edward Wale transported by an Edward Williams on the 5 June 1658 who received 500 acres in Potomeck freshes above Puscatoway adj. his own land for trans. of 10 persons. In patent Book No. 5 Edward Whally was transported 22 June 1664 ( p.183) to Accomack Co., by Col Edmund Scarburgh who received 3000 acres on this date for transportation of threescore persons. On 10 Sept. 1664, Scarburgh received another 200 acres for tranportation of 40 persons, among them being Lewis Whaly. Torrence states that this is the name of the wife of George Wale who sold or gave land to Edward Wale in Somerset County later. There are several records where a George Whale is transported in Cavaliers and Pioneers.

In Lancaster County, Virginia there is a record of a deed from Ffrancys Morryson, Esg to Mr. George Wale for 1400 acres bounding upon land of Gerayse Dodson, dated at James City Co.10 Oct. 1662. Dodson had previously sold for 40 lbs. sterling to be paid in London by Mr. Geo Wale or his assigne to Coll. Will Clayborn, according to tenor of three bills of exchange signed by Mr. Willm. Strachey and directed to Mr. Nicholas Trott at Vine Court in Bishops Gate Street as also the value of 10 lbs sterling, etc. Refers to the said Gervayse Dodson of Northumberland County , and dated 20 Dec. 1658. Dodson again assigns to Mr. George Wale a survey of 500 acres which joins a seat of 600 acres " due me by patent & by patent by me sold to the sd Mr. George Wale lying in Lancaster Co. on the s. side of Corotoman Creek near Wiccocomoco Indian Town which survey of 500 acres is entered with rights in the office with Mr. Tho. Brerton". Dated 20 Dec. 1658 and again in May of 1659 Dodson and wife, Isbell, sold Wale 600 more acreage dated 25 May 1658 and again in July 1659 500 more acres.

After he bought the land from Ffrancys Morrysons ,Geo Wale sold part of it to Tho. Hains in deed which says" that Lewys my wife, " consents to sale which was dated 11 Jan. 1664/5 signed by Geo Wale, Lewys Wale wit: Robt Jones, Hen Houghton, Recorded 1st June 1665.

Then on 9 May 1665, " Know all men by these presents that we George Wale and Lewys Wale wife of the sd Geo Wale do by these presents authorize and ordaine our loving brother Edward Wale our true and lawful attorney xxx to ack abovesale to Tho. Haines signed Geo Wale, Lewys Wale. Wit: Thos Jenner, Rob Huff (HULL?) and recorded 10 May 1665.( All of the above from Beverly Fleet, Genealogical. Pub. Co. Virginia Colonial Records) There are also records in Lancaster County which state this George Wale died in 1672 and his wife, Lewis, married William Edmonds. There was a George Wale, Jr. who chose Thos. Haines as guardian.

Abstracts Vol. I, Lancaster County, Record Book No. 2 1627-1640.) There are also records in this reference that state that George Wale married Mary Jones, the daughter of Robert Jones, by 1678. There are many Wale, Whaley descendants in Lancaster County, Virginia records later including one William who served in the Revolution, but who died and estate records are in Lancaster County, Va.

Whaleys of Maryland

For many years the descendants of this Edward Wale claimed he was the Regicide, but it has been proven that he was not. It is this Edward Wale that it is thought our William may have descended from since there are clues in census records and family history that they were from Maryland or Delaware.

In Somerset County, Md, land records there is a land Patent to George Wale for 400 acres in Dublin election District 4, map #13. called Friendship which George Wale conveyed to brother Edward his land 16 Oct. 1671 and on 8 Dec. 1678 Edward Wale and wife, Elizabeth Wale, sold to Thomas Newbold 100 acres. Also Acquintica two adj patents by same name, one for 200 acres and one for 300 acres by George Wale in 1665 located in the lower Dublin, dividing Creek 100, election dist. 4, Map #13, and Oct 17 1671 George Wale and Sarah Wale his wife sold 300 acres to Edward Wale 8 Dec. 1671. (Notice here that George Wale's wife is Sarah, not Lewis or Lewys as Torrence states.) Edward Wale also sells 400 acres of this land to Thomas Newbold Edward Wale married Elizabeth Ratcliff, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Ratcliff,married at Pocomoke by William Steven J P. 29 Jan 1668.( Somerset Land Records, p.151.). Their children and birthdates are also given in same source.

Also in Accomack County Virginia Wills is the will of Elizabeth Ratclif, dated 3 Oct 1684-11 May 1680 ? John Price, husband of my dau. Sarie to have no part of my est. her share to be held in trust by my son in law Edward Whalle of Somerset County, Md. for the use of her and her children. To dau. Bridget Tailer. to son Nathaniel Ratclif. to son in law Nathaniel Enis. to dau. Elizabeth Whalee. Son Nathaniel Ratclif Ex'r. Witt: John Wallop, Woodman Stockley, MariePaine P.423.

Elizabeth Ratcliff (Rackcliffe ) who married Edward Wale also had brother, Charles Rackcliff, Jr. (Somerset on the Eastern Shore). After selling the land above Edward Wale (Whaley) moved to the Sinepuxent section on the seaboard side of the Maryland Eastern shore. In Maryland tax records of Worcester county, he is named as a printmaster.

Richard Stevens patented 4 Nov 1678 Genezare and assigned to Edward Wale and Charles Rackliffe 2200 acres and on 16 Feb 1681 Wale and Racliffe agree to divide. (Was this his father-in-law or brother-in-law.) Charles Rackliffe willed 700 acres to son Charles and to son Elias Rackliffe in 1696, and in 1709 Charles Rackliffe gave dau.Elizabeth 200 acre and brother John 100 acres .

On the Rent Rolls 1666-1723 Edward Wale 800 acres and Nathaniel Rackliffe in Accomack Co., Va. 300 ; Elias Rackliffe 500, Charles Reacliffe 600; following this is division of land between heirs of the Rackliffe family and also the Wale family.

It has been discovered recently in the Probate Records of the Lancaster County, Virginia that the George Whaley who died there with wife, Lewis, does mention a brother , Edward, on the Pocomoke in Maryland.

For the Wale family:

1. 14 Oct. 1732 Edward Wale, son of John Wale of Edward Wale willed ? 215 acres to John Purnell, Jr. 2. 27 March 1733 William Wale, son of Nathaniel Wale, with wife Mary Wale sold to John Purnell, Jr. 70 acres 3. 12 march 1736 Charles Wale, son of Nathaniel, sold to Richard Holland 50 acres. 4. 1 Apr. 1737 John Wale, son of John Wale, grandson of Edward Wale sold 215 acres to Richard Holland who sold this to John Purnell in 1738 5. 3 May 1739 Wm Wale son of Nath. Wale traded 100 acres with John Purnell for tract unnamed. 6. William Wale Jr?. willed to daughter Vashty Wale m. John Parker( part if she dies to youngest daughter Leah Wale (Is this Wm, Jr, son of Wm Wale, son of Nathaniel?) William Wale died ca. 1744 naming daughters above . From then on the land is decended or sold between members of the Purnell, Robins, and Parker families who intermarried and were descendants of Edward Wale. (William , Jr. is given in land records, but Jackie Weeden states this is William )

Children and birth dates of Edward Wale named in Somerset Land Records are as follows:

i. John born at Pocomoke 2 Dec 1669; said by one source to have married Mary Rackcliffe. a. Edward- An Edward Whaley left will 23 Feb 1732/33; pro. 7 Apr. 1733 All Hallows Parish Somerset Co., left land to John Purnell , Jr. and heirs poss. by father; to sister Sarah Jenkins, Personalty; brother William Ex. and residuary legatee. Test Benjamin Jenkins, John Newbold and William Franklin. John sold land to John Purnell in 1737. DAR Records say John, Sr. above died and wife, Mary ,went to S.C.; is said to be the Progenitor of the S. C. family and also had Wm., Nathan and Charles. . ( Miss Maude McCabe's notes)

ii. Sarah born at Pocomoke 4 Feb. 1671.

iii. Charles Wale born at Pocomoke 26 Jan 1673.

iv. Elizabeth born at Pocomoke 25 Aug 1677.married Wm. Turville

v. George Wale born Feb 1679.

vi. Bridgett Wale born 8 10 1681; married Ebeneezer Franklin..

vii. William Wale born 27 Dec. 1683;may be William who d. in Accomack Co. 1713.

2.viii. Nathaniel Wale born 8 April 1686; married Mary .Some say Mary Dale. (See later)

ix. Rachel Wale born 15 Nov. 1688 married John Ratcliffe.

x. Elias Wale born 28 June 1690; m. Sarah Peele ; had a. Leah who m. Thomas Robins II.; d. 1720 ( Calendar of Wills, Vol IV. p. 165 and V. p. 44..) Thomas Purnell and Charles Rackliffe were appraisers of Estate of Elias Wales Sept 22, 1724 F 132

In his will dated 21st June apr. 1718 -18 June 1718, Edward gave to eldest son John and heirs., plantation where he now lives with 200 a. to son Nathaniel and heirs; all the rest of land 205 a. lying bet bro (Charles) Rackliff's line and certain other bounds.

to son Elias and hrs. dwelling plantation 370 A.

3 sons afsd and their hrs. 225 A. Cay's Folley equally. daus. Eliza Turville, Bridgett Franklin and to Rachel Ratcliffe, personalty.

wife Eliz. I/3 dwelling plan. during life and 1/3 Personalty absolutely.

Ex. sons Nathaniel and Elias jointly. residue of personalty to all children, afsd.

Test: Edwd Cropper, Wm Bowin, Jr. Richard Holland

14, 620/ Maryland Calendar of Wills , p. 165.

Appraisers: William Faset, Thomas Purnell. Next of Kin : Nathaniel Wale, Elias Wale. (F. 105 Feb. 1718.) Worcester County Inventories & Accounts.

Did Thomas Purnell marry one of the daughters?

It was claimed by the descendants of this family in Maryland that Edward Wale was the celebrated Edward Whalley , the Regicide , but both Torrence in Somerset on the Eastern Shores of Maryland and others cite the article in Pa. Mag of Hist and Biog IV.,p. 258 a letter by Dr. Robert P. Robins on May 24 1880 in which he gives convincing evidence against this claim. But many old publications continue to perpetuate this. Dr. Robins also makes statement that he thinks Edward of Maryland could have been a son of the Regicide or related, but no evidence to prove this.

2. Nathaniel Whaley, son of Edward and Elizabeth Ratcliff Whaley, born 8 July 1686 ; will probated 5 July 1728, wife named Mary . Inventory and account F135 Worcester Co., Md. appraisers: Edmond Cropper, Nathaniel Cropper. Next of Kin: William Wall ( Could this be Wale?)

Children : i. Elias Whaley b. 22 March 1723 born Somerset Co., Md.? sold to Nathaniel (brother?) 100 acres Powell's Advice 25 Nov. 1757; m. Martha Dale ; estate settled 4 Dec. 1774. Names son, Seth ? Nathaniel and and Charles Whaley, appraisers. In the will of John Dale, Jr., wife, Martha is named as daughter and her daughter, Hannah. Elias is wit to will of John Dale.He may have also had son, Thomas, who a a Capt in Navy and later went to Tenn. ( From a old paper which said Seth Whaley settled business for brother , Thomas ( Paper from DAR Records.) a.Seth b. 1753 ; m. Ester or Hester Baker d/o Solomon Baker and Mary Dale; d. 9-19 1825; will Folio H H #27 folio 39-42 prob. 19 Sept 19 1823. 1. Peter Whaley Sr. b. 11-17 1789; d. 7-22-1860; m. 11/21/1816 Elizabeth Davis, dau of Abisha Daivis b. 7/22/1754; d. 10 26/1815; and Mary Brevard. Will probated 1 Aug 1860 Recorded Liber TT No 8 folio 304-5l . Both buried at Whaleyville, Md. cemetery. Children named in will: To my son Edward Thomas Whaley b. 1829 m. Mary C. d/o John W. Jones of Snow Hill 1869, Presbyterian; Children John W. and Florence w/o James P. Dale and mother of twin girls Mary and Virginia. Sketches of Maryland Eastern Shoremen, p.227 To my dau Mary Elizabeth Timmons m. John K. Timmons To my dau Maria Catherine Purnell m. Zadoc Purnell To my son Seth Mitchell Whaley;lived in Whaleyville, Virginia To son Peter, Jr. (will probated in Snow Hill b. 8-6-1830; d. 1-14-1906; m. 12-7/1859 buried at Whaleyville, Md. ) dau Hester Ann L Rider m. m. Dr. Gillis son, James Whaley, oldest g-son James W. Rider my silver watch

2. Hannah (no more information)

It was for this family of Peter Whaley that Whaleyville, Maryland was named. Known as Captain Peter Whaley, he had varied and successful interests which included ownership in a general store, boarding house, hotel , blacksmith shop, saw, grist and carding mill, lumbering and coastal shipping and also in effect, the only banker of the area/ bnut it was in the shingle trade and coastal shipping that he was most successful. He harvested cypress and cedar trees, especially the former, over a wide area even above Delaware and processed them into shingles then in great demand in Philadelphia and New York City. He owned and operated his own schooners as did his father before him to reach the ports. His craft were said to have used Sinepuxent inlet when it was open for navigation . A lengthy account of one of his ships, The Wren at Gentique ( Chincoteaque )on December 16, 1833 was reported by letter by Capt. J.D. Baker, ) Dear Sir, have the misfortune to tell you that we got blod (blown) ashore.He gave details of the mishap, offered suggestions and asked for help. Dr. Reginald V. Truitt and Les Callete, Worcester County Maryland's Arcadiapp. 572 -573

ii. William Whaley b. ca. 1710 will F 46-47 Wor. Co.,will 1742-58;. married Mary Ratcliff; was executor of Nathaniel Raklif will 27 March 1744 ; had Vashty m. John Parker, Leah and some records say Zedikiah who was killed in Rev. War. d. ca. 1748. Nathaniel names his sister, Mary Whaley in his will. (This same information given on William, son of Edward. It is hard to determine which William belonged to whom)

iii. Charles Whaley b. 6 Jan 1716 probably the Charles who d. Sussex Co., Del.; Dec. 1790 will ;names son, Charles, Jr., Nathaniel and grandson Jessey or Josey; daughter who m a Lingo; dau who m. a Bratton. John Evans ---Evans witnessed the will.

In 1775 in Sussex County,Delaware, a William Whaley is named in deed with Smith Lingo in which goods have been mortgaged.And in 1783, Nathaniel Whaley is named as paying taxes on land that Smith Lingo owned in Worchester Co., Md. Nathaniel Whaley in 1782 and 1783 deeds land to sons?, Ebeneezer and William that had been sold to Nathaniel by George Hearn which was then in Worcester Co., Md. Ebeneezer and Nathaniel then sell to a Hearn some of the same land. In last deed Nathaniel is referred to as Nathaniel, Sr. I believe this is Nathaniel , brother of Elias who married Martha . Note the Hearns were also in Hancock Co., Georgia, and Eli sold Elisha Hearn property there. I believe there is a connection here somewhere.

iv. Nathaniel Whaley b. 25 Feb 1720 wife, Martha sold 100 acres Powell's Advice to John Bell in 1772.

v. Rachel Whaley b 14 Apr. 1727 ( no more information)

One descendant of our line believes that our William was the son of Elias. Elias didnot leave a will, but an estate record shows that he had son, Seth and a daughter. happened to his brother, Nathaniel, whose last record found is in 1772. The names of this family occur often in the family of William and Nathaniel who came to Georgia.

William Whaleys in Georgia

The name of William Whealy/Whaley first appears in Early Georgia Records when a William Whaley from N.C. receives land of 100 acres in 1773 and is stated to have several minor children. William Harris is security. In 1775 a William Whaley receives another 100 acres. One source states the first was on Long Creek while the other states second was on the Ogeeche River; Still another source states they were both on the latter.

A William Whaley has an account in or near Wrightsborough in 1775 with William Manson's store in which he buys a horse and other items. Also in 1775 a William signs as witness to deeds in Warren County in which Joesph Maddux is also a signer.

Then in 1788 a William Whealy died and left an estate record in Greene County with his wife, Elizabeth being the administrator. This William had four children, John, William, Martha and Jane who was married to Freeman Allen. A plat of the survey believed to be of this William Whealey/Whaley has been located and is shown later.

There is a deed in Greene County where John Whaley, Martha Whaley and Freeman Allen sell 100 acres to brother, William. Freeman Allen died in Hancock County ca. 1803 leaving an estate in which a James Whaley is named guardian of his minor children. There are estate records in Hancock County showing the disposition of the estate to the minors over the years to1827. The widow, Jane Allen married Aaron Livingston in 1807, but after only about a year, she was again a widow and can be found in 1830 on the Pike County, Ga. census. A son,William Allen's lineage, is given in The History of Franklin County, but no information about Jane Whaley's lineage. It is thought her brother, John Whaley married Mary Porter.

Elizabeth Whaley, above, sells her part of the land on the Ogeechee and moves over on Beaver Dam on the Richland Creek. The question is was this William related to our William. If so, how? The fact that Nathaniel also sold his land and moved over on Beaver Dam about the same time strenghens the belief they were all related.

Researchers believe the William on Long Creek was our ancestor as that would be close to Hancock County where his son, Eli is found on tax records in 1796 and bought land in 1798. There has been no record found where William Whaley and wife, Hannah, had any land, but Eli had some land before he bought land in 1798 according to the description of the deed.

It is believed our William and Hannah came from Maryland originally because of several bits of circumstantial evidence. One is that made in letter of William T. Whaley , descendant of Eli , another statement made in Rev. Samuel Whaley's book by Barnaby B. Whaley, son of Samuel, (William) and several references made on census records of grandchildren of William & Hannah. One being Agrippa , son of Eli, states his father was born in Maryland on the 1880 census although in 1850 when Eli was still living in HH of daughter Martha Smith, it is given as Georgia..

William Whaley and Hannah

1. William Whaley, born ca. 1745 Maryland ?; d. 1795 in Greene Co., Ga. married Hannah (Pounds,Round, or Bruton according to different sources). Hannah and Eli were named executors of the estate. Daniel was the only other child named in will but other sources have named the children below. Isham Hogan, Benjamin Evans, and Nathaniel Whaley witnessed will and appraised estate. Nathaniel, b. ca. 1760-70 is believed to be a younger brother. He left a will and died in Upson Co., Ga. ca. 1826.

Children of William and Hannah: : i. Hester"Hessie" Whaley b.1 4 Sept 1770 Pa. or Del.; married John Pepper.

ii. Mary (Polly) Whaley b. 1 Mar 1771-72; d. 25 Dec.1847, Marion Co.,Ill. m (1) James Jones ca. 1787.m. (2) Samuel Betts, Jr. ?

2. iii. Eli Whaley b. 16 Oct 1774, Md. or Ga. -d. 2 Nov. 1855 Walton Co., Ga. m. Betsy Grace, dau. of Thomas Grace of Hancock Co.

iv. Rhoda Whaley b. 27 Feb 1776; d.; m. a Mr. Hemming.(No more information). (Could this be Herring or even Hearn? )

v. Martha "Patsy" Whaley,b. 25 Feb. 1778; d. ; m. (1)Ben? Evins m.(2) Robert Atkins/Atkinson.

vi. Hannah Whaley b. 27 Oct 1780 d. ; m. Mr. Wm.? Ewins. There is a deed in Walton County,Ga. from Hannah Ewin to John Pepper, Sr. and one from Wm. Ewing to Eli Whaley. The Ewings were from Pennsylvania.

vii. William Whaley, b. 11 Jan 1783- d. 12 1844, Fayette Co., Ga. m. Elizabeth (Betsy) before 1808. (Not the William who married Betsy Kinsman and went to Indiana.) (More later )

viii. Samuel Whaley, b. 15 Nov. 1784- d. Walker Co, Ga. ? ca. 1850; m. Marion / Miriam Kelly, dau. of John Kelly?in Hancock County 1812. (more later)

ix. Isaac Whaley, b. 15 Apr. 1787 GA.. may have m. Judy Harris

x. Daniel Whaley, b. 26 Feb. 1789; m. Bowie or Hiles?

xi. Elizabeth " Betsy" Whaley, b. 26 Mar. 1791; d. 2 Jan.1853; m. Thomas Morris Feb. 1807 in Jackson Co.Ga.;buried Marion Co.,Ill.

1. Names of children and birth dates from Paper of Susan Cunyus, grand-daughter of Eli Whaley from Georgia State Archives and letter from Wm. T. Whaley to her. Record of the Last Will and Testament of William Whaley dec"d _______________

In the name of God amen, I William Whaley of the STate of Georgia and Greene county being sick & weak of body but of sound perfect and disposing mind and memory bleessd to God; do this twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following Viz. In primis I give and recommend my soul to almight god who gave my body. I wish to be buried in the earth at the discretion of my executors hereafter to be name; and my worldly good I give, devise and dispose of in the following manner.

Item my will and desire is that all my just debts be paid by executors out of my estate.

Item I give and devise to my son Daniel Whaley one feather bed which I bought from Benjamin Vinson to belong to him and his heirs forever.

Item all the rest and residue of my property of every nature and kind consisting of three feather feather beds and furniture, one mare, one horse , one cow & whatever money may be left from and after my just debts are paid, I give devise and bequeath in trust to my loving wife, Hannah Whaley and my son ,Eli whaley , to belong to them jointly for the sole purpose of raising and educating my small children; and I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the aforesaid Hannah Whaley and Eli Whaley ,joint executrix and executor, of this my las t will and testament, ratifying and confirming this and this only to be my last will & nullifying all other wills or testaments by me heretofore made. Witness my hand and seal the date above written .

William Whaley (seal)

Signed Sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us, Wm. Phillips Nathaniel Whaley

A true copy of the original registered the 27th of August 1795 Wm. Phillips R.P.

Eli Whaley of Walton County, Georgia

ELI WHALEY, probably the oldest son of William Whaley, who died in Greene co., Ga. 1795, was born ca. 1774 in Georgia according to the 1850 Walton County, Georgia Federal Census, but son, Agrippa says he was born in Maryland. (1880 census) Hannah, wife of William and Eli were named as executrix and executor of William's will. Except for a feather bed which he devised to son, Daniel, William left all the property to Hannah and Eli for the sole purpose of raising and situating my small children.(See Will of William Whaley).

Eli married Betsy Grace, daughter of Thomas Grace and Sarah.who were from Sussex County, Delaware. Thomas Grace was an appraiser to the will of William Whaley. In 1796 Hancock County Tax records, Eli is shown to have 100 acres on the Little Ogeechee adj. James Davis. No deed has been found as to how he got this land. Eli Whaley bought property from Jessie Wheatley in 1798 which he sold part to Ivan McGehee in 1800 and Elisha Hearn in 1801 in Hancock County. Although he was on the Jackson County Tax Record by 1801, he does not seem to have any land although he has a deed to Agrippa Atkinson (his brother-in-law)in 1802. and he sold toWilliam Lewelling (Ewing ?)in 1813. He was in McConnell's 1803 Tax District in Jackson County and in the 1805 Jackson County lottery. Eli, Hannah and Samuel were participants. Some records state that Hannah married (2) a Bruton or Brewton, but this seems to prove that she was still a widow ten years after William's death. In 1811 he also received headright land for himself and family. Plat of survey is shown later.He and Samuel were both on 1817 Jackson County Tax rolls. Also an older woman that could be Hannah was in Eli's HH on 1820 census. In 1810, Eli was executor of the will of John Morris with Frederick Thompson, and he was appointed guardian for the orphans of John Berry in 1812 in Jackson county.

Deed records show that Eli bought land from Thomas C. Camp in 1811 in Jackson County and sold in 1802 to Agrippa Atkinson (his brother-in-law) and to William Lewelling in 1813. He and Samuel were both on 1817 Jackson County Tax rolls.

By 1819 Eli and Samuel were on the second term jury panel in Walton County, and both were on list of 1819 Non-Slave holders in Beek's Militia district of residents They both lived on Marbury Creek. (Walton County was taken from Jackson.)

Tragedy struck the family in 1842 when his wife, Betsy Grace Whaley was killed and their daughter, Comfort Whaley Harris, by her husband, Jordan Harris while he was on a drunken spree. Harris was killed by son, Alford Whaley, when he caught Harris who refused to surrender. Eli was named guardian of two daughters of the couple who were later raised by sons, James Russell and Thomas Jefferson Whaley.

Eli was enumerated on the 1850 Walton County, Georgia census in the household of daughter, Martha(Patsy) who married David Smith. On this census his birthplace was given as Georgia.

Eli left will in Hancock County dated 2 November 1855. Witnesses were Truman K. Smith, Joshea T. Smith, S. H. Harrison, Sol Manning and Sterling Clack. He left 5 dollars to each of his sons, Thomas , Agrippa, James R. and Alford. with the rest of the estate to be divided equally among " my other four children, namely, James Whaley, Martha Smith,Smith, Emily Thompson & Comfort Harris' heirs. " James R. Thompson, husband of Emily, was named executor. The estate pays James D. Whaley a distributive share, so presumably, he had two sons, named James as a James D. Whaley received payment in the estate distribution. He gave son, James Russell, power of attorney, to sell property and Eli moved to Hancock County with him in the last months of his life. J.R. sold the property on N.E. side of Marbury Creek to B.G.N.Chandler. Eli also deeded property to Emily Thompson, his daughter, for love and affection, the part of his property on the south side of Marbury Creek "where James R. Thompson now lives."

In his estate records James Russell Thompson is paid for room and board for Eli in 1854 and 1855 and also for having moved him from Hancock County. Presumably then he was buried in Walton County.

In Walton County Court minutes December term 1855: " A paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Eli Whaley, dec'd late of the county is propunded and proven to the saisfaction of the court by the affidavit of Solomon Manning and of the subscribing witnesses---it is ordered that the said paperwriting be admitted to court as said Eli Whaley's will in common form."

In the same court James R. Thompson was appointed as the executor, and the appraisers appointed were Solomon Manning, T.K. Smith, Joshua T. Smith, S.R. Harrison and B.G.N. Chandler. " The following is the form of and appraisment with the necessary certificate annexed to it Inventory and appraisment of the estate of Eli Whaley deceased-------------

One note on Gideon Hendrick's for $103due 25 day of December 1857 One on Gideon Hendrick's for $100 due 25 day of December 1856 One on B G. N. Chandler for $803 with interest from the 1 day of January 1856 1 bed 1 sheet & counterpane & Quilt $8.00

State of Georgia Walton County. We do certify upon oath that as far as was produced to us by the Executor the above and foregoing contains a true appaisement of the goods chattels and credit of the Estate of Eli Whaly decd to the best of our judgement Given under our hands and official-? Signature this 4th day of January 1858 Truman K. Smith Sol., Manning Joshua T. Smith J.P. Recorded January 18th 1858. Estate Records show that the bed and furniture, as they called it, was sold to A.G. Thompson for $5.00. Estate Records cont:

Return of Jas R. Thompson Extr on the Estate of Eli Whaley Acct. Dec 18 1858 Paid A.G. Davis No. 1 $164 24 April 2 1859 " G W Smith " 2 66.54 Oct 17 1857 " J. M. Sanders " 3 6.25 Dec 19 1855 " James R. Whaley " 4 100.00 Jan 6 1859 " James D.Whaly " 5 180.00 Dec 15 1855 " R. J. Kennedy " 6 8.87 Mch 28 1859 " R R Mitchell " 7 1.00 Jan 5 1858 " D.O. " 8 1.25 " " " James W. T Smith " 9 1.12 " " " James R. Thompson " 10 94.2.1


$563 . 4 8 (?) Georgia Walton County ) Personally came before me Jas R. Thompson Extr on the Estate of Eli Whaley dec' who being duly Sworn deposeth & Saith the above return is just and true to the best of his knowledge & belief. Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 01 May 1859. R.R. Mitchell Clerk)) James R. thompson Exr.

No. 1 Read of James R. Thompson Executor of the last will & testament of eli whaley des"d ,my fee in full being principal & interest One hundred & sixty four dollars & twenty four cents as his attorney in Sustaining the will on trial of Caveat in Court of ordinary & __ court of Walton county 18 Dec 1858 Charles Davis 9Bk N. Walton co, p. 212

No 2 Eli Whaley deceast Do 1855

Nov. 5. 16 yds Cambrick 25. 4.00 1 pair Stocking .25 2 spools thread .18 Dec 8 4 bleaching .50

5 black Cambrick . 62 1 /2 1 paper tacks .06 1/4 1/1 doz wooden screws .06 1/4

2 1/3 yds Cambrick .3 1 1/4

$5.99 2/ 4 Georgia Walton County) Personally appeared before me G.W. Smith who after being duly sworn deposeth and staed Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 12th day of October 1857. J.T. Smith ) G.W. Smith

Rec"d of James R. Thompson six dollars & 54 cents as executor on the estate of Eli Whaley deceased April 29 1859. G.W. Smith

No. 3 Eli Whaley 1855 to Jas M. Sanders Nov 4 To night visit medicine and prescription for self $6. 25

Georgia Walton County ) Personally appeared before me James M. Sanders who after being duly sworn say that the above account is just & true as it stands stated. Sworn & Subscribed before me October 17 1857 ) James M. Sanders John T. Smith J.P.

Received of James R. Thompson Exr. of Eli Whaley dec the full sum of the within account this the 17th Oct 1857. Jas M. Sanders

No. 4 Recd of James R. Thompson Exc of Eli Whaley late of Walton County deceased One hundred dollars for hire of negro and his board in part December th19 1855. James R.Whaley

No.5 Received of James R. Thompson Executor of the estate of Eli Whaley deceased One Himdred amd eighty dollars January 6th 1859 James D. Whaley

No 6 James r. Thompson Exr of Eli Whaley dec 1855 to R. J. Kennedy ord. Dec. 10 Probate of will 1.25 Record do 1.25 Letters Testamentary 2.00 Warrant of Afprais .62 Adm. notice to Dry & co 3.28

$8.87 ? Recd payt of Said R. R. J. Kennedy Ordy.

P. 214 No. 7 Rec'd of J. R. Thompson Extr on the estate of Eli Whaley dec'd one dollar for recording Sale Bill March --- 1:39 R.R. Mitchell Clerk

No. 8 Received of J.R.Thompson Exr. on estate of Eli Whaley Dec"d one 25/100 for recording apraisement Jan 5 1858 R.R. Mitchell Clerk

No. 9 Received of James R. Thompson $1.12 cts his tax as EXtr of Eli Whaleyfor 1858 James W T Smith TC No 10 Estate of Eli Whaley to Jas R. Thompson 1855 moving said Eli Whaley from Hancock County--12.00 1856 Citation of Alfred Whaley to prove the will --- 13.21 Thos & J.R. & J.R. Guard. For Francis and Elizabeth Harris 7.00

as ------ Services in Law Suit 62.00

94.21 LDS film # 026239 Walton co., Ga. Court of Ordinary, Wills & Records & Estates book O 1860-1863

p. 32 Return on the Estate of Eli Whaley1860 Jany. 20th Paid R.R. Mitchell Voucher # 1 137 Feb 10 S J. Clark "2 3 Apr 3rd Jas R. Whaley " "3 138

142.87 Comm. in full none having heretofore charged 61. 57 Apr. 3rd C.D. Davis 10.00


Georgia Walton County) In person me came Jas. R.Thompson Executor of the last will and testament of Eli Whaley dec"d Who being duly Sworn says that to the best of his knowledge & belief the foregoing return is correct Sworn to & subscribed before ) this 3rd Apr 1860 Jesse Mitchell Ordy) Jas R. Thompson Exx

Voucher I Rec'd of Jas R. Thompson Extr on the Estate of EliWhaley dec one !?100 dollars for Exx Recording Returned Vouchers Jany 20 1860 R.R. Mitchell Clerk

Voucher 2 Rec'd of Jas R.Thompson Extr of of the estate of Eli Whaley dec'd three dollars it being for Serving as a witness four days this Febrary 10 1860 G Clark

Voucher 3 The Estate of Eli Whaley 1855 To James R. Whaley To board and cash loaned Eli Whaley in the years 1854&1855 238 50 Rec of James Thompson cash 100.

13850 Georgia Hancock County) Personally came before me, James R. Whaley who being duly Sworn deposed and saith that the above account stands as stated is just and fine Sworn too & subscribed before me the 18th day of Jany 1858 John Garner James R.Whaley

Received of James R.T hompson Executor on the Estate of Eli Whaley dec"d one hundred and thirty eight . 50/100 dollars in full of the within account April 3 1860.

James R. Whaley

by Wicker :& McDaniel

Atty at law

THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ELI WHALEY Georgia Walton) In the name of God Amen I Eli Whaley of said County ) State and County) being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper both as respects my friends and myself that I should make a deposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me do therefore make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me.

Item 1st I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner Suitable to my circumstance and condition in life.

Item 2 I desire and direct that all my just debt be paid without delay by my Executor hereinafter appointed as I am unwilling my condition should be delayed in their rights especially as there is no necessity for delay.

Item 3 I desire my son Thomas to have five Dollars Item 4 I desire my son Agrippa to have five Dollars Item 5 I desire my son( Alford (Scratchedout) James R( written above) to have five Dollars Item 6 I desire my son Alford to have five Dollars Item 7 I desire the balance of my affects to be Equally divided between my other four children namely James Whaley Martha Smith Emily Thompson & Comfort Harris's heirs Item 8 I hereby constitute and appoint James R. Thompson Executor of this my last will and testament this November the 2nd 1855 his Eli X Whaley (LS) mark Signed Sealed declared and published by Eli Whaley as his last will and testament in the presence of us the Subscribing who subscribed our names hereto in the presence of Said testator at his special instance and request and of each other this November 2nd 1855. Truman K. Smith Joshua T. Smith S. H. Harrison Sol Manning Sterling Clack Georgia Hancock County this is to authorise my son James R. Whaley to sell & dispose of my land in Walton county & to transact any and all other business of mine in said County in closing up my matters there, I also hereby authorise him to make a deed to the land in my name sigining my name to any instrument that may be necessary in the sale of my land & the transaction of any other business & I do hereby confirm & approve of any business deal he may do and obligate myself to abide any and all of his acts. In witness whereof I hereby affix my name and seal in the Presence of November 7, 1843 witnesses D.R. Howell his

Eli Whaley (seal) Solomon Bird mark

Columbus Weekly Enquirer August 31 1842

Horrid Murder

-A murder unparalleled in the history of crimes took place in Walton County, Georgia on the 17th this month. the particulars of which we have received as follows: Mr. Jordan J. Harris who had been separated from his wife about two months went to the house of Eli Whaley where he was armed with a gun and other weapons. After firing at her without effect, he cought her and cut her throat from ear to ear while in the act her mother ran to her relief and received from Harris a blow that broke her skull from which she died-the alarm was soon given by some negroes who the only persons at the house when Mr. A.Whaley, a son of the deceased presented some guns and two men and went to take him, but Harris swore he would not be taken, and that he would kill the first man that interfered. Whereupon Whaley seeing him,approach him, shot him down. No one can give any reason why Harris acted as he did. Thus have three beings been hurried into eternity. the scene must have been awful and one at which human nature must shudder. Southern Whig ( Eli's son, Alford Whaley, was my great great grandfather. Comfort Whaley, his sister was the wife of Jordan Harris. A legend prevails that this is when Alford left to go to Mississippi, but the estate records show that he was an appraiser of Harris's estate and bought several items from Harris's estate including a gun.)

Third Generation

                                THIRD GENERATION

Children of  Eli  and Betsy Whaley

1.  Thomas  Jefferson Whaley,  b. 24 March 1800 in Hancock  Co. Ga.;  married (1) Mary Veazy (2) Mary Epps Smith, Green Co., Ga.  21 Oct 1828; (3) Mary Morris 3-23    1848;  (4) Miss Susan Ivy 30 December 1859    He was in  Hancock County by 1820, probably on land that   Eli still owned.  According to grandson, "He owned more slaves than anyone else in Hancock County, and when he married 3rd or 4th time he told his wife's folks " Don't give me any more Negroes." He owned about 1800 acres of land, most of it in his second wife's name..  In 1849 he was burned out on the road between Sparta and Powelton.  He kept stage horses as he was on the upper route from Milledgeville to Augusta.  He also ran a hotel there at what is known as the Collins Place about 4 miles west of where my father lived. (James  T)  When it burned out, he bought and moved to the old Whaley place near  Mayfield;  ran a hotel there and kept stage horses on the lower route.  They put in two or four horses to stage and ran them from Milledgeville to my  Grandfather's (Thomas Jefferson) -then changed them and put in fresh horses and run them to Double Wells (Barnett, then ran the new ones to Appling-McDuffie county and changed there for Augusta. One route went each way three times a week. 

 He had a three story Smoke House at the Mayfield place which was said to be filled so often there could not be another piece of meat hung in the house. He raised corn and meat to sell all the time.  According to this  grandson's account, he was overseer for Gov. Rabun ca. 1818-19, and that was when he met and married Rabun's first cousin, Mary Veazey.  He joined the church at White Plains June 14 1828 and moved his membership to Horeb in 1829 and was soon made a deacon. My father told me his father"s people came from Maryland. This is taken from a letter written to Susie Cunyus from Sparta, Georgia dated December 8th 1937 and signed Will. This was probably son of  James T. who had son, William T.    In all according to this account, Thomas Jefferson I had sixty grandchildren. 

From The History of Hancock County, Ga., Vol. I, it is said that he was on the board of trustees of the Mayfield Academy in 1843. He owned property along the railroad and built several shanty houses for use of the railroad hands.  It is said he refused to grant the right of way unless the railroad company would agree to be operated on the railroad property. The men who operated the trains boarded at the Whaley tavern one mile from Mayfield at the point where the Sparta- Warrenton Road now crosses the Mayfield-Powellton road.  In the late 1860's part of the old tavern was used in the construction of the first residence in Mayfield and at the same time a store was built both for the use of  J. T. Whaley, son of Thomas Whaley.  Thomas died in 1872. He is said to have left will, but it has not been found; however,there is included elewhere in this book, the estate settlement as recorded in Hancock County.

Children by  Mary Veazy, daughter of John Veazy who left will in Taliaferro co., Ga. 1847 naming grandchildren) :
         i.  Child died young  ( Most sources only name 12  children.)

         ii.  Eliza Jane born 11-3 1822 Hancock co., Ga.  m. 1838 Benjamin Medlock ; d. Stephens, Columbia Co., Ark.  12-2-1872.

       iii. William Sanders Whaley born 4- 1824 or 1827; m. 12-16  1845 Emily F.M. Jones in Warren Co.,  Ga.; came to Jones County, Tx.;  d.  ca.  1900.

   By Mary Epps Smith : Mrs. Smith was widow with two sons, Louis and Jack.

        iv. Franklin  Lucius b. 9- 13 1829 Hancock Co., Ga. m. 12-19 1855 / 1851, Longview , Tx.  Mary Caroline Rogers; d. 10- 28-1908 , Longview, Tx.
       v. Thomas Jefferson Jr. b. 7-7 1833;  m. Margaret  Eugenia Coleman 8-22 1855 Harrison Co., Tx.

       vi. Martha Moss m. John Colbert July 17, 1847 Hancock Co., Ga.
           Children: Jim, Charles and    Frank.

      vii. Mary Judson m. James H. Beddo 12 May 1854 Sparta, b. Horeb Cem., Hancock Co., Ga. no dates. 
children : Mossie   Beddo, b. 1856; d. 24 Aug 1926, Clara Beddo and Gussie Beddo. 

 by Mary Morris, b. 29 Nov. 1820 d. 20 Oct 1858 bur. Hancock Cem., Horeb Baptist Church, Marker W/O Thomas  Whaley
       viii. Sarah age 14 on 1850 Census b.  ca.  1836, Hancock Co., Ga; d. in Baltimore Md. 1851?.

       ix. James T.Whaley b. 3 May 1849; d. 2 Aug 1908;  m. Mary Allen 14    Dec. 1870, dau. of Wm. Allen.;d. 29 Apri.l  1903; both buried in Horeb Cemetery.  12 children.      Lived in Hancock County, Ga. 
Children :  *buried  in Horeb Cemetery 
                  i.  William  T.  b 30 Sept  1871; d. 16 Aug 1959;wife Ella R. b. 4 Jul 1875; d. 21 June 1964
                  ii.  Claude Lucilous, age 19 , 27 May 1892  
                 iii.   James Carlos, b. 15  Feb 1875 ; 13 Oct 1875
                 iv.   Maude Lillian,
                  v.   James Walter,
                 vi.   Mary Julia, 17 Sept 1880; 14 May 1883
                vii.    Ina Clyde,
                viii.   Homer Allen 
                 ix .  Henry Guy 
                  x.   Julian R.,  16 May 1884; 3 Mar 1885
                 xi.   Emory Northorn 
                 xii..  Pauline Estell..
          x. Cortez Pizarro. born 4-21-.1850; d. 23 April 1893 m. (1)Janie B.Allen 19 Dec.  1872;.  later m. (2) Effie  McCrary 1885; d. 1894 bur. Horeb Baptist Cem,  Hancock Co., Ga. Children by 1st wife: Paul,   Georgia Franklin, Carlos Cortez, and Kate.             Children by second wife: Marie, Holcomb  T. b. 28 Oct 1889; d. 1 Jan 1930 bur. Horeb and    Robert.

         xi. Cora Frances maried John William Cunyus 14 Dec.  1875  of Bartow Co., Ga. Their daughter, Susan,  left paper, now in Georgia Archives, relating much    family history. Other Children: May Belle,   Robert Brunson, John Whaley.

   By 4th wife Susan Ivy, also bur. in Horeb Baptist Church Cem. Susan /w/ Thomas b. 24 Sept 1827; d.17 Mar.  1875.
      xii. Ella m. Henry Mc Cord. Children ; Berto, Harry,  Mary, Jeff Davis, Ashly.                

     xiii. Bennie b. 16 Jan 1865; d.Sept 1870; bur.   Horeb Cem. 

 In Warren County,Georgia there ia will for Susan Whaley   (widow of Thomas Whaley) s/no date p. /Apr-,1875. Heirs: Sister , Mary Ivey, wife of Stokes Ivey.   Dau: Ella Marietta Corilla Whaley, whole estate. to have my collection of gold and silver coins, amount to $200., to be used as Jewelry, at trustee's discretion.  If she dies to be divided between Mary Beddo; James Whaley;Cordes Whaley and Cora Whaley    Bro: Robert Ivey ;Extrs: Dr. M. R. Hall, also to be trustee for  daughter.   Wit:    A.J. Comer: W.E. Anderson, Jr.: B.F.  Hubert,Sr.
 Also in Warren County is a will for Richard Stevens s/ Aug 12, 1873 p. Mar 1875,wife Frances.  to daughter Anna, the Whaley Plantation southwest of road from Powellton to Mayfield Station to dau. Lena: the Whaley plantation. Northeast of Powellton road to Mayfield Station a witness was James Whaley, also R. H. Stevens is named in estate settlement of Thomas J. Whaley, Sr.  Stevens bought the plantation in 1872   
  ii.  Eli Whaley b.. 1802 ( No more information)         This writer believes there was no such child; if so  d. young..
iii.  Agrippa Whaley‚ b. ca. 1803 Jackson Co.?. Ga. m. Mary Johnson;   lived in Gwinnett Co. Ga.; Ensign in Walton County,  Ga. Militia, 249th 2/18/1820-11/24 1821.     Agrippa Whaley on 1850 and 1860 census in Gwinnett Co.,  age 63 on 1860 census; wife, Mary, age 49  N C    on 1850 census 62 1860.         Children on 1850 census:
             i. Elizabeth 21         Ga.        
            ii. Eli          18                  
           iii. Joel        15          "         
           iv. Russell   14          "           
            v. James     21          "           
           vi. Hiram     16          "          
On 1860 census p. 237 GMD 571 Rockbridge , PO          9/19/1860
         From Susan Cunyus paper:     
      Agrippa Whaley m. Mary Johnson both buried in Whaley  Cemetery in Snellville Ga.; no dates 
       a.  JamesWhaley m. Hazeltine Langford  1849         
            1a. Mary Whaley  m. Nathan Wood       
            2a. Eli Whaley m. Sallie Blankenship           
            3a. Thomas Whaley m. Martha Blankenship           
            4a. Walter Whaley  m. Lou Wade           
            5a. Eugenia Whaley m. Joseph Mitchell          
            6a. Sarah Whaley m. John Bracewell         
            7a. Russell Whaley m. Euncie Coggins
            8a. Carrie Whaley  m. William West          
            9a. Susan Whaley m. Samuel Chopp         
          10a. Lula Whaley m. Newton Turner       
       b. Thomas Whaley m. Jane Hollingsworth (SC) Thomas s/o/   Agrippa and husband of Martha P. Brown bur. Whaley    Cemetery; no dates
       c. Joel Whaley b. 1835; d. 10 1913  m. Rebecca Butter or  Butler; another source states he married Rebecca  Edmondson b. 5 1835;d. 1 1921,in 1854; Joel and   Rebecca Edmondson Whaley buried Whaley Cemetery,  Snellvile, Both stones name her as Rebecca   Edmondson.
             1c. Georgia Whaley (no more information)
             2c. James Whaley m. Rachel Walker  Jr Whaley m. M.R. Walker 1879
             3c. Joseph Whaley  b 1-1859 m. Arminda Yarborough /   Amanda Yarbrough 1882  both bur. Whaley Cemetery, Snellville Cemetery
             4c. Davis Whaley  m. Elisabeth Cofer ( J.D. m. M.E.Cofer 1886 )
             5c. Etta Whaley  m. James Walker
             6c. Thomas Whaley  m. Susan P. Brown 1884   Cemetery Records show Samantha P. Brown as wife of    Thomas Whaley.
             7c.  William Whaley 
      d. Elizabeth Whaley m. Hampton Reynolds
      f. Eli Agrippa Whaley m. Lucy Adeline Thompson, Dec. 27 1855 Walton Co., Eli A.  
          was in the Civil War and died in hospital  on Aug. 26 1862.
           Had two children:
              James Whaley m. Mary Thompson 
              Emma   Whaley m.  John Moore. On the 1870 census Adeline is living in HH 
           with her sister Faithy, and there is   also a child, Robert Whaley listed.
       g. Russell m. Amanda Johnson. On 1880 Gwinnett Co.census is   listed:
           Russell Whaley 41 Ga. Ga. SC. ,   wife Rachel A.  38 wife Ga;
           1g.  Emma 16 dau,  m. Jones Minor
           2g. Vandora 12 dau. m. Jesse Lanford
           3g. Alice 100, dau  m Henry Wells
           4g. Florence E. 1,  m. Joseph Arnold
           Agrippa Whaley 70 father Ga  Md.     Russell Whaley s\o\Agrippa  b 3/1 1839 .           8/17/1896 bur Whaley Cem., Snellville, Ga. Agrippa m. (2) Elizabeth Adams. 

 (Strange as it may seem ,  Eli had two sons named James)
  iv.  James D. Whaley‚ b. ca. 1805, was named in will of   father, Eli, and received a cash settlement in  estate. James D. Whaley served in Walton County   249th Dist.  Militia. (It seems strange that Eli and  Betsy had two sons, named James, but apparently he         did.)   On 1850 Paulding County Ga P.O. 839th Dist.  HH 670/670 He married Rachel Arthur of Clarke Co., Ga. 
         James D. Whaley age 44 b. Farmer 300 b. Ga. p. 97
          Rachel 41                                               b. Ga.   
         Mary E. age 16                                              "       
          Matilda F.  12                                               "     
         Amanda C.   9                                               "
         James L.       6                                               "      
         Jessie M.      5                                               "        
          Isaac B.       3                                               "
         Agrippa  J    1                                                "     
   On 1860 census in Polk Co., Ga, J. D. Whaley with   same children with exception of Mary E.,but James  L.17, Frances ( Matilda ) 22, Caroline (Amanda) 20,   Jessie 15, Isaac b. age 13, Agrippa J. 11.     On 1870 census James D is in HH of a  -----Wilson in Hopkins Co., Tx.    On 1880 census  James D.  is in HH of Jessie Whaley   age 30, wife Annie age 25 b.  Mo., Elias 5 son b.   Tx., Ida  3 dau b. Tx. in Washington Co. Ark , p. 36, dist 13 Enum. dist 202 .  Agrippa was in Baxter Co., Ar. on the 1900 census. A  James L served in Civil War from Polk co., Ga.( Research on  J. D. Whaley from  Jackie Weeden and  Eli's Estate Records.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
V.   James Russell Whaley b. ca. 1808 m. Martha Walker in  Walton Co., Ga. 10 Dec. 1840.James R.or Russell was  given power of attorney by Eli before his death and   
 Eli went to live with him and probably died in  Hancock Co at the home of J.R..         James Russell's first wife evidently died between   the 1860 census and 1862 as marriage records show in  Hancock  that he married Susan Johnson 6-9-1862.  He  had    more children as shown on the 1870 census.  James    Russell also was executor of Thomas Jefferson's  estate along with J.T. Whaley, son of T.J., Sr..  He   lived until 1892 and is buried in the Sparta Cemetery along with both wives and some of his   children.       On the 1850 Hancock County census HH 106/109:         James R. Whaley 42 m Farmer 20 Ga.         Martha H. 23 F Ky.,
            a. Richard L Whaley  age 4  Ga.,     
             b. Charles I. Whaley  m.   Ga.
                 Elizabeth Harris 9 F Ga. (dau of Comfort and Jordan Harris
                 Wm.  E. Walker 16 m,_         James and wives Martha, and Susan with some of their  family buried in Sparta, Georgia, Hancock County, Cem.    
    1870 Powelton, Hancock Co., Ga. p. 426 June 14     231/230      
                 J.R.  Whaley  62  Farmer  2400  1000 Ga.         
                 Susan   "        40                                     "         
               c. S.W.  "     14 M (Sylvanus Walker         "             in guardian papers)   
               d. Thomas "    11M                                   "          
               e. Mattie "        9 F                                    "         
               f.  W.L.   "       7F                                      "         
               g.   A.  "           5F                                     "        
               h.  Jerusha  "     2F                                     "         
                i.  W.W.     "    1M                                    "          
            Melinda Carr      17 F black farm labor          "           
             Susan Jones       16 F  "     "    "      "          
             Elizabeth Johnson   24 F (possibly sister or   "                dau. of Susan.          Richard L. was living in another HH on this census.
7. vi.   Alford Whaley‚ b. 28 May 1810 in Hancock Ga.; m  Mary Caroline Smith 10 Oct 1836 in Walton Co.,Ga.;  d. 25 Feb. 1877 Potts Camp, Ms.; Mary Caroline d. 19         Nov. 1876.  Both buried in Bethlehem Methodist   Cemetery , Marshall County, Mississippi    (More  later)

8. vii.  Martha Whaley b. ca 1812; d.11 Aug 1900 m.  David Smith,b.  ca. 1808, d. 18 Nov. 1896, son of   James Smith, grandson of David Smith and Rebecca   Lindley.  On the 1850 census Eli Whaley was living in  their household.         Children on 1850 census:
          a.  Elizabeth Smith b. 2 Jan 1833 Ga.; m. Nathaniel  Maynard   
          b.  Jane Smith b. ca. 1834   Ga.; m. S.H. Cronic
          c.  John T. Smith born ca. 1835  Ga.; m. Saphira Bell  Smith (widow of Eli Smith)            
          d.  Russell Smith b. ca.  b. 3 June July 1839 Ga.; d. 12 Sept 1920  was a member of Cobb"s Legion; m. 6 Nov 1870 to Carrie Pierce.
          e.  Wm. M. Smith b. ca. 1841  Ga.; m. Martha Thompson,  dau. of Rev. Adams Thompson, Jr.         
           f.  Eli Dave Smith b. 1848   Ga.; m. m. Tiny Duke; was a Methodist Minister.    The information on some of the births and marriages of the children of David and Martha Smith came from the bible  record of Charles M. Cronic, published in  Old Southern Bible Records by Memory Aldridge Lester, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc Balt. Md. 1974.  However, there are errors here  because Martha Patsy was not the daughter of Eli &  Adeline Thompson  Whaley, and Eli was not the son of James Whaley;also it implies that David who m. Martha was the Rev.soldier, David Smith, who has a NSDAR marker on his grave. The Rev. soldier was his grandfather.

9. viii.  Comfort Whaley b. ca. 1813 m. Jordan Harris 21 Fe    1839 in Walton Co., Georgia. In 1842, her husband killed her and her mother, Betsy Grace Whaley in a         drunken rage.  In turn, he was shot by her brother  Alford. The estate records of Jordan Harris show   that Eli and Alford were buyers at estate sale and  Alford bought a gun. They had two girls:
             a.  Fannie Harris who married Robert Jones
             b.  Elizabeth Harris who married Wint Norris.  She was called Puss.  Thomas took Fannie raised and educate  her.  Russell took Elizabeth.  She is on census in  his  HH above.  According to letter of William T   Whaley to his cousin, Susie, she was only 3 weeks old when Russell brought her to his home over 75 miles.   They were named in Eli's will, and  in the estate   records is one showing a slave sold for them.  Eli was first named as their guardian.

10. ix.  Emily  Whaley b. ca. 1814 m. James R. Thompson ,  Walton Co., Ga.  On 1850 census Walton Co., Ga. Census; Emily was deeded the S.E. part of Eli's land just before he died for "love and affection"     James R. was named executor with James R.  Whaley of Eli Whaley's will. Children:
            a. Elizear Thompson b. ca. 1832
            b. Alfred G. Thompson b. ca. 1836
            c. Thomas C. Thompson b. ca 1839
            d. Druscilla Thompson b ca. 1841
            e. David H.C. Thompson b. ca. 1845
            f. Eli P. Thompson b. ca. 1847
            g. Martha C. Thompson b. ca. 1850
x.   Lucinda Whaley b. ca. 1816 d. young .                     
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  2.  Whaley Marriages in Gwinnett County and Hancock  County, Ga..
  3.  Susan Cunyus Papers    
  4.  1850,1860 & 1870  Georgia Census Records
  5.  Estate  and Guardian Records of Walton County and   Hancock County.
  6.  Research done by Mrs. Jackie Weeden, Beloit Wisconsin    
  7.  1880 Arkansas Census


7. Alford  Whaley‚ was born 28 May 1810 in Hancock County,  Georgia to Eli and Betsy Grace Whaley.  He married 10 October 1836 , Mary Caroline Smith, born 7 Jan 1822 in Georgia, to  Job Smith, son of David Smith, Revolutionary soldier of Pendleton District, S.C. and Nancy Camp, daughter of Thomas Camp (John, Thomas) and Susan Waggoner. They lived in Walton County, Georgia where he was a school trustee and farmer at first. In 1842 in Walton County, a tragedy struck the Eli Whaley  family when Jordan Harris murdered Eli's wife and his mother-in-law, Betsy Grace Whaley and also his wife, Comfort Whaley daughter of Eli and Betsy and sister of Alford. Alford confronting Harris, who refused to surrender, shot and killed  Jordan Harris.Contrary to family legend, no charge was made against  Alford since  it was in self defense, evidently.  Alford was even an appraiser of Harris's estate and bought from the estate.. In the mid 1840's , he removed to Marshall  County, Mississippi;.  Some records say after the birth of the third  child ,Louisa C., born in 1844.  Other records differ.  

 Alford was elected as one of the three trustees of the first  orgnaized Methodist church at Bethlehem, Mississippi.  Supposedly thirty-five families came to Mississippi when they  did.  Among the other were the Evan and Buffingtons and perhaps the Greers as they also came about the same time, and  there is evidence in the estate records of Job Smith that the Greers were acquainted with his family.  Alford had one slave whom he had raised as child named  Hayward whom he left in Georgia, but Mary Caroline is said to have made a trip to bring him back.  The homestead of Alford Whaley was purchased in 1869 in Mississippi in Section 17, Township 6, Range 1 W-SW Quarter.  There was a cotton gin, brick kiln, blacksmith shop, lumber mill, sorghum mill, and grain mill on the property. Mary Caroline died 19 November 1876, and Alford died February1877.  After his death, the other children each sold their  interest to their brother, Jobe Smith Whaley and wife.  Some  of their descendants still live on the land. Alford and wife  are both buried in the Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery.
i. Nancy Adeline Whaley born 6 Dec. 1837 Walton Co.,  Georgia; d. 8 May 1880 ; buried Bethlehem , Ms. married Robert   Jefferson McCall M.D. b. 18 June 1826; d. 3 Dec. 1906   
    a. Lee Martin McCall b. 23 June 1861 Bethlehem , Ms.
    b. Nancy C. McCall b. 14 Nov. 1877; d. 19 January 1878   
    c. Bob McCall M.D. b. Ms. d. Ennis, Texas.
    d. Walter McCall J.D. b. Ms. d. Ennis, Tx.

  ii. Louisa C. Whaley born 27 May 1844; married Jabez Marshall Greer, 31 Jan. 1861.  
  (More later. )

 iii. Truman Alford Whaley born 15 Dec. 1847 Ga., m. Sarah ( Sally) Hollowell; d. 17 May 1927. Bethlehem, Ms.  Sally Jane Hollowell b. 1845 Sauls Chapel near   Waterford, Ms. ; d. 15 Feb 1922.

  iv. Susan Whaley b. 11 July 1851 Ms.; d. 12 October 1912;  m.  R.B.( Bob) Overton 22 Dec. 1868; Bob b. 16 July 1848; d. 5 Jan. 1907 Potts Camp, Ms.

 v. Georgia Anna Whaley b. 16 Feb. 1853 Ms. ; d.25 Jan.1893 ; bur.Potts Camp Cem. m. (1) Dick Overton (2) A.J. ( Bud) Brooks.

  vi. Jobe Smith Whaley b. 6 Feb. 1853 Ms.; d. 7 June 1892 Bethlehem, Ms. m. 30 Dec.   
  1878 Malinda Martin Stone  " Tame" b. 28 October 1859; d. 9 April 1928 Holly_       
  Springs; bur. Bethlehem, Ms.

  vii. Emma Whaley b.1858 ; d. 1926 Holly Springs, Ms. m. John D. Bobbitt

Descendants of  Thomas Jefferson Whaley, Sr. 

 8.William  Sanders Whaley  born 4 1824 m. Emily F. M. Jones_    12-16 1845 Warren co., Ga.; went to DeSoto county,  Misissippi in 1851 where his wife died in 1852, leaving   two children.  In 1852 he went to Drew Co.,Arkansas; settled near Selma.  He owned a small  plantation and a  few slaves.  He taught school part of the time.  He ws a    life-long member of the Baptist Church.  He served in the  Confederate Army the first two years of the Civil War.    In 1870 he moved to Texas and made his home in and near    Temple until his death ca. 1900.  He was married four   times and has numerous descendants in Arkansas, Texas and   further west. He was in Jones Co., Tx.  in 1900.    Children:
     i.  John Williams Whaley
    ii.  Eliza Jane Whaley m William Yates Drew Co.,Ark
   iii.  Charles Whaley, Los Angelos,Cal.
   iv.  Dallas Whaley to  Portland Oregon
          a. daughter Mrs. A.  J. Werner
          b. Norman Whaley Portland, Oregon.
   v. James Thadeus.Whaley Jones Co., Tx.
          a. J.V. Whaley lives at Springfield, Ill.
  vi. Robert L. Whaley, Flats,Texas

9.  Thomas Jefferson, Jr.  born 7-7 1833 Hancock Co., Ga.; m. 8-22-1855 in Harrison County, Texas Margaret Eugenia Coleman born 9-28 1837, b. in Georgia; died 1922.    He died 8-23-1892 Harrison Co.,  Tx. A Harrison County, Texas account given by granddaughter, Sarah Pierce Whaley Boone, states that Thomas Jefferson Whaley, native of  Georgia came to Harrison in 1853. After his marriage,he  established a plantation home five miles south of Marshall which Mrs. Whaley ran while he fought for the  Confederacy throughout the four years of war. ' She was   well-guarded by faithful slaves and was  very successful  managing the plantation herself.  She saved enough for him  to buy a large Bowie county Farm after his return from   the war. In 1884 T.J. Whaley formed a partnership with  Mr. Logan of Shreveport for the Logan and Whaley hardware Store, which was first operated by the three Whaley sons:  Paul, Thomas and Eugene (Dee)  and then by his great-grandsons, Thomas and Paul(Pete) Whaley-fourth generation  owners. Descendants in Harrison County:are Boone Whaley,  Harkrider, Young, Allen, Haywood, Hickey and Wood. Mrs.Boone claims a family connection to Thomas Jefferson through Mary Epps Smith, her great grandmother.
    Children :
     i. Thomas Littleton Whaley born 1-16-1868 Harrison Tx.  m.  Lula L. Pierce (1875-1962); m.  11-28 1898;d. 7-  11-1947.

    a. Paul Whaley m. Margaret Lanhan
            1. Tommy Whaley m. Patty Pope (2 children)
            2.  Pete whaley m. Dorothy Jo Hess ( 2 children)
     ii.  Sarah Whaley married Gordon Boone
            a. Sarah m. Roy Ben Nesbitt
               1. Karen
    iii.  John Franklin Whaley born 12-25-1858; died as   infant 5-28- 59.
    iv.  Louis Moss Whaley born 4-23-18--; died 11-8-1862.
    v. Paul Goodwin Whaley born  4-51866 m.  Nannie  E. Austin 8-25 1887 d. 5-17-1922_ 
            a. Will Thomas Whaley b. 1890; d.1905_ _     
            b. Mamie Youre Whaley b. 10-23-1893; d. 9-1-195  m. Sam E.Wood, Jr.
                 1b. Paul Whaley b. 1921; m. Constance  Key.  Paul Whaley was owner of Wood Motor Company for many years. Connie died 1993    4 children: Paul, Edmund, Connie, Scott ;   live in Marshall, Texas
    ,           2b. Nancy Rose Wood m. James Fair; 4 adopted  children; lives in Tyler, Tx.                
                3b. Sam E. Wood III m. Connie; three children;  divorced
           c. Robert Logan Whaley m. Roy Moore.
   vi.  Eugene Coleman (Dee) Whaley born 1016-1868 m. 10 -31- 1900 , Minnie Heartsill  (1877-1961); d. 3-3- 1927.
            a. Judith Whaley m. Fearous Young
                         1a. Jane Young m. Alton Allen.
                                       1 daughter.
             b. Ruth Heartsill Whaley m. W. W. Harkrider
                       1b. Gene Harkrider m. Col. James William Bradford.
                            1b. James William Bradford, Jr. m. Priscilla Jane Phillips
                            2b. Minette Harkrider m. - Corder
     vii.  Mary Eliza Whaley born 4-15-1851; m.  Stephen Louis McLaran (1852-1937) 11-16-1878; d. 5-4-1948.
               a. Margaret m. Chester Flournoy Haywood
                           1a. Ethelyn Haywood m. Weldon Hickey
                           2a. Ethey McLaran
                           3a. Connie Whaley m. Victor Jones 1882-1939._ _    
                          4a.  Louis Eugene McClaran m.  Nina Banks
                                  4aa. Nina Ninette McClaran
                          5a. Francis Lake McClaran m. Dr. Hugh Alexander
                                    5aa. Mary
                                    5ab. Frances            
                                    5ac  Hugh E. Jr.    
                           6a. Mary Epps McClaran m. (1) Ralph Curtis  (2) Lett Martin II             
                                    6aa. Lett Martin III
                                    6ab. Mary
viii. Margaret Eugenia Whaley born 12-27- 1863; m. 10-10-1883 George Sidney   
       Leachman , b. 12-23-1860; d. 3-10-1932.        
             a. Thomas G. Leachman   
             b. Valine Leachman b. 2-14-1893
             c. Margery Leachman
            d. Neth Leachman
            e. Leonard Leachman
            f. Mary Dee Leachman m. G. K. Wassell
                  1f. George Wassell
                     2f. Thomas Wassell

10.   Franklin Lucilius  Whaley  ( Thomas Jefferson, Eli ,  William)born 13 Sept. 1829 in  Mayfield,Hancock County, Georgia.  In 1854, he moved to Harrison County, Texas      where he farmed until 1870.  At Easton he opened a store.  In 1871 he moved to Longview and engaged in the hardware and furniture business under the firm name of_      Young & Whaley, retiring in 1884. He married Mary Caroline Rogers ( born 3-20- 1831 in Sharon, Weakley  Co., Tn,, the daughter of John Wesley Rogers and Patience Tonsil) 19 December 1855 near Roseborough Springs, Harrison county, Texas. 
 Judge Franklin Lucilius Whaley, a pioneer and highly   respected citizen died at his home in 1908.  He was a charter member of the First Baptist Church of Longview,   a Mason and was buried with Masonic honors at Greenwood Cemetery. The  home that he built is still standing and  bears a Texas State Marker. the original Whaley house(the   center section) was built in 1871, being the fourth  house in Longview proper.  It was one and half stories with  dormer windows,and a large cellar which till remains.  After the east wing an west wings were added, the west room became the "Preachers Room" always reserved for  visiting clergy, as there no hotels then in Longview.    When he died, his wife and two children survived.   Judge Whaley died 10-28 1908 Gregg Co, Tx ; Mary      Caroline d. Aug 8 1919      
 i.  Lula Whaley born  1869 Harrison Co.,Texas m. Nathaniel E.  Graviner 10-21-1885 Gregg Co., Tx. .
            a.. Robert Gravinier            
             b.  Natalie Gravinier
             c.  Gladys Gravinier      
 ii.  Lucilius Whaley born Tx. 5-28 1860 ; m.  Bettie  Smith 5-28- 1881 Gregg co., Tx. ; d. 11-30-1937;   bur. Greenwood Cem. Longview Gregg Co., Tx.  He   served in the Spanish American War
             a. Frankie born 1882.   m. George Tate                
                 1a. Carrie Tate (Unm.)
                 1b. George Tate (M.Md. ) m. Catherine Olive Marley                  
                 1b. George Tate III.       
             b. Lucia Whaley (unm.)            
              c. Bessie Whaley m. Charlie Heinman
                 1c. Mary Frankie
                 2c. Charles, Jr.
                 3c. Omalete
                 4c. Elizabeth
                 5c. Lucilius    
    iii.  Rogers Whaley born 1-23-1866 Harrison Co.,m.  Teny  Mc Kay 5-22-1888 Gregg Co., Tx.  ; d.  5-5-1889.
    iv.  Mossie b. 7-17-1863 prob. Harrison Co., Texas; m.  William L. Mc Daniel 8-16-1882 Gregg co., Tx. ; d.  10-3-1898.

      1. Whaley Records on file in Harrison County,Tx. Genealogical Museum.

      2. Whaley Records in Longview Library, Gregg County,  Texas.

      3. 1880 Harrison County Census Records

      4. Research of Mrs. Jackie Weeden

Fourth Generation 
Descendants of Alford and Martha Caroline Whaley

    a. Stanton Alfred Whaley, farmer b. 18 May 1869 , Ms. d. 26 February 1935 Memphis, Tn; buried Potts Camp, Ms. m. Nina Tolin b. 6 Jan 1871 Moscow, Tn d. 7 July 1947 Decatur,   Ga. Buried Potts Camp.    
               1a. Herbert Montgomery Whaley b. January 1894; d. 1July 1956; bur. Potts Camp , Ms. Sgt. 31 C  Trans. Corps. WW I ; m. Lucile Baker b. 15 Oct. 1891; d. 13 June 1958;
1. Jean Baker Whaley b. 10 Sept 1923 Potts Camp  Ms. ; m. Edgar Ray Griffin b.           26 Oct. 1920   Rome, Ga.
        2a. Truman Tolin Whaley b. 1898
        3a. Sarah Inez Whaley b. 1 July 1904  Bethlehem, Ms;  m. Everette Davis b. 27 February 1903 Star City, Idaho d.; 27 March 1968 Decatur, Ga.
               1. Dorothy Inez Davis b. 7 August 1935 Baptist Hospital Memphis, Tn.; m. July 1958 Decatur    m. Dr. Bernard M. Malloy b. 2 Sept 192-
 b. Pinkie A.Whaley b. 1871 Bethlehem, Ms. d. 1944 m. Gladys Adorse Raffield 14 Dec. 1891; b. 1870 Bethlehem, Ms.; d. 1943 Hickory flat, Ms.; both buried McKay Cemetry Hickory_    flat, Ms. One son:          

                 1b. Gladys A. Raffield-farmer b. ; d. 1978 m.  Pinkie Bonds ;   d. 9 January 1982 Birmingham, Al.        
                         1. Infant b.   d. Spring Hill, Ms.
                         2. Elizabeth Ann b. 6 June 1930; d. 17 Feb.1933;  bur. McKay Cem.                
                         3. Robert Raffield Pharmacist b. Birmingham, Al.

 c. Jobe Lee Whaley b. 3 June  1873, Bethlehem, Ms.;d. 4 April 1917 Bethlehem, Ms.; d. Carrie Lou Whaley b. 1875 ; d. 1940  m. Houston  --- Powell b. 1871; d. 1950 Hickory Flat, Ms. bur. Mc Kay  Cem.  Hickory Flat,Ms.
         1d. Lucile Powell Baker
         2d. John Powell 1902
         3d. Marion Perle Powell
  e.  Marion Whaley b. 1877  Farmer b. 8 May 1877 Bethlehem, Ms. d. 8 June 907; m. 27 December 1903 Beulah b. 2-6-1884; d. Dell Co., Ark. 
f. Elgin Whaley b.1880
       1f. Mary Emma Whaley     
       2f. Thelma Whaley      
       3f. Icy Juanita Whaley h. Infant b. 1883 

   a. Mary Lou " Dinkie: Overton b. 11 October 1869; d. 16 Feb. 1933 Potts Camp, Ms. ; m James P. Hancock ,Farmer,  son of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Hancock b. 24 May 1864; 
d. 8  August 1934, Potts Camp, Ms.  
           1a. Paschal Hanc0ock  
     b. Florence Overton b. 8 June 1874; d. 11 May 1965;bur. Hill Crest Cemetery Holly Springs, Ms. ; m. John R. Taylor b. 15 Feb 1870; d. 21 April 1939 bur. Hillcrest       Cemetery
          1b. Sue Taylor b. 15 Dec. 1896; d. 15 March 1966; m.   R.G.Grant, M.C. b. 23 July 1892; d. 17 July 1970;       
          2b. Annie Taylor   
     c. John Wesley Overton b. 27 May 1881 d. 18 July 1917,  Potts Camp Cem. Woodman of  the World m. Emily Collier   b.1881; d.  1944 Potts Camp Cem. One daughter:
        1c. Loreth Overton-teacher m. Potts Camp, Ms.:m  Henderson-Education ; lived in Memphis, Tn.
     d.  Jetti Overton m. Russell Collier, Hughes, Arkansas
                1d. J.R. Collier
                2d. Robert Collier_      
                3d. Lona Collier
     e. Bernie C. Overton b. 28 April 1884; d. 5 March 1932,  Potts Camp Cem.
     f. Madge Jane Overton b. 1891; Teacher. ; d. 1975 bur. Potts Camp Cem.
     g. Susie Overton b. 1897 ; d. 1960 Potts Camp m. Okane Gillian, Hattisburg, Ms.v.     
V.    Georgia Ann Whaley b. 16 February 1853, Ms.;d. 25 January 1893 Potts Camp Cemetery; m. (1) Richard N. "Dick" Overton_   b. 29 May 1851; d. 18 October 1874, Bethlehem Cemetery;   m. (2) A.J. Bud"Brooks b. 1853 d. 1939 Potts Camp Cemetery
         a. Daisy Brooks  m. Britt Harrison
         b. Mary A. Brooks b. 24 July 1879 d. 2 February 1893  Potts Camp Cemetery.
          c. Alfred W. Brooks b. 29 July 1882  d. 27 December 1892, Potts Camp Cemetery       Georgia Anna Brooks and two children died at home in  Potts Camp with typhoid fever.        Markers and records give birthdates of Georgia A.Whaley and Jobe Smith Whaley as being February 1853.  As of this late date,1985, no one knows if they were twins for sure.

  vi. Jobe Smith Whaley   b. 6 February 1853;d. 7 June 1892; m.30 Dec 1878, Malinda Martin Stone "Tame" b. 26 October 1859; d. 9 April 1928 Holly Springs, Bur. Bethlehem, Ms.
           a. Richard Lewis Whaley "Dick", b. 22 October 1879  Bethlehem; Ms.; d. 12 July 1950 Baptist Hospital, Memphis,Tn   Bur. Bethlehem Cem.; m. Bernie Alberta Floyd b. 25     Nov. 1884, Macedonia community , Ms.; d. 11 December 1973,   Baptist Hospital, Memphis; Bur. Bethlehem Cem.
                 1a. Birdie Claire Whaley b. 22 Oct. 1901; d 4 Nov 1984;  Bur.  Lakewood Memorial Park 6000 Clinton Blvd.Jackson, Ms.  m. 23 February 1930 Samuel m. 'Jack        Smith, Ruenille, Ms.  d.  13 June 1960 Jackson, Ms.
               2a. Richard Delma Whaley b. 23 Sept 1904; d. 1 July 1974  Baptist Hospital; bur. Bethlehem Cem.; m.  Evelyn Gurley b. 1 Octo. 1911; d. 4 February 1983; bur.         Bethlehem.      
                   1. Travis Churchill, adopted and given the name  Richard D. Whaley II 6 years old b. 9 July 1939 ;m   Jean Shaw.
           3a. Lois Jewell Whaley b. 1 December 1906 ; d. 11 May  1907 Bethlehem
           4a. Jobe William Whaley b. 10 may 1908; d. 12 Feb. 1909 Bethlehem.
           5a. Lewis Edmond Whaley b. 16 June 1912; d.   m. 26 Feb.1935 Ocie Louis Johnson b. 11 Set. 1914; d.   
           6a. Paul Lattia Whaley (twin) b. 30 June 1914 d.;  m.. 8  Nov. 1935 Vidal Mae Stone b. 13 June 19--; d
          7a. Pearl Gladys Whaley (twin to Paul) b. 30 June 1914;   d.--;   m. 5 March 1933 Cecil Calvert Johnson, Waterford, Ms.  b.  16 Oct 1912; d. 26 Aug. 1978,  Haynes Cem.  Ark.
         1. Bobbie Ann Johnson b. 8 Sept 1935, Wilson Ark m.  24 Dec. 1953 Clarence Sidney Young 
         2. C.C. Johnson, Jr. b. 24 Feb. 1937; d. 28 Feb.  1937 Manila
         3. Betty Johnson (twin to C.C. Johnson, Jr. b. 24  Feb 1937 d. 28 Feb. 1937
         4. Cecil Wayne Johnson SP/5 RA53340822 Army b. 1  March 1938 Manila Ark.;
             m. Hazel Louise Smith 8   Nov. 1959
         5. Freddie Calvert Johnson b. 3 Dec 1939, Manila ,  Ark.;  m. 2 July 1960 Connie Clarice Boatwright.
         6. James Richard Johnson b. 25 Feb. 1942; d. 13 Sept. 1942, Manila Ark.
         7.  Malinda Elizabeth Johnson b. 6 July 1943 m.  David Leroy Todd

    8a. Doris Adele Whaley b. 14 Oct 1923 on Sunday m. 11April 1942 Fairfield, Ohio Frank K. Walsh Air Force  b.  8 August 1920, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

     9a. Fred Kyle Whaley b. 24 May 1927 ; m. 21 April 1949  Mary Jo Holliday b. 11 June 1932  

 b. Robert Truman Whaley "Buck" b. 25 August 1881; d. 20  April 1939 Bethlehem.; m March 1904 Ella Diggs Redding b.  2 April 1882 ; d.  13 Dec.  1948 Union Co., Ms.      Hospital by J.A.  Potts
      1b. Elliot Ware Whaley b. 12 Feb. 1905; d. Dec.1974  volunteered service in U.S.A Army; .Army Ft. Benning Ga. enlisted 8 Jan 1929 Co. A 29th Inf. Corporal "A; m. Ella Rhea Cook. b. 15 March 1910
      2b. Earl Brewer Whaley b. 25 Nov. 1907 Bethlehem; d. 10 Dec. 1977 Mt. Pleasant,Ms m. 6 april 1928 Tennie  Frank Boyd b. 27 May 1904

   c. Thad Stone Whaley b. 31 March 1885; d. 2 September 1962_      Bethlehem; m. Maggie Barber 11 Dec. 1889 Marshall  County, Ms.; d. 7 Nov. 1960 Marshall Co.Hospital. Ran cafe in Memphis, Tn.

  d. Jobe Kyle Whaley b. 27 February 1892; d. 21 May 1966,  Kennedy VA Hospital, Memphis , Tn;  bur.  Bethlehem Pvt. Usa Army World War I Served about 1 year at Little      Rock Ar., came home of fall of 1919.

vii. Emma C.Whaley Bobbitt b. 1858; d. 1926 Holly Springs; m. John D.Bobbitt b.  1856 d. 1929 at home of son, Cary, in Memphis; bur in Hill Crest Cem. Holly Springs, Ms.          
        a. Cary Bobbitt b. 1878; d. 1954; bur Hill Crest. 
        b. Ona Louise Bobbitt b. 27 September 1886; d. 23 Dec.  1965; m. (1) Blair Patterson m. (2)        McClatchy
        c. Eva Bobbitt b. 2 June 1880 ; d. 1 Sept. 1963 m.  Robert A. Henderson b. 1878; d. 1941 Sumner, Ms.
             1c. Eva Louise b. 1908 ; 20 Sept 1981 m. --Nicely.
               One child Robert William Nicely b. 11 Feb 1948;    d. 22 Feb. 1948 bur. Hill Crest Cem. Holly Springs, Ms.

 11.     Louisa Whaley born 27 May 1844; married Jabez Marshall Greer, 31 Jan. 1861.
 Louisa is on the 1850 census of Marshall County, Ms. in the Hh of her father, Alford Whaley. (Aquilla II, Lt James, Aquilla I, John,_James) was born 20 April 1830 to Aquilla and Martha ( Patsy)Arnold Greer in Clarke, County, Georgia.  His parents must have been Baptists at the time as he was no doubt named for the Baptist preacher, Jabez Marshall. Some say he was called" Jabe" .  He was first found on the 1850 census with his mother and brother, Aquilla, in the household of older brother William A. Greer. On the 1860 census he was listed as J. M. Greer, 28, single living in same household with his_brothe Aquilla and family.  He had real estate valued at $2230 and personal property valued at 
$ 9,000. Most of the latter were probably slaves as on the 1880 census, there were a number of black families enumerated below him with the name Greer.He married Louisa Whaley.   The Whaleys were another Georgia family who migrated to Mississippi about the same time as the Greers. On 22 August 1861,he enlisted in the Confederate_States Army at Iuke, Mississippi at age 29 years.  He was Corporal, Company H., 22nd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry.The company muster roll for July and August 1864 show him absent.  He was "wounded near New Hope church May 31, 1864 and furloughed for 60 days from June 22, 1864, a private."His name appears on a roll of prisoners of War who reported at Memphis and received parole, for 5 days ending May 20,1865.  Roll not dated. Date of parole not stated. C. H. Bridges, Major General, The Adjutant General.  (  this report from the War Department, Wahington Nov. 8 1932.)

After the war Jabez and Louisa moved from Bethlehem to Potts Camp.  The house they lived in is still standing although it has been bricked over. Jabez and Louisa had four children, listed below. The two boys died very young.  Jabez died 17 March 1893, and Louisa died 1 September 1900. Louisa Whaley Greer was enumerated on the 1900 census in Potts Camp.  Her daughter, Annie, was living with her.  They are both buried in the Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery, Bethlehem,Mississippi.Children:
     i. Lee Jackson b. 27 November 1862; d. 29 August 1869;    bur. in Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery.    
    ii. Martha Carolyn Greer (Callie) born 14 February 1867  married Reverend John Wesley Anderon born 15 May  1854. ( More later)
   iii. Annie Greer born 6 October 1869; died 15 May 1944;  She married Ennis Douglas late in life and lived in Memphis,Tenn until her death. She was a school  teacher in Potts Camp and Byhalia. She was cared for in her later life by her Overton cousins. She was        buried in Potts Camp Cemetery, Potts Camp, Ms. It was she who got the Whaley history from a descendant  of  T.J. Whaley  in the 1930's .   
   iv.  Truman A Greer born ca. 1877; listed on 1880 census;   Must have died very young; (no more information)         
                  Sources on Jabez and  Louisa Whaley Greer                             1.     
     1.  Information on Jabez Greer from Records of Anna Lou     Houston, interview with Duke Wright   
          Greer and Pearl Whaley Johnson, Potts Camp, Ms.
    2. 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 Marshall County, Ms. FederalCensus.
    3. Marriage License of Jabez and Louisa Greer Whaley.
    4.  Estate Records of Aquilla Greer 

More on Hester Whaley and John Pepper

Estate Distrubution of John Pepper, Walton Co. Ga.- Recieved of G.W. Smith,
Adm. (de bonis n--?) on the estate of John Pepper , deceased, six dollars and 95
cents it being my distrubution share of the estate due my Father , Nathan
Fowler, from the estate of John Pepper, deceased, this 3rd day of April 1870
(signed, John Fowler)

Spouse: Hester(Esther) Whaley1,3
Birth: 14 Sep 1770, Sinepuxen,Worcester Co. Maryland1,4,3
Father: William  James Whaley (~1750-)
Mother: Hannah Round (~1753-)
Marr: abt 1786

Children: Elizabeth (~1802-~1853)
 Parker (~1790-)
 Mary (~1795-)
 Kelley (~1805-~1850)
 John (~1813-)
 William (~1814-)

1.1 Elizabeth Pepper1
Birth: abt 1802
Death: abt 1853, Gwinnett Co. GA.

Spouse: Nathan Fowler1
Birth: abt 1800, Tenn.5
Death: abt 1859, Ga.

Some info is from a file of Jane Burton Edwards written in 19936
 Ms. Edwards thinks Nathan maybe buried in  the Chestnut GroveBapt. Church
Cemetery. He was a charter member of this church. This needs to be proven.

Marr: abt 18254

Children: John O. (~1826-~1873)
 Reuben (~1827-1889)
 Martha Ann (~1834-)
 Zephania (~1833-1863)
 Kelly (~1831-1863)
 Marion (~1838-)
 Sarah F.
 Matilda (~1837-)
 Elizabeth (~1840-)

1.1.1 John O. Fowler7,8,9,1
Birth: abt 1826, Ga.
Death: abt 1873, Campbell co.Ga.
Burial: Shadnor Bap. , Union City GA.

Spouse: Sarah Ann Norris
Birth: 22 Jul 1828, Ga.
Death: 17 Dec 1896, Cleburne Co. Ala.
Father: John" Jethro" Norris
Mother: Mary Johnson
Marr: 14 Jan 1847, Gwinnett Co. Ga10

Children: Nancy Elizabeth (1848-1908)
 William Jethro (1849-1919)
 Mollie Kate (1854-1887)
 Avarilah (~1857-)
 Joel Joseph Burr (1861-1939)
 George Wilson (1852-1928)

1.1.2 Reuben Fowler11,12,13,1
Birth: abt 1827, Ga.
Death: 1889, Gwinnett

Spouse: Francis Ann Johnson
Birth: 1835

Children: Nathan Hamilton (1849-1922)
 William Sanders (1851-1889)
 Mary (~1855-)
 Sarah (~1857-)
 Reuben F (1861-1917)
 Matilda (~1865-)
 John (~1869-)
 Amanda (~1873-)
 Pleasant (1875-)

1.1.3 Martha Ann Fowler1
Birth: abt 1834, Ga6

Spouse: Henry Littleton Kimbrell6,14
Marr: 1854, Gwinnett Co. Ga15,6

Children: Martha
 Henry L.
 Barnabas J

1.1.4 Zephania Fowler1
Birth: abt 1833, Ga
Death: 10 Mar 1863, Fairfield Tn16,17,18

Zephania and his brother Kelly died two days apart in the Civil War.
Zeph died from Measles while fighting in Civil War

Spouse: Lucy Norris6,1
Birth: abt 183716
Father: John" Jethro" Norris
Mother: Mary Johnson

Lucy was the sister of Sarah Ann wife of John Fowler. After Zephs death it is
said that Lucy remarried Green B. McFall in 1867.

Marr: 23 Oct 1853, Gwinnett Co. Ga15,10

Children: Hestor Elizabeth
 Nancy Caroline (1855-1929)
 John (1857-1937)

1.1.5 Kelly Fowler
Birth: abt 1831, Ga
Death: 8 May 18636,18,17

Spouse: Sarah Perry6,1
Birth: abt 18326
Marr: 14 Sep 1853, Gwinnett Co. Ga10

Children: Elizabeth

1.1.6 Marion Fowler
Birth: abt 1838

1.1.7 Sarah F. Fowler

Spouse: William Rice1

1.1.8 Matilda Fowler6,1
Birth: abt 1837, Ga6

Spouse: James Johnson1

1.1.9 Elizabeth Fowler6,1
Birth: abt 1840

Spouse: James R. Gresham6,19,1
Marr: 1860, Gwinnett Co. Ga15

Children: William Davis

1.1.10 Hester Fowler13

1.2 Parker Pepper4,1,3
Birth: abt 1790

Notes from file of Judy Bowman- Information for Parker Pepper and siblings
furnished by Virginia Wilson

Spouse: Nancy Hastell3
Marr: 23 Sep 1812, Jackson Co Ga3

Children: Parker (~1823-)

1.2.1 Parker Pepper3
Birth: abt 1823

Walton Co , Tanners Dist. 1860 Census
HH 1016 Parker Pepper age 37
Lura age 23
James age 2
Elizabeth Jenkins age 60
 M. Coda age 103

Spouse: Lura Jenkins3
Marr: abt 1837

1.3 Mary Pepper4,1
Birth: abt 1795

Spouse: Airs Conant3
Birth: Sep 1792, Bridgewater Mass.3
Father: Eli Conant
Mother: Elizabeth Rice

Posted on Genforum by Stephan P. H. Frakes
"Finally after so many years, the parentage of Airs Conant has been revealed. It
was actually found in a paper the courthouse had easily read over. I suppose
someone being born out of marrige in those days was not something to talk about.

  AirsConant was born September of 1792, Bridgewater, Mass., son of Elizabeth
"Betsey" Rice. His father was Elias Conant. The two were not married.
 Airs was raised by his Mother and Grandparents, William and Mary Rice. When he
moved to Ga and joined the Georgia Militia during the War of 1812, he began
using his Father's name of Conant and used it ever since. His first son was
William Rice Conant , after his Grandfather who raised him.
Airs Conant Ancestry:
Elias Conant b. 1749 Bridgewater Mass
David Conant b. 1726 Bridgewater, Mass.
William Conant b 1698, Beverly Mass.
Lot Conant b 1624 Nantasket or Cape Ann Mass.
Roger Conant ,b. 1548 East Budliegh
John Conant b 1520, East Budliegh, Devon England
Airs moved to Marion Co. Ill. in 1830 and many of his descendants live here

Marr: 1814, Athens, Clark Co Ga3

1.4 Kelley Pepper4,1
Birth: abt 1805, GA
Death: bet. 1850/1860

1840-1850 Ga Census, 1850 is as follows,
Kelly  45  Baliff
Sarah  42
John  16
Mahaly  14
Lucy T  12
Huldah E.  7
 Martha E.  5
all born ga  This is Murray Co Census page 284

Spouse: Sarah3
Birth: abt 1808, Ga.3

1.5 John Pepper4,1,3
Birth: abt 1813, Ga.

1.6 William Pepper4,3
Birth: abt 1814

1. "Will Distribution of John Pepper , Walton Co. Ga.," 12-13-00, From Judy
Bowmen , Bonita California.
2. 2Estate Distrubution of John Pepper, Walton Co. Ga.- Recieved of G.W. Smith,
Adm. (de bonis n--?) on the estate of John Pepper , deceased, six dollars and 95
cents it being my distrubution share of the estate due my Father , Nathan
Fowler, from the estate of John Pepper, deceased, this 3rd day of April 1870
(signed, John Fowler)
3. Descendants of William Whaley from Judy Kilgore/Judy Bowman. Along with a
long history of the Whaley family . Recieved in US Mail  March 2, 2001, File
cabinet- William Whaley
4. Judy K. Fowler, "Nathans Wife Elizabeth," 12-13-00, from info recieved of
Judy Bowman , Bonita Calif.
5. "Gwinnett Co. Census 1850." Birthplace, and children of Natha verified by
6. Jane Burton Edwards, "Our family," 1993,  copy of file.
7. "Gwinnett Co. Census 1850, 1860,." John O. and Family  verified.
8. "Judy Fowler Kilgore." Have on File a copy of Judys
records with her source information on John O Fowler and Family.
9. "Randall Smith, Ann Cross Files." Have on file each personal file from Ann
and Randall along with all sources.
10. "Marriage Cert.," Received from Judy Fowler Kilgore March 12, 2001, Gwinnett
Co Ga, pg. 68,219,251,368,393, Micro Fimed records, File.
11. "Gwinnett Co. Census 1850,1860,1870." Census was used to verify all children
of Reuben Fowler.
12. "Joy Morgan Files." Joy has researched the family for about 20 years . She
has printed proof of her files.
13. "Judy Fowler Kilgore."
14. "1850,1860  Gwinnett Co. Census."
15. "Gwinett Co Marriages."
16. Mary Eugenia Wells, 10 Nov 2000, recieved through
17. Ancestry, "Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Ga 1861-1865,", Nov 11,2000.
18. "American Civil War Soldiers," Nov, 17,2000.
19. 1870 Gwinnett co. census

From Vicky Chambers , a descendant via e-mail.