The Winbornes

The Winbornes

Dempsey Winborne, Jr., son of Dempsey Winborne and first wife , Winney Stallings married Priscilla Owen, daughter of John and Rachel Owen of Chester County, South Carolina. Dempsey , Jr. and Priscilla were the parents of Rachel Winborne who married first Robert Walker, and second Edward Thomas Broughton, Sr.

Mrs. Helen Johnson, a descendant of Dempsey, Sr. and his second wife, Sarah Ann Partlow sent the Winborne information to the Special Collections Department at Sanford University in Alabama where this writer had written for information. Dempsey,Jr.who wass a Baptist Minister at the Old Salem Church in Monroe County, Alabama. This was learned in Broughton Memoirs. Tom Broughton , in his letters to Mollie had mentioned that his grandmother, Priscilla Owen Winnborne, lived in Smith County, Texas in 1864.

Information from Mrs. Johnson show the Winbornes to have been in Nansemond County, Virginia as early as 1700.

1. William Winborne, Sr. is the progenitor of this line He went from Nansemond, Virginia to Northampton County, North Carolina in 1748 where he bought 100 acres of land from John Bass and 150 acres from Jacob Bass. Named in his will dated August 1748 and proved May 1761 in Northampton County,North Carolina, were his widow, Ann, and the following children:

1. William Winborne, Jr. died 1807 in Northhampton county, North Carolina.

ii. Dempsey Winborne, Sr., died 1809 in York county, South Carolina.

iii. Jesse Winborne, Sr., died ca. 1810 in Amite County, Ms.

iv. David Winborne died 1779 Northhampton co., N.C.

v. Esther Winborne no information

vi. Alice -no information

John Winborne and Phillip Winborne, his brothers , were named executors of his estate.

2. Dempsey Winborne, Sr., born before 1748 probably in Nansemond Co., Va. HE was in Northhampton Co., N.C. by 1748 where he sold land inherited from his father to his brother William. In 1768 he was in Mecklinburg County, North Carolina and later York County, South Carolina where he bought land adjoining John Stallings, his father-in-law , from Thomas Morgan 75 acres May 28. He and his wife, Winney Stallings were named in the will of John Stallings who died in 1784. Dempsey Winborne , Jr. is the only known proven child of th this marriage. However on the 1790 census, he had two females in Hh other than his wife , and in his estate records , the names of Elizabeth Partlow and Sarah Foreman are called in the division of the property so it is thought by their descendants they were daughters . Each is these named their oldest son Dempsey.

Dempsey Sr.'s second wife was Sarah Ann Partlow, daughter of David Partlow, Sr. of Virginia and North Carolina . Dempsey, Sr. died intestate and on 7 February 1809 , William Parlow and Dempsey Winborne, Jr. made suit to be granted letter on administration on the effects of Dempsey Winborn, Sr. This was "published as the law directs" at Bethesda Church 12 February 1809 by Robert B. Walker in York County, South Carolina.

Sarah Ann was named guardian of the five children(minors) by her. She went to Gwinnett County, Georgia in the mid 1820's and died after 1850 in Cass County(now Bartow County) Georgia.

Dempaey Winborne, Sr. was a Revolutionary soldier and Partiot. He seved in the South Carolina militia in 1780 under Capts. Henderson, Hanna and Garrison ( South Carolina aa8637) He also did some coppering and furnished cows for the Americans.

Chldren of Dempsey and Winney Stallings Winborne were :

i. Dempsey Winborne, Jr. born ca. 1778 ; died 1824 in Alabama ; married Priscilla Owen, born ca. 1778; died ca. 1864 in Smith Co., Tx.

ii. Elizabeth married John Partlow; went to Alabama with the Foremans. ( Not proven)

iii. Sarah m. Benjamin Foreman, son of Samuel Foreman ;wernt to Chester Co., S.C. and then Talladega Co Alabama. Benjamin died c.a 1819. She went to Rusk Co., Tx. Ca. 1850 where she died.(not proven)

by Sarah Ann Partlow:

iv. Nancy Winburn was over 14 in York Co., court minutes

v. David Winburn born January 1800 York County S.C. ; died 2 June 1879 ; buried Conyers, Georgia; married Keziah Herring , born 17 Sept. 1807 South Carolins.

vi. James Winburn born 1803 in south Carolina ; died 1857 Cass County, Georgia , now Bartow County; twin to Permelia.

vii. Permelia Winburn born 1 November 1803 in York County, South Carolina; died 4 March 1896 ; married William Hayes born 1793; died 1862.

viii. Willliam Winburn born 21 September 1806 York County South Carolina; died 0 Sept. 1886 in Jefferson, Jackson Co., Georgia; married first to Elizabeth Pendley and second to Agnes Casey.

The original land purchase of Dempsey, Sr. in York County of 75 acres plus 100 acres he bought from John Stallings was sold at public auction in January 1817 for" the benefit of his heirs" In spite of all efforts by Mrs. Johnson, no final settlement of estate was ever found.

At the estate sale of Dempsey ,Sr. in 1809 Sarah Ann was the principal buyer. Others were Dempsey Winbone, Jr., John Owen, David Owen , John Berry, John Partlow, William Partlow, Samuel Neeley, Benjamin and Isaac Foreman and Elijah Ward.

3. Dempsey Einborne, Jr. was born ca. 1778 in what is now York County, South Carolina ro Dempsey , Sr. and Winney Stallings Winborne. As stated above, he was named in 1809 as one of the administrators of his father's estate. Before 1810 he had married Priscilla Owen, daughter of John Owen of Chester County. They were listed on the 1810 census Chester County , living close to the Owens. Allen Knight and two of the Foreman brothers . They ahd one female child in their household, age to 10.

In 1813 Dempsey, Jr. received a grant of a tract of land of 957 acres situated in Chester District on the Head branches of south Fishing Creek, Waters of the Cawtawba river and on the head branch of Susy Bole and head branches of the Sandy River, waters of the Broad River. It has not been yet determined how or why, or , when and how he received this grant or when and and how he disposed of it.

Before November 1817 , Dempsey and Priscilla Winborne arrived in Monroe County, Alabama as they were listed on that date as being Charter Members of the Old Salem Church, Mexia, Monroe County, Alabama. Among other charter members was Sarah Broughton, mother of Edward Thomas Broughton ,Sr. who married their daughter Rachel. At one of the first meetings, the church called upon Reverend Cornelius Thames to assist Rev Benjamin Davis to ordain Mr. D. Winbourne as a minister of the gospel.

The Bethany Baptist Church at Burnt Corn, Alabama was constituted 13 August 1821 in Conecuh County, and Dempsey Winborn and William Jones are shown as Bishops.

Also in 1819, Dempsey , Jr.'s name is found on list of petitioners along with Samuel Tyne Oweings to the U.S. Congress. Five hundr3d and sixty-three inhabitants at Alabama protested the annexation of Alabama territory near the waters of Mobile and Tombigee Rivers to Mississippi. (Oweings is mentioned because he is another ancestor of mine and believed to be the son of David Owen, Priscilla Owen Winborne's brother.)

The Baptist formed a state Convention 28 October 1823 at Greensborough, Alabama. Reverend Dempsey Winborne was listed as a delegate from Salem Ladies Society. He was appointed with Reverend Messrs. Hosea Holcome and J.A. Ranaldson to prepare the plan for a constitution. On the 29th of October the delegates met, and the Rev. Messrs. Winborne and Travis were appointed on a committee to revise the Rev. J.A. Ranaldson's address of which 600 copies of the minutes were to be printed. He was appointed a "Domestic Missionary " for the south.

On Friday 3 November 1824 at Marion, Perry County, Alabama, the first anniversary of the Baptist State Convention was held. "Three of the domestic missionaries and , J. Ellis, who filled the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Winborne":made their reports. So Dempsey had died sometime during that year, apparently suddenly.

In November of 1818, Dempsey had sold 98 acres to William Smith in Chester District, South Carolina and on March 19, 1821 he and Priscilla sold 491 acres plus 42 acres to William Foreman of Chester District . this land was part of their inheritance from John and Robert Owen. Priscilla appointed William Foreman as her attorney and signed the dower rights on property sold to Smith. April 9th 1932 she appointed John L.Owen, "now of Alabama , her true and lawful attorney. He was her nephew. A letter of April 6 1833 explains her actions. She felt William Foreman had not treated her right in settlement of her father's estate. A letter to that effect dated 1833 is on record in Chester County.

In 1858 , James Foreman of St.Claire Co., Alabama wrote a letter to his brother who remained in South Carolina that she was well at 72 , and riding a horse. In 1864 in Smith County tax Records, she owned a number of slaves and E.T. Broughton , Sr. was her agent. No record of her death exists.

Children of Dempsey Winborne, Jr. and Priscilla Owen Winborne:

i. Rachel Winborne born ca. 1800 married first to Robert Walker and second to Edward Thomas Broughton, Sr.

Children by Walker:

i. John Owen Walker in Texas in Cherokee Co. on 1850 census; said to be a Baptist Minister.

Children by Broughton:

i. Dempsey Winborne Broughton born August 15, 1824, Monroe County Alabama;list as both Doctor and Lawyer; served in Confederate army as Chaplain; was very important in Cumberland Presbyterian; was a Mason; served as minister in Athens and Kaufman ,Tx and Dallas, Tx.

ii. Nathaniel William Broughton born June 30, 1826 near Birmingham Alabama;served in the Civil War; died in DeLeon ,Tx.

iii. •Sarah Priscilla Broughton, born December 31, Monroe Co. AL - She married Joseph G. (Gabe) James (b.May 1824, d.Dec. 28, 1875) - She died Sept. 2, 1880 and is buried with her husband at Kaufman Cemetery in Kaufman County Texas. [NOTE: J.G. James is listed with his father-in-law as Master Masons in the report of Larissa Masonic Lodge No. 57 in 1852.]

iv.•Rachel Elizabeth Broughton, born Monroe Co. AL - She married Henry M. Arnold on September 29, 1853 in Smith County. [Note: This was apparently her second marriage, because marriage records on file in Smith Co. give her name as Rachel Neel] She died on June 13, 1896 and is buried in Elkins Cemetery in Smith Co. Texas. •

v.Edward Thomas Broughton (Jr)born April 3, 1834, Monroe County, Alabama married Mary Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Rev. Alexander Douglas in Smith County in 1856. Descendants of E.T. , Jr. still live in Tyler, Smith County.

vi.Amanda M. Broughton, born May 6, 1836 Monroe Co. AL - She married John C. Collier on November 17, 1853 - She died December 5, 1911 and is buried with her in the Elkins Cemetery, Smith Co., Tx.

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