Thomas Grace of Hancock Co., Ga.

            Thomas Grace of Hancock Co., Ga.

Thomas Grace was the father of Eli Whaley's wife, Betsy
Grace. Thomas Grace was the son of a John Grace, b. ca. 1736
 who died in Sussex County, Delaware. John Grace is named on
 the assessment list of Broad Creek Hundred in 1785. He left a
 will in Sussex County dated 12 May 1799 and probated June
 1802.  His wife, Sally, and son, Johnathan, were named
 executors. He said to have been a mill operator and his
 church affiliation, Baptist   Sally might have been a Dolby.
 She was age 70-80 in 1805-7. His land was called West/Wirt of
 Mire Branch.  Witnesses to his will were Robert Robertson,
 Anthony L. Vickers & Jesse Shiles. Children named in will

     i. Polly Grace m. b. m 1.Jonathan Martino pre 1799 and m.
        (2) Mar 1818  Elzy Collins. She was willed land from
        father ' Settlement & New rights and had son Silas.

    ii. Nancy Grace m., after 1799, William Dixon ; willed
        land "Survey where father lived " " Hard Fortune &
        Rambling Deed'

   iii. John Grace, Jr.  b. ca. 1769 ;  willed land
        "Wainrights Old Tract: & New Rights. Had daughter,

    iv. Thomas Grace b. ca. 1750  m. Sally, believed to have
        been Sally Maddux before 1781; They were in Georgia
        when father died.
( Although some researchers have claimed JOhn Grace's wife, Sarah was the daughter of Peter Dolbee , will in Sussex Co.,Del ca. 1784. Evidence in the will proves she could not have been since Sarah Dolbee  was a minor at the time. )

 2. Thomas Grace, the son of John Grace was named in the list
    of forty seven members of the Broad Creek Baptist Church
    organized May 31 1781 by the Revs. Phillip Hughes and
    Elijah Baker.  In The History of Delaware by Scharf, is
    stated, p. 1288, that the church decreased from forty
    -seven members to twenty three by reason of the removal of
    several families to Georgia and North Caroline and some to
    another church in 1784-5.  Thomas Grace and family was one
    who went to Georgia.

    In the records of The Powellton Baptist Church, Hancock
    County, Georga, it states" the first church building was
    completed in 1787, according to the minutes of the church.
    the minutes read: November 30, 1787, during conference
    Brethren Benjamin Thompson and Henry Graybill were
    appointed to settle with Thomas Grace for building the
    meeting house. " A balance of three pounds and thirteen
    Shillings were due Mr.  Grace.  The above sum was
    subscribed and paid in full." This church building was
    located about a half mile north of Powells Creek, and
    about two miles from Powelton on the property of Benjamin
    Thompson, Sr. It was first named Powell's Creek Baptist
    Church and later changed to Powelton.

    On the 27 June 1788 Thomas Grace of the State of Georgia
    Green County appointed Andrew Frazier with power of
    attorney to sell a bond due the him from Jonathan Wooton
    of the State of Deleware and County of Sussix County and
    was to pay Frazier, fourteen pounds to be taken out of the
    amount of One Hundred and thiry eight pounds in Maryland
    Currency, the bond was supposed to bring.  William Maddux
    witnessed with R.Middleton, J.P.

    On the 4th Sept 1790, Robert Flournoy of Wilkes co., sold
    to Thos. Grace of Greene co., for 20 lbs. Sterling, a
    tract supposed to contain 40-50 acres on Buckhorn the
    waters of Fulsom's Creek adj. where said Thos. Grace now
    lives, Joesph Maddox corner across the old trading path to
    a tract supposed to be surveyed for Abraham Maddox part of
    433 acres granted to said Robt Fluornoy signed Robert
    Flournoy.  Witnesses: Henry Graybill, Benjamin Evans
    Rec.  11 July 1791.

    On 4 Sept 1790, Thomas Grace of Greene Co. sold to
    Benjamin  Evans of same for 25 pds. lawful money 10 acres
    between the waters of Fulsoms Creek & Turkey Branch on the
    waters of Hoop poll Creek & Fulsoms Creek, being part of a
    tract of 200 acres granted Josiah Carter July 1785 adj.
    Abraham Reddick.  signed Thomas Grace.  Wit: Hen Graybill,
    J.P Malcom Johnston Rec. 11 Jan 1793.

    On 28 May 1792 Thomas Grace and Sarah his wife of Greene
    County, Ga. sold Jonathan Hosea of same for 20 lbs Ga.
    money 20? acres part of tract tranted Josiah Carter and
    part of another tract granted Robert Flournoy, both on the
    waters of Hooppoll Cr. and on Turkey branch of said creek
    including the house and plantation where the said Hosea
    now lives; Thomas Grace Sarah (X) Grace  wit: Josiah
    Dennis , Robert Waddington, Mathew Rabun, J.P.

    Again in 1799, Sarah Grace's name is on the list of
    members of the Powellton Baptist Church, and on one record
    Sally Grace is listed as having joined 3 July 1787 by
    letter from Broad Creek Church on Eastern Shores of

    Thomas Grace also signed a deed of Eli Whaley's in Hancock
    County in 1800, and it may be that is where Eli got his first land
    although no deed has been found to confirm this, but it
    was on Fulsom's Creek.

    Thomas died and left a will, Will Bk. C, p.326, Hancocck
    County, Ga., Nov. 1, 1806- Dec. 1806. Sally died 12 Aug
    in Hancock County. In his will, Thomas names the following

      i. James M. Grace b. 3 Aug 1769 Del; m. c. 1794 Mary
         Jane Betts ; d. 1 AUG 1859 Allenton, Wilcox Co., Al;
         died at home of son, J.B. He was age 90 born
         in Delaware and died of old age, sick for two days
         according to 1860 Alabama Mortality Schedule (In
         Betts History, she is Nancy Betts and sister of
         Samuel Betts, Jr.  who m.  (2) Mary Whaley Jones,
         sister of Eli Whaley.  Nancy Jane was born 6 July
         1775/76 ; d.  Oct. 4 1865; Conecuh Co.,Al.

     ii. Polly (Mary ) Grace b. ca. 1780 m. Daniel Melson;
         living with sister, Comfort, in 1850 Coweta Co.,Ga.
          Daniel Melson, III son of Daniel Melson, II/mother unknown.
B: 1745 in Little Creek Hundred, Sussex Co., DE
d: aft 1850 in Hancock Co., GA
m: Mary "Polly" Grace d/o Thomas Grace
b: abt 1766
d: aft 1850 in Hancock, GA
1.  William P. Melson b: 30 Jul 1795    d:  10 Jul 1833     m: Daisy V. Shell
2.  Appleton White     b: abt 1801         d: 1876                  m: 1.Penelope Simms
                                                                         2. Melinda Johnson
                                                                         3. Laura Crowder
3.  Elizabeth Melson   b: 1807     m:  George Harrison
4.  Sarah Melson       b: abt 1811  m:  Abraham Crowley
5.  Mary D. Melson     b: abt 1816  m:  William Simms
Hope this can help.  If you need any other info I might be able to help with others.

    iii. Patsy Grace m. Agrippa Atkinson-Some of their       descendants came to Smith and Cherokee County, Tx.
         Agrippa Atkinson's will recorded  Bibb Co., Al ;
         probated July 1833, Book D., p.112
         Legatees named in will:

        Patsey Atkinson, widow

         1. Arthur Atkinson m (Dorothy Gardner)
         2. Alfred   "      m.( Rebecca Smitherson)
         3. John Wood m. (Elizabeth Atkinson)
         4. Matthew Wood m.(Mourning Atkinson)
         5. John Mink
         6  Asa Atkinson
         7. Jasper Atkinson m.( Peggy McGough)
         8. Julian Atkinson
         9. Caroline Atkinson
        10. Harriet Atkinson
        11. William Ragans
            All sons & daughters heirs, legal Reps of Agrippa
            Atkinson; items in () not on document; executed on
            all but Arthur and Mink; 1967 certified copy found
            in Cherokee County, Texas Chapter DAR Records.
            Daughter of Alfred & Rebecca Smitherson Atkinson,
            Elizabeth Jane Atkinson m. E.J. Meredith 18 Feb
            1887 in Cherokee Co., Texas

     iv. Betsy Grace m. Eli Whaley ca. 1798

      v. Tabitha Grace m ---- Alford

     vi. Joshua Grace b. 26 Jan 1784 Sussex, Del m. Susan
         Janes Simmons 1 June 1807 Hancock Co, Ga. d. 19 Oct.
         1862 Henry, Co., Al.

    vii. Dolby Grace (NO more information)

   viii. Margaret(Peggy) Grace b. c. 1793 m. 21 Nov. 1811
         Isaac Culver, Hancock Co., Ga. d. 1867; lived adj.
         Thomas Jefferson Whaley in Hancock.

     ix. Thomas Grace, Jr., b. ca. 1776; m. 
         Thomas Grace was living in Rusk County, Texas in 1850
         in the HH of Thomas Berryhill and wife, probably a
         daughter.  He was 74 born in Maryland.

      x. Silas Grace b. 1785-90; m. Elizabeth Lockhart 17 Oct
         1816/17 Hancock Ga.; d. c. 1841 Talbot Co., Ga.

     xi. Comfort Mattox Grace b. 26 Feb 1798 m. 16 Sept 1816
         John Simms Hancock his second wife;  Lived
         Henry Co.,Al 1860; She died 18  July 1880 Newman
         Coweta Co., Ga.;  bur Simms Cem.
         1. Benjamin Thomas Simms b. 8 Aug 1817; d. 1888

         2. Almira Simmsb. Nov. 24, 1820 d. Nov. 25 m. Robert

         3. Franklin Robert Simms born 8 Mar. 1823 m. Susan
            Gary ; m. (2) Mary Lou Speer;moved to Texas

         4. James Alexander Simms

         5. Susan Simms

         6. John Dickinson Simms

         7. Sarah Margaret Simms

         8. Mary Emily Simms

    Simms information from A Family Called Fort by Homer T.
    Fort, Jr. and Druscilla Stovall Jones 1970.

 xii. Jeptha Grace b. c. 1800 m. Martha Culver 13 May 1821
      Hancock Co., Ga.

        Thomas & Joshua Grace had 2 draws in land lottery of
        1806, Capt Shivers dist. Hancock County

        Some other Grace notes from LDS film Hancock County

 Book M.   1818-1823
 Sarah Grace appoints attorney Silas Grace, p. 383-1821.
 Joshua Grace to W A. shivers p. 330
 John Kelly and wife to Abner Atkinson, p. 158 (1819)

 from "Marriages and Deaths 1820 - 1830" abstracted from extant Georgia newspapers by Mary B. Warren w/ Sarah Fleming White

 Mrs. Sarah Grace, 75 y, d. 8/12/1825, member of the Baptist Church for  more than 30 years.
 from: Mount Zion Missionary , Mount Zion [Hancock Co.Ga] 8-29-1825


 Many of the families the Whaleys and Graces married into were from the Sussex Co., Del and Md. area such as the Betts, Culvers, Melsons, etc.

             WILL BOOK C, 1803-1816, P. 328 HANCOCK
                    COUNTY, GEORGIA


 In the name of (God) Amen.  I Thomas Grace of the county of
 Hancock and State of Georgia being very weak in body, but of
 sound mind and memory, and calling to mind that all men are
 born once to die do make and ordain this my last will and
 testament in manner and form folloring (sic)( that is to say)

 First of all I recommend my Sole to Almighty god who gave it
> (to) me and my body to be buried in a Decent Christian like
> manner-------
> Item, I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Salley
> grace all and singular my real and Personal estate,tho to pay
> each legatee their protion which I leave them as is hereunder
> mentioned as they come of age, and at her ddeath all the
> Ballence of my estate to be sold and equally divided among
> the whole of my children, and she to give my three youngest
> children schooling as far as the double Rule of three-
> Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved son James Grace five
> shillings
> Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Polley
> Melson ditto
> Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Patsey
> Atkinson Ditto
> Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Betsy
> Whaley Ditto
> Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Tabitha
> Alford Ditto
> Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Joshua Grace
> Ditto
> Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Dolby Grace,
> one Good Horse saddle and Bride(Bridle) seventy five Dollars
> in cash and one cow and calf.
> Item, I give and bequeath unto  my beloved daughter Peggy
> Grace, one good Bedstead and furniture, one cow and calf, and
> one two year old heifer, one pewter dish and six Pewter
> plates, one Spinning wheel and two smoothing irons, one iron
> pot, one trunk, and three head of sheep-----
> Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Thomas Grace
> two Hundred dollars in Cash.
> Item, I give and bequeath unto my two beloved sons Silas
> Grace and Jeptha Grace, one horse saddle and bridle apiece,
> and all and singular the tract of land whereon I now live,
> containing two hundred acres and they the said Silas and
> Jeptha to jointyly maintain their Brother Thomas Grace during
 his lifetime-------------
> Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Comfort
> Grace one good bed bedstead and furniture, one cown and calf,
> one two year old heifer, one perter dish six perter plates
> one spinning wheel, two moothing irons, one iron pot ,three
> head of sheep------
> Item, I nominate and appoint my beloved wife Salley Grace and
> my beloved son in law, Agrippa Atkinson, sole executors of
> this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have
> hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the first day of
> Movember one thousand eight hundred and six.
> Signed, Sealed and
> Acknowledged in Presence of
>                                        Signed
> Hard Hawkins
>                                        Thomas Grace (Seal)
> Allen Pope
> Terrell Barkdale
> Inventory and appraisement of this estate recorded on page
> 334 of same book.