Israel Gauntt

Israel Gauntt ‚ was born ca. 1730 in Burlington Co., New Jersey to Zebulon Gauntt, Sr. and Sophia Sioerts (Shourds). He came to North Carolina in 1753 with his brother Zebulon, II, their sisters and families, Sophia Mathis, wife of Daniel Mathis, and Dorothy, wife of Josiah Teague. Quaker records and a series of letters from Zebulon,his wife, Esther and Israel to their brother Samuel who went back to New Jersey verify the dates of their arrival and other significant events in the lives of the family as well as the history of the Carolinas. Legend states that they agreed before leaving to the spelling of Gauntt with two t's so that it would identify their line, but it was spelled that way before in some records.

In the first letter dated "Ye first day of ye sixth month 1753 North Carolina Ye County of Orringe at the head of DeepRiver at thee Quaker Setelman at the head of Haw River by other people but by friends it cale New Garden. It is signed by Zebulon, Esther & Israel and asked Samuel to send Certificates & direct them to New Garden Monthly meeting. A certificate issued in New Jersey to New Garden, N.Carolina dated ninth month third 1753 is listed in Quaker Records. Orange County deeds also show that Israel was chain bearer for Zebulon when he received land in Orange County 19 September 1753.

They were received in Cane Creek Monthly Meeting 5 1 month 1754. Israel wrote a letter to Samuel stating he had"bean in most all parts of N C govement but our loving Brother Zebulon G. has a mind to come into youer parts and that he can give thee an account of the Country. Daniel Mathes has lately come into ouer parts, and he is in cut pouer circumstances which indicates that the Mathises may have come later. In a letter dated 1755, Zebulon, Esther & Israel indicate they had been visiting Mother Woolman. Esther was a sister to John Woolman, the great Quaker preacher, and Hannah, the first wife of Samuel was also. It had taken them 5 weeks to arrive back home.

In 1757, Israel witnessed a deed for Daniel Mathis in Rowan County for 606 acres on Mathis Creek, S.fork of Deep River in Rowan County, N.C. In 1758 Israel married Hannah Spenser Innis, a widow, and was disowned for marrying out of the church. Early researchers have named her as Hannah Coats. She had a daughter by her first marriage named Susannah who married Little John Coats of Newberry County.

About 1760 they all moved to Little Pine Tree in SouthCarolina except for the Teagues who did not come until later. Sophia Gauntt Mathis died in 1761 according to a letter from Zebulon to Samuel dated 1762 which states they have been there about two years, and they are partners with Joseph Kershaw. Kershaw married Sarah,the daughter of Sophia and Daniel Mathis. Zebulon and the Mathis remained in Kershaw County, but Israel moved to Newberry County. He still lived among the Quakers as is noted in Thae Annals of Newberry as is Samuel Gauntt, the son of Zebulon, who also came to Newberry County. South Carolina deed records show Israel's first land was 350 acres 3 January 1765 on the Broad and Saluda.

Israel is recorded as furnishing supplies to the Americans in the Revolution and also was involved in an incident with the ories in which his daughter, Hannah, was the heroine. A Tory named Hubbs who had been with Cunningham broke into the Gauntt's home with intent to rob and assaulted Israel. Hannah who was described as being of " masculine proportions & strength, overpowered him, throwing him to the floor and holding him while Israel disabled him with blows to the head"Both Israel and Hannah were hit by gunshot through the window by Hubbs cohorts, but escaped serious harm. Later, Hannah is described as being the kindest and most gentle woman. She married Joseph Mooney.

In all, at one time, Israel owned 627 acres of land. He served several times on the grand jury of Newberry County. His will dated 1798 was proved March 1800. Hannah also left a will which was proved 1813. She named granddaughter, Patsey Abernathy, sons, James, Joseph and Jacob, and great grandson Grigsby Appleton. Children: (some researchers mistakenly have Patsy as a daughter.

i. Hannah b. 1762-66 ;d. 18 Feb. 1816 m. Joseph Mooney d. Feb. 1816; both bur. Henry Boozer Cemetery 2 mi. W. Prosperity, S.C. Had at least one son, Joseph.

ii. James b. 9-7 176-; d. 7-11-1824 m. Elizabeth Mills ; bur. Gauntt Cem. 21/2 m. s. e Newberry.

iii. Jacob b. ca 1760-70; d. 1835; m.(1) Rachel (2) Mary Echles?

iv. Joesph b. ca. 1770; d. 1-25 1818 m.( 1) ? M.(2) Bathsheba who m. (2)Benjamin Stubbs

v. Mary b. 11-10-1772 ; d. 11-10-1844 m. (1) Wright Coats d. 1808; m. (2) Thomas Gilbert, widower of her sister, Rebecca; went to Tenn. then Al. She & Thomas both bur. Giles Co., Tn. Mary and Wright Coats had (1) Frederick, (2) Daniel Polignac m. Nancy Neal of Tuscaloosa, Al. They were in Nacogdoches County, Tx. 1860 census, and (3) Susan.

vi. Rebecca Gauntt b. ca. 1775; d. 9-9 1816; m. Thomas Gilbert 1791; bur in Quaker Cem. 31/2 mi. South of Newberry. Two sons, David and Ã

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The Will of Israel and Hannah Gauntt from South Carolina Archives. The Will of Israel Gauntt IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I Israel Gaunt of the Newberry County_in the state of South Carolina --- in health of body and_perfect in mind and memory Calling to mind the uncertainty of_this life and knowin it is appointed for all Men to die do make and Pro-- and Publish , this my last will and testament in the manner and form following.

First I give and Bequeath unto my well Beloved wife Hannah Gauntt the house I now live in with two acres of Land -- the house together with one bed and Furniture, and one horse & mare as she thinks fit to take_and also ten pounds to be paid yearly by my executors and one cow and calf Also a negro girl named --Mary -- till she be 18 years of age.

Secondly I give and bequeath to my beloved son James Gaunt one tract of land containing 100 acres lying on a --between Scotch creek and Palmeto Branch originally granted to Aan? Airs, the grant bearimg date June 3 1765 also a negro girl named Betsy Boosr (sic) until she be 18 years of Age.

Thirdly I give and bequeath to my beloved son Joseph Gaunt one tract of land containing 100 acres originally granted to_John Reggin, the grant bearing date 25th August 1769. Also_one half of tract of land originally granted to Patrick Dooley the grant bearing date October 13th 1772. Also the tract of land on the Waters of Edisto the place where he now_lives containing 100 acres the grant bearing date March 2' 176-

Fourthly I give and bequeath to my beloved son Jacob three tracts of land land adjoining one tract containing 200 acres originally granted to Randolph Buzzard lying on a Branch of Bush River called Palmetto Branch, the date of the plat Nov 6th 1764 one tract containing the date of the plat -- 1764 Also the other half of Patrick Dooley’s Tract, also two Negro boys named Sam'l and Francis Buggs until the be 20 years old together with my stills and Smiths tools.

Fifthly I give and Bequeath to my loving daughter Hannah Money (sic) five shillings

Sixthly I give and Bequeaath to my loving Daughter Rekercah (sic) Gilbert five Shillings

Seventhly it is my will and desire that all my Moveable Property be sold (only what is nessary ) for my wife Excepted, and that my Executors do pay my loving daughter Mary Coats fifty pounds sterling out of the money Arising therefrom.

Eightly it is my will and desire that my Executors do collect in all my Debts and with the Money arising from thence and the money arising from the sale of of my movable Estate be applied in paying my Wife ten pounds a year and my Daughter Mary Coats as before Mentioned and if their should be any money left it is my desire it should be equally divided among my children after my wifes Death_

And lastly I constitute nominate and appoint my two sons James and Jacob Gaunt -- Executors of this my last will and Testament desiring all my just debts to be paid and settled

Also I do hereby revoke and Annul all former Wills by me Given under my hand and Seal this twenty fifth Day of_December 1798

Israel Gaunt ( Seal)

Signed sealed published and Declared by the said Israel Gaunt as his last will and Testament who in the Presence of us and in the Presence of each other have Subscribed our Names

Reason Reagan


William O Aspend

Walter Harbert


Jacob Gauntt

Jacob Gauntt was born 1760-1770 in South Carolina, probably Newberry County, to Israel and Hannah Gauntt. He married ca.794 as his first son, Mark, was born February 1795. His first wife was Rachel and his second wife, Mary, (believed by some researchers to be Mary Eckles.)

He was left, in the will of his father dated 25 December 1798and proved 24 March 1800, three tracts of land adjoining one tract containing 200 acres originally granted to Randolph Buzzard lying on a Branch of the Bush river and Palmetto Branch the land having being granted Nov. 6 1764, one tract containing 27 acres granted Nov. 5, 1764 and one tract containing 50 acres dated Nov. 13 1764 as well as the other half of Patrick Dooley's tract, also two negro boys named Samand Francis Buggs together with Israel's still and Smithtools. James Gauntt and Jacob were named executors.

In his mother, Hannah's, will written 15 August 1813, shebequeathed unto my beloved son, Jacob, the house I now live in together with two acres of land adjoining house which was left to her by Israel. Again Jacob and James Gauntt were executors of her will. Actually, Jacob had already been deeded this land by Hannah in deed dated June 1800 only 3 months after Israel's will was proved. The house left to him by Hannah is believed by some to be the house restored in Newberry County and said to be owned by a James Gauntt in 1831 described by Newberry County Historian, Pope, as being grandson of Israel's . This might have been James Gauntt, son of Jacob's brother, James, who married Jacob's daughter Jane. Some also believe the house is probably the house where the Tories attacked Israel and daughter, Hannah.

In 1814 Jacob sold the lot on which Ebeneezer Church was built to Edward Finch, Stephen Snell and David Owens, trustees.

Rachel, the mother of his older children, must have died between 1820 and 1826 as there is one female on 1820 census age 26-40. He deeded Luke, the second son, property in 1826. His older son, Mark had also left South Carolina. On the 1830 census he has a male child 5-10 and a female under 5 in his HH; also a female age 20-30, much younger thanJacob .

Jacob died ca. 1835 and the older girls with husbands sued for an estate settlement. Each child was awarded $225 for his share. James Gauntt, husband of Jacob's daughter, Jane, filed and received the guardianhsip of the two minor children , Karen Heppock and Carbo (Nebo) March 1839.

In 1848 Karen Heppock and her husband Samuel? A Dobbins sued for release of the guardianship and a final accounting of the guardianship.

Children of Jacob and Rachel Gauntt were: i. Mark Gauntt b. Feb 1795 Newberry County m. Esther M.; d. Green Co., Tenn. July 1857; Esther d.12 Dec 1868; both she and Mark buried Sinking Creek on the Ross farm 2mi. above Afton. Children: 1. Eliza A. Gaunt b. 24 Aug. 1837; d. 12 Feb 1864.

2. Harriet L. Gaunt b. 21 May 1840 m. John A. Ross 2 Aug 1859; d. 16 July 1866

3. James B. Gaunt b. 16 July 1842 d. 21 March 1921

4. Frances M. b. 9 July 1844 d. 3 June 1870.

5. Hannah n. b. 26 March 1849 ; d. 23 Jan 1880

6. Sophia J. b. 13 April 1851 m. Calvin L. Bealls

7. Emma M. b. 24 July 1853 ; d 17 Feb 1856.

8. 8. Julia M. 2 Aug 1856 d. 23 July 1883. (Records of Mrs. Peggy Dicks Decatur, Ind.)

ii. Luke Gauntt b. c. 1800-01 Newberry County, S.C. married Sally Eliz. ( Moor/e?);d.after 1860 Henderson County, Tx. (More later)

iii. Sophia Gauntt b. 6 Jan 1803 Nby Co., S.C; m. Robert Neal; d. June 1880. On the 1850 Nby Co. census:P. 257 Sophia Neal 47 F b. ca. 1803 $1400 Spencer 16 m

John C. 14 m

Harriet 12 F

James B. 10 M.

iv. Jane Gauntt (Jenny,) b. 11 Aug 1805; m. Capt James Gauntt (first cousin) son of James Gauntt & Elizabeth Mills; d. 8 April 1894; bur. Gauntt Family Cemetery 21/2 miles S.E Newberry. In Nby County Cemetery Records: Capt James Gauntt b. 17 Nov. 1801 d. 21 Jan.890; est to two grandsons- John Arthur & Robert Henry Lindsey. LWT Nby Est Box 151 -14s On 1850 Nby Co., census: p. 11

James Gauntt 49 m $2,500 Brick maker

Jane Gauntt 45


1. Eliza( Jane) Gauntt age 19 f ( b. 7 Nov b 1830 ; d. 11 July 1881; bur Gauntt Cem.; n m.

2. Mary Ann Permelia Gauntt age 7 ( b. 1 Jan 1843; d. 10 May 185-bur Gauntt Cemetery;

3. Thomas Jefferson Gauntt 5 (b. 10 Feb. 1845; d. 19 Oct 1864 on Battlefield Fisher's Hill, Va.; stone Gauntt Cem.; Single )

4. Josephus Gauntt as Josephene 3 m. ( b. 19 Jan 1847; d. 31 Jul 1849; bur. Gauntt Cem.;

5. Daughter? m. a -----Lindsey

Also living in HH was Uriah Taylor 20 m.Brick Maker, J. L. Graham 43 m. Tenn; Wagoneer and Jeanetta Taylor 12 f S.C.

v. Hannah Gauntt b. 1812 Nby Co. S.C; m. Clement Jackson On 1850 census they were living in Orangeburg District. p. 318.

Clement Jackson 40 m carpenter S.C.

Hannah 38 f S.C.

James M 20 m farmer S.C.

Daniel 17 m S.C.

Sarah a 14 F S.C.

Henry 11 m S.C.

Clememt Jackson is said to have died in Barnwell District and was a merchant and farmer in Lexington Dist. Daniel Jackson 1834-1906 married Mary Susan Freeman of Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Clement, Hannah, Daniel and Susan all buried Windsor Baptist Church, Windsor, S.C.

Daniel and Susan had son, Wade Hampton Jackson m. Alice Agnes Dious. Information on

Daniel Jackson family from Paul M. Hendricks, Signal Mt. Tn. Dec. 1995 via AOL.

vi. Phoebe Gauntt b. 2 April 1816; d ca. 1835; m. Andrew Nates b. 1 Sept 1778; d. 13 May 1850; She died d. 12 Sept 1882; On 1850 Nby co., census evidently a widow. They are buried in the Singley Cemetery near Prosperity, S.C. On the 1850 census: p. 208

HH 721 Phebe Nates 36 f $1,470

Jacob 14 m

M A P 12 f

G.W. 10 m

Andrew 8 m

She had more children named in Peter Gaunt by a man she did not marry according to descendant Hank Padgitt.

Children of Jacob and Mary (Eckles) Gauntt:

vii. Nebo Carbo b. 1832 Nby Co., S.C.> Never m.; d. March 1848

viii. Karen Heppock b. ca. 1828 ; d. between 1850 and 1857. m. S.A. Dobbins 1 Nov. 1846.

On 1850 census HH 803

S.A. Dobbins 34 m Overseer (One source gives him as John S. Dobbins Caron 25 F

Thompson 5 m

David 2 m

David Piester Dobbins b. 22 Jan. 1849 ; d. 14 Feb. 1908 ; m. Sallie Thomas Shannon b. 4 Jan 1854-18 Feb 1908; both bur Mt. Tabor Meth Cem.(Newberry Cemeteries, p. 11

HH 778 Mary Gauntt was still living in 1850 age 49.

Mary wid/o & 2nd w/o Jacob. d. 1836 Equity Box. p. 40. Newberry County census p. 166. End Notes and References

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2. Newberry County Deed Records-Jacob Gauntt to Luke Gauntt

3. 1820, 1830, 1840 & and 1850 Newberry County, S. C. Census Records.

4. Newberry County Cemetery Records

5. Letters from Hank Padgett of S.C.

Luke Gauntt


LUKE GAUNTT, son of Jacob and Rachel Gauntt, was born ca.1800 in Newberry County, South Carolina. His grandfather was Israel Gauntt, American Revolutionary Patriot and a Quaker who came to the Carolinas in the 1750's. In 1800, Israel willed Jacob some land on the Palmetto branch of the Bush River, and in 1826, Jacob deeded 62 1/2 acres of this land to Luke Gauntt. In 1829 Luke sold this land to Thomas John on 16 Sept for $ 200. By this time Luke was married to Sally (Sibby) Elizabeth ( Moor?) who signed the dower rights to the deed. (Moor or Moore is believed to be her name because in family history written by J B Gauntt, he states she was " of the Moor generation."

By 1830 they were in Walton County, Georgia and also on the 1840 census there. Luke's father Jacob died in 1835,and in 1836, the family headed by Sophia Neel ( Luke's sister and her husband, Robert,sued Mary Gauntt, Jacob's second wife, Mark Gauntt,(Luke's brother) Luke Gauntt and two minor children, Karen Heppock and Nebo Gauntt by Mary, for settlement of the estate. In an affadavit by Thomas H. Pope, it was stated that " he had been informed and believed that Mark Gauntt and Luke Gauntt resided beyond the Limits of the state." This was dated 29 Jan. 1836. The settlement gave each child $225. $125.00 was deducted from Luke's for his share of the land.

By 1850 they were in Gordon County, Georgia. The ages given on that census were Luke 50, Sibby 48, John W. 20, Jacob 18, Adeline 16, Jane 14, Dorothy 12, Angelina 10, Emeline 8, William 6, Polly Anna 4. ( There is some discrepancy in ages given on the 1860 census) This census was taken in Nov. of 1850 ,and by December they were in Randolph County, Alabama where they joined the wagon trains headed west with Samuel Tine Owen, Kindred Karter Knight and some twenty odd other families. Legend states they arrived in Henderson County, Texas and were turned back by the floods of the Trinity River to settle in the eastern part of the county near Baxter and New York which reminded them of home. This was probably in the spring of 1851.Luke and family, according to Bass Gauntt, first settled in Fincastle and then moved to a site northeast of LaRue just at the foot of Myrtle Springs Mountain. Satisfying the pre- emption requirements, Luke Gauntt obtained 320 acres originally granted to J.C. Dunn. He built a large log house on a high knoll. The family raised tobacco, cattle , cotton, corn and grain. The land is valued in 1854 on the Henderson County tax records at $640. Luke died between 1860 and 1870 as Sibby is listed on the 1870 census as living with a Walker family. Sibby died in 1879. Both she and Luke are buried in the Jim Hogg Reynolds Cemetery near LaRue. In May of 1985, family members placed a 0monument on their grave. It had been marked only with a rock.From this progenitor came the line of Gauntts in Henderson County, Texas who quietly lived their lives by farming the land, establishing businesses, and serving county, communities and country in many ways. Some still live on the same land, and in 1976, it was named in the Texas Family Heritage Registry. Children and marriages:

i. John Washington born 29 December 1829 Newberry County, S.C.; married Martha Maranza Owen 11 January 1855;died 18 January 1912 ; bur. Myrtle Springs Cemetery, Henderson County,Tx.

ii. Jacob Middleton b. ca 1831 Walton County,Ga. ; married Elizabeth M. Knight, dau. of K. K. Knight, Sr.born 28 Aug.1835 Al.; died in Benton Co, Ark in Civil War. Eliz. remarried W.R. Kyle and died 30 Dec. 1887.

iii. Adeline b. ca. 1834 Walton co. Ga. m. Barry Fain; went to Fannin Co, Tx. ca. 1880.

iv. Jane Angeline b. ca. 1840 m. (1) Martin Blackwell; 3 Jan. 1861. (2) John O'Neal 31 Oct. 1869.

v. James Calvin ( Jim) b. 1 Dec. 1836 Ga.; married Mildred A.Champion b. Al; 6 Aug. 1857. He d. 13 Oct. 1905; bur. in New York, Tx. Cemetery.

vi. Dorothy Catherine b. 1838 m. James ( Jimmy) Allen Knight, son of K. K. Knight, Sr.; d. 1893 in Okla.

vii. Mary Emeline born 1842 married (1) Melvin M. Bradley 3 June 1861. (2) D. M. (Dempsey) Moss. by B.C. Holland, J.P 3 Dec 1866. They were on Kaufman County,Tx. 1880 census.

viii. William Jefferson b. 28 May 1844 Gordon county, married Mary Catharine ( Puss) Price 1866; went to Ardmore, Okla ca. 1880 d. Sept. 1932. Descendants still live near there.

ix. Polly Anna b. ca. 1846 ? m. Dick Moss and was also o the 1880 Kaufman County, Tx. census.

The four sons served in the Civil War. The pension record of at least three state they were with the 20th Texas Calvary, One, Jacob died or was killed in Benton County, Ark.

John Washington Gauntt

John Washington Gauntt was born to Luke Gauntt and Elizabeth Sibby Moor? ,12 December 1829 in Newberry County, S.C. He came to Texas in 1851 with his father and family in the Owen-Knight Wagon train and married Martha Maranza Owen, born 1 April 1838, the youngest daughter of Samuel Tine Owen and Sarah Ward Knight 11 January 1855.

The history of the John Washington Gauntt family was published in Faulk's History of Henderson County and was written by his son, Bassel (Bass) Gauntt. Since that time it has been proved that the Gauntts were descended from Peter Gaunt of England who came to Massachusetts in 1635 and were not of Scottish origin as stated in that history.

In 1861 John W. volunteered for the Confederate Army and served for four years. He applied for a Confederate Soldiers Pension twice, the first one being rejected. The second one was approved. He stated he had served in Co. A, 20th Texas Calvary, Dismounted, Johnson's Battalion. It was approved on March 28 1911 even though a letter from the War Department, stated they could find no records.. He died 16 January 1912 at the home place at age 83. Martha Maranza had died the 16 February after the birth of the last child in 1880. They lived in the New York-LaRue area on the Luke Gauntt Survey plus additional land he purchased after the war. They are buried in the Myrtle Springs Cemetery. Bass Gauntt in a letter a stated that John W. was " a sound man both phisically (sic) and mentally. He was "regular in his habits and a man that loved his family, home and country." Bass further stated that Martha Maranza was "a woman with a well balanced mind, very kind and affectionate toward her family and friends." Their children:

i. James Bassell born 16 Nov. 1855; m. (1) Amanda Pruitt, 15 Jan 1872 Marriage annulled (2) Victoria Neill 21 Dec. 1879

ii. William M. born 28 Aug. 1857; d. 2 Feb. 1931; m. (I) Mary Etta Neill 13 Feb 1879. (2) annie Joe Young 15 Oct 1882.

iii.John Randolph (Bob) ‚ born 17 Dec. 1859; d. 11 June. 1937; m. (1) Nannie Curtis 21 August 1882 (2) Florence Speak.

iv. Robert Lee (General) born 13 June 1862; d. 15 June 1921; m. 13 June 1888 Margaret Tommie Broughton b. 24 June 1861; d. 28 Sept 1946

v. Sally Elizabeth (Sally) 1867; m. Dr. Asberry Mackie 28 Dec. 1882

vi. Roxana (Roxie) 29 Oct 1868; d. 3 May 1922. in Myrtle Springs Cem. ; m. (I) John Wesley Phillips 14 Dec. 1890 (2) Dr. Mackie

vii. Tallulah (Eula). 23 Dec. 1871; m. Judge W.F. Freeman 18 Feb. 1889; d. 10 Feb.. 1898; bur. Athens City Cemetery

viii. Dewitt Talmadge born 6 July 1874; d. 6 Dec. 1963; m. 15 April 1900 Drusilla Dixon b. 1 Dec. 1877; d. 12 Mar 1963. Bur. Myrtle Springs Cemetery.

ix. Martha Maranza 8 Feb. 1880; m. Tom Henry Bell; bur. Shelby Chapel Cemetery Henderson County, Tx. IMG SRC="j.w.and bassgauntt.jpg"<>/CENTER>

Robert Lee Gauntt

Robert Lee (R.L.) was born 13 June 1862 to John Washington and Martha Maranza Owen Gauntt in Henderson County, Texas. He was known as "General" because of his name. He was reared and schooled in the New York-Fincastle area. His father, John W., farmed the landoriginally preempted in 1859 by Luke Gauntt, pioneer fromNewberry County, South Carolina ca. 1851. R. L. or " General" as he was called, tried farming first. Legend says that when the boys reached a certain age, they had to leave home to make a living. R. L. went to Uncle James to farm. He netted only $80.00 for the year so he decided he had enough farming and came to Athens where he went in the grocery business with his brother, Bill Gauntt,in 1884

The first store was only a lean-to in which the customers had to stand at the counter and be served by the proprietors from the shelves. They also served bowls of chili, stew, etc. The business prospered and another brother, J. R. (Bob)Gauntt, entered the business which was known as " R. L. Gauntt Brothers" or The Chaney Tree because there was a large Chinaberry tree in front. In 1910, this building burned, and a new brick building onNorth Prairieville Street was built. This is the building now known as the Jap Lucas building. R. L. then bought his brother's ( Bob) part, by trading property at the top of Larkin Street. Bob Gauntt also built the Faulk-Gauntt Building next to the grocery store in 1896 which is now The Henderson County Historical Museum.

R. L. built two homes in Athens, both of which are still standing. One is on Larkin Street which was built around 1903. He bought a small house on this lot about 1888 and remodeled it into a two story home The upper part of this house burned in the 1930's. In 1918, he traded some mercantile goods for the front part of a house at 410 East Corsicana Street with a Mr. Garrett. The back part was added on with Dewitt Owen as the carpenter. The family moved into it before it was completed. The family enjoyed many fine things that he provided, including a fine buggy which they went riding and visiting in every Sunday. They also had one of the first automobiles in Athens.

R. L. met Miss Margaret Tomie Broughton at the home of Mrs.Dull Averiett, famed for having named Athens. Her father, E.T. Broughton II, had practiced law here before the Civil War, and her mother was a friend to Mrs. Averiett. R.L. and Tomie were married in her mother's home in Tyler,Texas the 13 of June (His birthday) 1888. An account of their marriage was published in the Athens Review. They were both members of the First Baptist Church in Athens.He was a deacon for many years, giving generously of time and money to the Church. In the building built in 1918, astained glass window was given by them in memory of her mother, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Broughton.

R. L. died in 1921 at the age of 59. In those days when a prominent citizen died, all of the stores in town closed, an they did for him. In his eulogy for the service, Brother M. L. Fuller said, " Our city is the loser by the death of R.L.Gauntt. It is one thng to lose a good businessman, but the loss is infinitely greater when we, likewise, lose a good citizen". Judge B.C. Hall, in a letter to the Review, paid tribute with these words, "If General Gauntt had any enemies, I never knew. I never saw him out of humor, always optimistic and jolly. He was a good boy and made a noble man, one of the few among thousands, who made a successful merchant."

The store contined in business, run by his sons, Douglas and Milton Gauntt. Milton died in 1936, and Douglas continued to run it. Upon the death of Mrs. R. L. Gauntt in 1946, he became sole proprietor. In 1954, it closed as the third oldest business in town.Tomie Broughton Gauntt devoted her life to her children, home and church. Shortly before her death in 1946, she had been honored by the First Baptist Church for being a member for 57 years. She loved flowers and always had a garden and roses in her yard. She was known by her grandchildren as " Mammy".

The children of R. L. and Margaret Tomie Gauntt were all born in the house on Larkin Street

i. Edward Broughton Gauntt, born 22 March 1890; married Lindsay Hart.

ii. John Douglas Gauntt, born January 1892; married Minnie Morgan 12 Sept 1916.

iii. Robert Milton Gauntt, born 20 January 1894; never married; worked in the grocery store all his life; died 16 Sept. 1936.

iv. Mary Lee Gauntt, born 20 February 1896; married Kenneth Greer Anderson 4 April 1923; died 19 May 1973.

v. Martha Owen Gauntt born 30 December 1899; married C. E. Antle.

vi. Salena Elizabeth Gauntt, born 14 March 1901; married W. Reagan Scroggins,

1888 - MARRIED - 15 June 1888 - THE REVIEW, Athens

The Marriage Bells of Athens and Tyler

Mr. R. L Gauntt of Athens and Miss Tommie Broughton of Tyler, were married on Wednesday, the 13th at the residence of the bride's mother in Tyler. The young couple arrived in the city Thursday morning and are now domiciled in Dr. Johnson's new residence. Several young gentlemen of Athens attended the wedding and report an enjoyable time. THE REVIEW extends thanks to the newly married couple for some elegant cake.

Miss Broughton's father was one of the most able attorneys in the state and before his death was first at the Tyler bar. Miss Broughton is a young lady of accomplished mind and manners and in society is refined and elegant. Of noble family she possesses all the qualifications that become the loving, faithful and helping wife.

Mr. Gauntt has been identified with Athens for several years and he is known as one of the most enterprising and industrious young men in the town. To know the Mr. Gauntt is to like him. He is one of the most honest men in the world. Is kind, gentle and affable and we assure Miss Broughton that she has secured a husband that will treat her like a queen.

THE REVIEW extends its sincere hope that they may enjoy a long peaceful, happy and prosperous life and that the allotted three score and ten years may pass over their heads lightly and leave no trace of the care and anxiety thrust upon man by the cruel winds of adversity. May life be true, real, earnest and sweet to them and may the false mirage of luxurious ease, which is only seen in real life as _________ in the desert of despair vanish like myths and leave them true happiness of faithful love.

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