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JAMES GREER, the progenitor of this lineage is recorded in Maryland's EARLY SETTLERS BOOK, 18, Folio:

"James Grear, transported November 2 1675, by Samuel Gibbons, who proved his right unto four thousand-five hundred acres of land due him for transporting ninty persons, herein mentioned into the Province to inhabit. Before me.....Charles Calvert."

The next reference to a James Grear (Greer, Grayer, Grier, etc.) is :

"June 6, 1687. to all Christian people, to whom these presents shall come... I, Arthur Taylor of Gunpowder River, in Baltimore County, Maryland, Planter, for and in consideration and hereunto especially moving and do by these presents, give, grant, alein, enfoff their heirs and assigns, unto James Grear and Ann, his wife, their heirs and assigns forever, 75 acres of land being a part of a greater tract of 300 aces belonging to the said Arthur, and called, Arthur's Choice:, lying and being situated in Baltimore County, and on the south side of a branch of the Gunpowder River, called Bird Run, beginning at a red oak standing on the said river and running from said oak bounding with ...run...east-north- east-53 perches by a line into the woods for length 300... thence by a lined down west-south-west from the end south- south-east-east-east to line 53 perches.... his Witness: Signed Arthur x Taylor Samuel Sickelman mark A-- Thompson "

Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland, R.M. #H. S. Folio 261

Arthur Taylor was the oldest son of one John Taylor. (See The Taylors) On August 20, 1683, 300 acres of land known

as Arthur's Choice was surveyed for Arthur Taylor, same being on ye south side of west branch of the Gunpowder River, only one of several land holdings Arthur Taylor had. ( Index: Ann Arundel and Baltimore Counties Rent Rolls, Vol. 2 Folio 416)

Later transfers which concerned this portion of Arthur's Choice show the 75 acres owned by James Grear, and his wife, Ann, came into the possession of Lawrence Richardson as " custodian for ye Orphans of James Grear and now in possession of Oliver Harriott ." Since the plural " Orphans" was used, it is believed there might have been another son. Torrence states that perhaps the Joseph who died in Prince George County, Maryland and had a will dated 8 August 1715. But a more recent researcher has shown that Joesph was born before James married Sarah Day.

It is believed then that James Grear died without a will, and his wife, Ann Grear, married as her second husband, Lawrence Richardson. She was the wife of Lawrence Richardson at the time he held in trust the 75 acres of Arthur's Choice" for John, ye orphan, son of James Greer." She was the wife of Oliver Harriot at the time he held them in custody, and she was still living the 14 March 1714 when John and Sarah Day Greer sold the land to Mark Guisard:

"Be it remembered that on 4 March 1714, came Ann Harriott, mother of said Greer and Sarah, his wife, both of whom being privately examined by Luke Raven, Gent., one of the Justices of the City Court of Baltimore County, acknowledged all their rights of dower to the within mentioned, bargained and sold land and improvements on the premises of said Greer, likewise acknowledged in open court to the act of assembly. Signed by John Stokes. Book T. R. # A, Folio 333 Transcribed from Liber 15 Folio 296-7.

In his treatment of Oliver Hariott in Baltimore County Families, Barnes states he married (1) by 13 June 1711, Ann, widow of Lawrence Richardson, and that she died 13 May 1716. They had at least one child, Richard who married Mary ______. and had at least two children.

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    End Notes and References -- First Generation

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3. Letter from Glenn Greer, descendant of Joseph d. 1715.

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2. JOHN GREER, son of James and Ann Taylor, was born ca. 1688 according to most researchers. He was on the 1706 Baltimore County, Maryland, on the south side of the Gunpowder River.

The deposition given by Ann Harriott in 1714 that she was the mother of John Greer was given when he sold the 75 acres hel in trust known as "Arthur's Choice" to Walter Bosley states:

"John Greer of Baltimore, Co., Md., planter, has received rent from and sells to Walter Bosley 75 acres, being a Part of Arthur's Choice, in Baltimore County on the south side of Gunpowder River, called Bird's Run........". (The entire description is exactly as shown in the grant from Arthur Taylor to James and Ann Greer.)

In August of 1718, John Taylor and John Rawlins deposed that John Greer was the reputed and supposed son of Ann and James Greer and had been born in wedlock. " John Greer testified of having been informed some fourteen or fifteen years before by his uncle, John Taylor, then deputy surveyor that the beginning tree of Heathcoat's cottage was bounded poplar tree which stood at the head of the first draft above Nicholas Day's plantation, near to an Indian cabin, and that at some small distance from where the deponent now stands(being a bounded poplar standing near the head of a great drain on the third branch on the north side of the main falls of the Gunpowder river) there appeared to have been formerly made an Indian cabin."

In 1738, John Greer deposed that he had been bitten by a rattle-snake, in the woods about 30 perches above the mouth of Long Green River, and, further, that he was 50 years old at the time, which places his birth date at the year, 1688.

Also in Walter Bosley's land commission on "Bosleys Expectation" 1739, Folio 401, is found a deposition by John Greer in which he refers to his "Uncle James Smithers". James Smithers was the brother of Frances Smithers, second wife of Arthur Taylor, and was either John Greer's grandmother or stepgrandmother. (See the Taylors)

Another deposition taken on July 25, 1743, before the land commission held to determine the bounds of a tract called "Thomson's Tott", laid for George Thompson. John Taylor had "lived on the south side of Gunpowder River near the ferry about 30 years ago and afterward went to Carolina, and if now living, would be seventy-eight and had shown the deponent a bounded black and red oak which this deponent now sheweth us, fairly bounded by three trees, the aforesaid oak stands of the east side of a swampy stream descending into Momigold Run" ( Now Honeygo Run).

John Greer was actively acquiring land from 1718 to 1720 and selling it from 1747 to 1748. Greer's Park, 100 acres, rent 4 shillings, surveyed to John Greer, 3 February 1718 lying on the Great Falls of Gunpowder River in Baltimore County, patented to said Greer, March 6 1732. This 100 acres was transferred to Mark Guisard, April 5, 1748 and Sarah, his wife, did not sign deed.

Also Greer's Improvement, 58 acres, rent 2 shillings, 6 pence was surveyed for John Greer January 4, 1720, lying on the north side of the main falls of the Gunpowder River. He also transferred this to Mark Guisard the same date as above.

Still another was Greer's Discovery, 92 acres, rent 0-3-8 1/2, surveyed January 24 1720, lying on the north side of the Main Falls of Gunpowder River, Patented to Thomas Greer, and transferred to Mark Guisard 2 March 1747. No wife signed dower. It is assumed then that Sarah Day Greer died prior to this date. No further records have been found of John Greer since the 1748 date.

Sarah Day was the daughter of Nicholas Day I and wife, Sarah Day whose will states that her daughter, Sarah was the wife of John Greer. (See The Days.) John Greer and Sarah Day are said in some sources to have married in St. John's Parish Protestant Church in 1704.


i. JAMES 3 GREER born ca. 1709 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married Elizabeth Wright, widow in St. John's Parish Episcopal church in Joppa. His will dated 12 July 1742 and proven 5 August is recorded i Baltimore,Md.,reads: "being weak...first to my good friend Henry Adams my best gun for ten years, then to my son-in-law Abraham Wright....all the rest and residue to my wife, Elizabeth Greer and her child S suposed to be with her (if not) then to youngest son, Jacob Wright to them and theirs forever. wife, Elizabeth, was appointed executrix. Witnesses: Richard Caswell, William Bond and Cathrine Adams. Elizabeth may have later married Jacob Davice 6 February 1754 in St. John's Parish records, p. 193. It is not known if James had a child posthumously.

ii. WILLIAM 3 GREER b. ca. 1710 m. Ann Fitch. (More later)

iii. MOSES 3 GREER b. ca. 1712; appears in Baltimore County deeds and made deposition in which he stated that on 13 Sept 1777, he was now of the county of Pittsylvania, Va.,...formerly of this county and that about 45 years ago there he was sent by his father to go to a large oak and stay until Mr. Snowden, the surveyor came. He further states that he and his brother, Aquilla, carried the chains, and Mr. Snowden paid them 10 shillings for doing so. It is recorded in St. John's Parish Records, p. 208 that Moses Greer married Mary Bailey. also recorded is that Moses and Mary Greer had a son, Aquilla b. 9 Sept. 1760. Not proved that it is this Moses Greer. One source states they also had a son, Laurence, OR Lowrander,7 June 1757.

iv. JOHN 3 GREER born ca. 1714 on Gunpowder in Baltimore County, Maryland married Sarah (Elliot?) and had issue: This John is claimed by some to be the one who was in North Carolina by 1756.

a. Aquilla Greer born 29 July 1737.

b. John Greer married Elizabeth :

1b. Catherine b. 26 Dec. 1764 m. 31 July 1782,
       Thomas Lamdin
2b. Moses Greer b. 21 June 1766.
3b. Aquilla Greer b. 10 July 1768.
4b. John Greer b. 10 July 1768.

Another source gives that John who married Sarah was summoned by the vestry of St. John's Parish for unlawful cohabitation with Chloe Jones.

4. v. AQUILLA 3 GREER born ca. 1716-19; married Elizabeth whose name has been variously said to be Lowe, Smith, Haynes or Bandy. Since they married ca. 1739, it seems more logical that she was Elizabeth Lowe. Two of his brothers married Lowe sisters thought to be the daughters of William Lowe, Jr. (More later.) Aquilla Greer is on the 1752 Halifax County, Va. Tithables list.

vi. SARAH 3 GREER, born 16 February 1721; said to have died young.

vii. ANN 3 GREER born February 16 1721, twin to above; married John Starke 10 July 1738 in St.John's Parish Church. John died Franklin County, Va. Children:

a. Mary, born 1739
b. John, born 12 Feb 1741; married Elizabeth Greer,
      daughter of Aquilla and Elizabeth Greer
c. Elizabeth, born 1744
d. Joshua, born Dec. 1744
e. Jesse, born 1761.
f. Joel, born 1763; married Jane Jackson
g. William, born 1765; married Elizabeth Webb
h. Jonathan, born 1775; married Jane
i. Joseph, born 3 Feb 1780; married Sarah Hampton.

viii. BENJAMIN 3 GREER, born 6 January 1727, son of John and Sarah Greer, married 2 January 1745 Rachel Lowe. A Benjamin Greer was in Halifax County, Virginia in 1752 on the Tithables list.

ix. JOSEPH 3 GREER married Ann Lowe in St.John's Parish 18 August 1750. A Joesph Greer was on the Tithables list in Halifax County,Va.in 1752. A Joseph also was in Bedford County, Va. on the Stanton River adjoining Aquilla Greer in 6 March 1771; (More later)


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Aquilla Greer

Aquilla 3 Greer (John, James) was born ca. 1719 on the Gunpowder River, Baltimore County, Maryland. He is first recorded in Baltimore County when he and his brother, Moses Greer, helped to survey some land on Broad Creek at the direction of heir father, John Greer. Mr. Snowden, the surveyor paid them 10 shillings for the work.

On November 16 1743, Charles Carroll of Annapolis, Maryland leased Aquilla Greer 100 acres of land in Baltimore County for which he paid 100 pounds of tobacco per year. This lease was to run during the life of Aquilla, his wife, Elizabeth, and his daughter, Sarah. From Liber I.S. No. A, folio p. 297, Baltimore county, Md. is the following:

"Charles Carroll of Annapolis Md. to Aquilla Greer of the same, 16 November 1743, lease of land called, Chilmalira:* lying in Baltimore County, beginning at an an oak, two bunches of Cat's tails...100 acres for use of three following persons: Aquilla Greer, Elizabeth Greer and Sarah Greer, yielding and paying to Charles Carroll to December 10th the quality...of good clear merchantable tobacco of fresh and ground leaves to be delivered to a convenient land on Gunpowder river in convenient casues... and two capons, should they be asked; not to sell or dispose of timber. The said Aquilla Greer also convenants for himself, his heirs and assigns, the mother, his heirs of assigns, shall not suffer more hands to work or till the demised premises than himself, his wife and children and one servant and in case his children are incapable of work, then take in two servants." The lease included house and plantation.

One source states that this is the place that probably all his children were born except Sarah. About 1753 he removed to Virginia along with some of his brothers and families. In Halifax County, Virginia, it is recorded that Aquilla, John and Company were granted a survey which was filed in 1757. Another source says that the land was 50 acres granted by King George III on Grassy Hill, next to David Griffith and was first in Lunenberg County and later fell into Halifax County, then Pittsylvania County and then Franklin County. According to Sylvester Greer, it was located near the town of Rocky Mount in that County. He is also quoted as owning 400 acres of land on Bull Run Creek, adjoining John Gilman surveyed April 16 1754 granted July 5 1780. Brother John also was granted 100 acres on branches of Maggoty Creek in 1751, and John and Joesph were granted 400 acres on Lick Branch in 1753 while brother Benjamin was granted land on 10 May 1760. In Lunenburg County deeds, it shows that Aquilla Grier was granted 110 acres on the SS Staunton River on the 8-20 1760. On March 12, 1761 in Bedford County, Virginia, Aquilla, John Greer and Stephen English took inventory of the estate of John Anthony.

In 1771, John, Aquilla & Joseph sold land in Halifax County, and on the 13 Sept 1777, Aquilla and son, William, took an oath of allegiance in Henry County, Virginia.In Vol 9 of the Virginia Historical Magazine, p. 140; his age is given as 58 and Wm. Greer's as 29. It is recorded in the Virginia Magazine of History that his age was 62 years; public claims made by him are that he furnished food, and beef for soldiers on the 2 0f August 1781. Henry Haynes, also took the oath with his sons. His age is given as 78, William Haynes' as 50, while George Haynes was 40.

On November 23, 1782 the following Greers were named in petition of Bedford County Freeholders and others residing on the south side of Staunton to divide Bedford and Henry Counties further in Franklin County: Moses Greer, Sr., Moses greer, Jr., William Greer, Thomas Greer, Aquilla Greer, James Greer, Greenberry Greer and Vinson Greer. Also listed were John Haynes, Samuel Smith, Thomas Smith and William Smith, mentioned because the wife of Henry Haynes was Mary Smith, the daughter of Guy Smith. Four of the children of Aquilla Greer married children of Henry Haynes and Mary Smith Haynes.

On November 20, 1783, Aquilla Greer and wife, Elizabeth with John Haynes & wife Sarah sold 660 acres on the east side of the Staunton River.

Sometime after this they left Virginia and are found in Wilkes County, Georgia, where James and Vinson, sons of Aquila, bought land on Buffalo Creek from George Lumpkin in 1786. Aquilla Greer is on the 1789. The Tax Digest of Greene County, Georgia, where he made his will, dated 8 April 1790 and proved 30 October 1790. In his will, he named his wife, Elizabeth and the following children:

End Notes and References

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FOURTH GENERATION -- TheChildren of Aquilla and Elizabeth

1. SARAH 4 GREER, born ca. 1740, daughter of Aquilla and Elizabeth Greer, in Baltimore County, Maryland, is thought to have been the wife of Henry Haynes, Jr., born 1735 in Caroline County, Virginia. In his will, dated 5 Sept 1810, he does not mention his wife by name. Children named are:

i Parminas Haynes the tract of land whereon I now live.

ii. Sally Haynes married Henry English and their children were: Henry English, Jr., Lucy, Nancy, Sally, Dinah, Polly, and Jane. Also grandson Stephen English. Named in will of Henry English Greene Co., Ga. 1816.

iii. Delilah Haynes married William Greer in Greene County, Ga. 1-15-1795.

iv. Mary Greer married David Greer, son of James and Ann Haynes Lowe. (More Later) See David Greer 5th Generation.

v. Irene Hudson

vi. Nancy Greer.

He also left Lewis Autry five dollars in cash. William Greer, Henry Greer and Parminas English were the Executors and date of will was 2 November 1809; signed & sealed in presence of William Greer, Ezekiel Robins, Dinah (x) English, Vincent Haralson, John Decker. And proved in open court 5 Sept 1810 by witnesses above.

Sources : 1. Boddie," The Haynes of Virginia", Vol. XVIII, p. 76-7. 2. Descendants of Stephen English. __________________

2. JAMES 4 GREER (Aquilla, John, James) was born in Baltimore County, Maryland 15 January 1742 . James Greer married Ann Haynes Lowe, the daughter of Henry Haynes. During the Revolutionary War, he was lieutenant in the militia of Bedford county, Virginia. A full biography of James Greer follows later in this text.

3. Aquilla, Jr., m. Elizabeth Bandy; died before father. Son, William in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. 1796.

4 William 4 Greer born 29 January 1748, probably in Maryland; married ca 1772 Mary Jane Haynes, born 2 Sept 1753 in Virginia, daughter of Henry Haynes, Sr. and wife, Mary. He is probably the William Greer who witnessed the will of Henry Haynes in 1784 in Bedford Co. Va. He had land on the Oconee River in Greene County, Ga. He died 24 Sept 1812 in Greene County; Mary Jane (Jean) died 26 Sept 1812. Known children were:

i. Abraham Greer b. 8 Feb. 1775 married Betsy Beasley 22 January 1798 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He was in Greene County, Ga.until 1830 census,and in Noxubee County, Ms, by 1840. His wife was dec'd. betweem 1830 and 1840. This family has been thoroughly covered in J. B. Bell's book, Greer Kinsman.

ii. Henry Greer, born 14 August 1782; married 3 times:.

(1) Mary, b.16 September 1802 by whom he had eleven children; Mary died 7 Nov. 1824.

(2) Mary, b. 20 January 1825; She died 28 January leaving seven children 1838. She might have been Mary McCoy, dau. of Henry McCoy

(3) Barbara, by whom there were no children.

Henry died 10 March 1854 and is buried in Philips Graveyard, Neshoba County, Mississippi.

iii. Lucy Greer, born 14 February 1785; Married Frederick Hudson.

iv. William 5 Greer, Jr., born September 22 1787, Greene County, Georgia married 24 March 1808 Delilah (Delia) Haynes, daughter of Delia Greer, daughter of Aquilla I and Elizabeth, and Parmenas Haynes. She was born Feb 1788; d. 11 Feb 1845. (More later) William died 23 March 1848 in Shuqualak, Noxubee County, Miss.(More later)

v. Mary Greer born 21 Sept 1790 Greene County,Ga.married Jeremiah Ragan born 8 February 1788. Mary died 6 October 1826 Greene Co., Ga. and Jeremiah died 31 January 1827. Children:

a. Jane Haynes Ragan born 1 April 1813 Greene County Ga. married James H.. Greer (More Later)

b. Ann Atkins Ragan born 26 Feb. 1816 Greene County, Ga.; married Henry Franklin Greer,

c. Lucy Sophronia Ragan born 6 December Greene County, Ga.; married Henry O. Beasley; on 1850 Noxubee County, Ms. census.

5. Elizabeth 4 Greer, daughter of Aquilla Greer I and Elizabeth, married John Starkey, son of John Starkey and Ann Greer, born 12 Feb 1741; died in Oglethorpe County, Ga. in 1818. Children: i. Nancy Starkey married November 21,1814 Parmenas English of Oglethorpe County, Ga.

ii. John Starkey

iii. Drusilla Starkey married 22 March 1796 Isaith Lowe.

iv. Gideon Starkey married 10 June 1806 Sally Beavers.

v. Betsy Starkey married November 12 1806 Isaac Ray.

vi. Sarah Starkey married November 1814 John Johnson of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.


6. Vinson 4 Greer, son of Aquilla I and Elizabeth was in Georgia by 1786 when he bought land from George Lumpkin which later became Oglethorpe County. In 1797 he is listed in Georgia Tax Digest as Vinson Green in Greene County in same district as Asel.In 1793 he bought land from Walton Harris in Greene County, Georgia. He died in Greene County. There is a deed in Greene County, Ga. Vincent Greer to Henry Haynes March 15, 1804; rec. May 4 1810. Bk 5/p.407.

Estate records exist for Vinson Greer in Green County, Ga., Oct 19 1805 in which a James Greer applied for letters of adm. on estate of Vinson Greer, dec'd. The appraisement of the estate of Vinson Greer was made by Henry English, Wm. Greer, Henry Haynes recorded 1 April 1806. The granting of the letters of adm. was not on page given. No wife or any children given.

I speculate that the James Greer who applied as administrator was probably a son. .

In 1810, the estate records are given of a James Greer who had a son Vinson, still a minor in 1815. Nancy Greer and James Reynolds first applied for letters of Administration. James Greer had children: Elizabeth, Vincent Greer, Sarah, Henry H.Greer, Nancy J. Greer who were all in school. William Greer was named guardian. (Which William?) One Henry H. Greer appears on the 1830 census in Greene County. James Greer married Nancy Reynolds in Greene County.

One source (Bell) states that it was Vinson, Sr.'s son,, Vinson, Jr., whose estate record, 1827-8, is in Greene County. Joseph Bledsoe applied November 19 1827 for letters of Administration to the estate of Vincent Greer. On 14 January, David Greer and William Greer, Executors, were administrators of the estate of Vincent Greer, deceased. On May 5, 1828 David Greer, as administrator of his estate, sold two negroes, Dick and Amascha. There is no Vincent Greer on the 1820 Greene Co., Ga. census.

Vincent, Jr.'s children, named by Bell, are:

i. Sarah b. 1805 d. 1826 m. 19 December David Greer 1791-1855.

ii. Elizabeth married Joseph Bledsoe in Greene County, Ga. 30 December 1819.

iii. William married Ann.

iv. Aquilla


End Notes and References

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7. Delia 4 Greer was born in Bedford County, Virginia 31 October 1758; married as his second wife December 1781, Parmenas Haynes, son of Henry Haynes, Sr. The first wife of Parmenas Haynes was Elizabeth Baber. He kept a family bible of births, marriages and deaths. A Revolutionary soldier, he came to Georgia probably at same time the time as The Greers. Parmenas Haynes died 3 March 1813.

The children by Elizabeth Baber:

i. Nancy Haynes born 10 December 1768; died 12 Nov 1843; married ( 1) 25 October 1787 James Shackleford; (2) 28 December 1797 Jesse Eley in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia.

ii. Robert Haynes born 2 November 1770 Bedford County,Va.; died 1836 Oglethorpe County, Ga. m. (1 27 Sept 1794 Bedford County, Va. Lucy Phelps, daughter of John Phelps; married (2) 16 May 1825 Elizabeth Reid, Green County, Georgia.

iii. Richard Haynes born 5 March 1773; married 4 July 1800 in Oglethorpe County, Abie Ragan, daughter of Jonathan Ragan.

Children by Delia Greer:

iv. Parmenas Haynes, Jr. born in Bedford County, Virginia 11 March 1783; died in Elysian Fields, Harrison County,Texas 1849; married 30 April 1807 Oglethorpe County, Georgia, Jane (Jenny) Phelps, daughter of Lt. John and Susannah Younger Phelps, of Bedford County, Va. He came to Harrison county, Tx. in 1845. Jane had died in Alabama in 1844. He wrote his children to come to Texas.

a. Poley Eliza Haynes b. 27 May 1808

b. John Phelps Haynes b. 4 Jan. 1812

c. William Glenn Haynes b. 1 May 1818 to Tx. 1846 d. Delia Ann Haynes b. 22 June 1815

e. Lucy Phelps Haynes b. 15 Jan 1821

f. Robert Henry Haynes b. 17 Feb. 1823

g. Sarah Janes Haynes b. 21 JUne 1825

h. Richard Parmenas b. 3 Sept 1827. Descendants still in Harrison County, Tx. in 1971.

v. Salley Haynes born 7 November 1785; married 3 September 1807, Woody Jackson.

vi. Delia Haynes, born 10 March 1788; married William Greer 24 March 1808, son of William Greer and Mary Jane Haynes. ( More later. See Wm., Greer, Jr.)

vii. Polley Haynes born 2 December 1794 married 7 April 1812 John Thorington of Oglethorpe County, Ga.

viii. Jasper Haynes born 3 November 1797; married 17 May, Lucy Slaten of Oglethorpe County.

ix. Henry Haynes born 7 August 1800; died 16 October 1825?-

End Notes and References

1. Jeanette Holland Austin, Georgia Bible Records, Genealogical Publishing Company, Balt., Md. p.310-311

2. Supplement to History of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

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8. Asel, 4 (Asa, or Yel) Greer born ca. 1750 in Virginia probably Lunenburg County, son of Aquilla I and Elizabeth Greer m. Mary Ann Lowe, daughter of Ann Haynes Lowe and her first husband, Samuel? Lowe. An unpublished paper of James Micajah Greer, grandson of James Greer, Jr. states that his uncle, David Searcy remembers visiting in the home of Asel and Mary Ann ca. 1825,and refers to Asel as being old at that time. On the 1820 Greene County, Ga. census Azel is enumerated with one w m 26-45, 1 w m 45 over, and Females ages 1 under 10, 3f 10 -16, 2f 16-18 and one 16-26. Estate papers are on file in Clarke County, Georgia, 1828- 37. John James and Mary Ann Greer are named as Administrators. William Greer contests in 1837 and is made administrator. Some known children:

i. Edmund Greer born 13 April 1788; married Frances Hodnett January 31 1810 in Greene County, Georgia.

ii. Nancy Greer b. 28 August 1791; died 28 August 1854; m. 23 Dec. 1819 to Thomas C. Winn, Greene County, Ga.

iii. Aquilla Greer born 1793 Greene County., Georgia; died ca. 1869 Drew county,Ark.; married Mary Williams, born 1795 South Carolina, 16 February 1818 Oglethorpe County,Georgia. iv. Matilda Greer

v.Jane Greer born 27 May 1798 ; d. 15 June 1843; married 14 April John Garrett b. 24 March 1794 N.C.; d. 15 November 1852; buried Cusseta Cemetery, Chambers County, Al. Possible other children given by Bell: vi. Lucy Greer m. James Thompson 1828.

vii. Mary Greer m. Henry James 1825 (2) John Sturdivant 1832 viii. Priscilla Greer m. 1833 John James.

ix. Sarah m. James Hodnett.(from estate records)

x. William m. Mary Hodnett (estate records)

07. JAMES 4 GREER ( Aquilla, John, James) was born in Baltimore County, Maryland 15 January 1742 and is assumed to have resided on the Chilmalira Tract leased by his father Aquilla from Charles Carroll in 1743 until he removed with his father and family to Lunenburg County, Virginia in that part that later became Pittsylbania, Bedford and Henry Counties. At that time he would have been about 11 years old. |From 1769 there are several deeds in Bedford County where James Greer bought land from his father, Aquilla. During the Revolutionary War, he was lieutenant in the militia of Bedford county, Virginia. On the 24th September 1781, James Greer was recommended as Lieutenant of the Virginia Militia in Bedford County. On November 23, 1782 a James Greer is listed along with other Greers in Henry County in a petition to divide Bedford and Henry further into Franklin County. It is not proven that this is Lt. James in the last two items, but is a possibility.

James Greer married Ann Haynes Lowe, the daughter of Henry Haynes who moved from Orange county, Virginia to Bedford about the same time as Aquilla I and family. They married in the Bedford County Quaker Meeting House 28 April 1767. Parmenas Haynes, her brother, was security. She was the widow of (sources differ on first name) of Ansel? Lowe. She had two children by Lowe: Stephen who is said to have fought in the Revolution and Mary Ann Lowe who married the brother of James, Asel Greer. Ann, also called Nancy, was born probably in Orange County, Virginia 2 May 1744. Her father, Henry Haynes, Sr., left will dated 5 March 1784 in Henry County; proven 23 December 1784 in which he names children by their married names and also granddaughter, Mary Ann.

The Greers and Haynes left Virginia soon after Henry Haynes estate was settled. In the estate sale of Henry Haynes, Sr., Parmenas Haynes and Henry Haynes, Jr., both of whom married daughters of Aquilla Greer I, bought items. The estate sale was held 16 January 1785. Aquilla, James and Ann, William are seen to be selling their land about this time also. See Deed Records later.

In Early Records of Georgia, George Lumpkin and wife, Ann, sold James Greer 600 acres on Buffalo Creek adj. Vines Collier and John Lumpkin April 15 1786. The Lumpkins also sold Vinson Greer, James' brother, 150 acres. On 22 April 1796, James Greer and Ann, his wife of Oglethorpe sold Edward Powell of same for 150 lbs. sterling 320 acres, part of the tract James Greer had bought from Lumpkin described as being the upper plantation of the waters of Buffalo Fork of Long Creek, adjoining land of John Milner, Isaac Collier, John Gresham, Alexander Hawkins, Nicholas Hawkins and Parmenas Haynes. On the same day he sold John Powell 2800 acres, the lower end of this tract for 150 lbs.

James Greer went to Jackson County after leaving Oglethorpe. This is proved by deed dated 24 March 1800 when he bought a tract of land from John Cobb of Jefferson County, Georgia for 500 dollars which was situated in the county of Jackson on the waters of Davis Creek, it being a part of a tract that Absalom Autry bought of John Cobb containing 550 acres. The deed was recorded April 1804 and witnessed by R.Easley and Jesse Heard. A deed between James Greer of Clark county and John Cobb of Richmond County, Georgia, dated 30 September 1803 was for land in Clarke for 130 acres more less, being part of a survey of 1600 acres granted to Richard Hugh Banks for which Greer paid $ 260. It was recorded 10 March 1804 with Wm. Hopkins, J.P. and Thomas Bankston, J. P. as witnesses. In 1804 County Court Minute book under Road business: road from Jackson County line near James Greer, Esq. to Green County line to Fitzpatrick Ferry be open and repaired. Overseers: James Greer, Esq., Willoughby Hammon Francis Arnold- James Greer from beginning of Lanes Creek Hammon thence to Freeman's Creek, Arnold thence to Green County Line.

Several other deeds for James Greer were not recorded until 1838 probably when his estate was being settled. One of these was from Benjamin Ward for 100 acres on the waters of The Appalachee river joining Phelps & Shepherd for the sum of $100.00. Witnesses were P. Haynes, Jesse Canida and H Boling, J. P. Another was for 80 acres for which he paid Edmund $100. 00. In this deed he is referred to as James Greer, Esq., and the land adjoined his line. The date was the 14th January 1822.

A deed in 1804 from James Greer, Jr. to James Sr., both of Clarke County, Georgia for 30 acres and the price of $100.00 was witnessed by Henry Greer and Benjamin Ward is also described as being on Davis Creek and bounded by land on the north by said James Greer, Benjamin Ward on the west, on the south by Henry Greer & east by Brewer. Again in 1807 he bought 27 acres more or less from James Gilmore on Davis Creek, it being part of tract conveyed from Richard Eubanks to John Cobbs which was also on Davis Creek . J. Tillery, A.H. Evans and H. Boling, J.P. witnessed. Another 100 acres was bought in 1813 from John Hopkins of Bedford County, Tennessee for $50.00 which also bounded Greer's line. Aquila (?) Ramey and J.Boling, J. P. witnessed this. all of these last indentures were not recorded until 29 October 1938 including the last one below which is part of the land his son, Aquilla, inherited:

"This Indenture made this twenty third day of September eighteen hundred and sixteen between William Smith, and James Greer both of the County of Clark and State of Georgia witnesseth that the said Smith for and consideration of the sum of eight Hundred Dollars in hand paid by the aforesaid Greer,this receipt of which is hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold and by these presence do bargain & sell unto James Greer one certain tract of parcel of land situated & lying in the County of Clark and State aforesaid and bounded as follows viz, Begining at Red oak fell down now persimmon thence N. 15 w 76 chains to post oak stump, now crabapple tree, thence s. 28 w 77 chas. 50 links to a hicory corner on Appilatchee River, thence down said river following the meanders said river to the begining at the corner containing Two Huncred and twenty seven and one half acres to him the said Greer,his heirs & assigns forever. And the said William Smith do hereby warrent and defend a good legal title to the ----hereby bargained premises with all the appertaincences thereto belonging to him the said James Greer his heirs or assigns-

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this day & year above written.

Signed Sealed & delivered in the presents of William Smith Parmenas Haynes J. B. Pendleton John Oliver

Georgia Clarke County. Personally appeared before me Parmenas Haynes & John Oliver two of the subscribing witnesses to the within Deed & being sworn on the Holy Evngelist of almight god Saith that they saw the within William Smith sign seal & deliver this within deed they subscribed the same as witnesses & saw J.B. Pendleton do the same.

In the 1807 land lottery, James Greer, Priscilla and David Greer drew land in the Hopkins Militia district in Clarke County. This was probably James Greer, Jr. as the other two were his children. James Greer also drew land in the 1820 lottery which was in Clarke County on the Oconee River. Aquilla Greer, his son, bought land in Oglethorpe County in 1809 from his Zachariah Arnold, believed to be his father-in- law. Aquilla married Martha Arnold in Oglethorpe County while several of the other children of James and Ann Greer married in Clarke ca. 1807.

James Greer died in Clarke County, Georgia . His will was dated 13 June 1825 and probated 5 September 1825. His son, Aquilla, and son-in-law, Robert Stuart, were executors. Robert Stuart as Exec'r of the estate of James Greer, dec'd, appeared in court in Walton County to claim lot 279-8 in Carroll County . Papers included appointment of Warren J. Hill as attorney with James Lindly, J.P. and Cornellius Helst as witnessess on 3 June 1843. ( The Georgia Land Lottery Papers 1804-1914)

According to an unpublished paper of Judge James Micajah Greer, a great grandson and son of of James, Jr., the plantation of James Greer was about 16 miles west of Athens, Georgia and James was buried on the old home place. Quoting from a little book of David Searcy Greer, his uncle, he states Lt. James left property to be divided at his wife's death, but on the 1st day of January, she called all of her children to meet at her house in Clarke County which most of them did, and she divided the estate, but her main object was "to get them all together once more. She was then 80 years old. The meeting at the old residence is indellibly impressed on my (David S.) mind. the place is about 16 miles westwardly from the city of Athens. In a pine country, within one hundred yards of the old dwelling are the remains of my grandfather, and within about 200 yards, I was shown the spot on which I was born, near a beautiful clear cold spring."

James Micajah Greer also states that "the family tradition and talk of his grandchildren gave Lt. James Greer the reputation of having been a man of great courage, except where his wife was concerned by whom it is said he was well managed, as were also his property interests. Through his energy, principally, they became the owners of about sixty or seventy slaves and a large quantity of land in the State of Georgia to which they moved from Bedford County, Virginia.

Grandmother died in Lowndes County, Mississippi, on the south side of the Butte Hatchie River, at her son David Greer's sometime in 1832 and was buried in an old field on her son Harry's land where several of his and Uncle David's family were buried. So said D.( David) D.(Dixon), who was the son of Uncle David and was living with his father at the time of his death." This land is now said to be in the Eastern part of Columbus Air Base in Columbus, Mississippi.

James Greer was originally buried on the family plantation, but his remains were removed and reinterred in an Athens, Georgia, Cemetery. A DAR Marker or monument was placed on it in 1978."

The children of Lt. James Greer and Ann Haynes Lowe Greer were:

i. Paisha or Parsha born 17 November 1767 married Nicholas Hawkins.

ii. Henry Greer born 11 October 1769 married Susan Tillery.

iii. David Greer born 20 January 1772 married Mary Haynes

iv. James Greer born 21 September 1774 married (1) Susannah Searcy (2 ) Mary Williams

v. Dianna Greer born 9 February 1776 married (1) Travis George (2) William Cabiness (3) Nicholas Hawkins.

vi. Nancy Greer born 30 October 1777 married Neely McCoy

vii. Elizabeth Greer born 12 May 1779; married John Beasley; was deceased before 1825; had one daughter Nancy Beasley.

viii. Sarah Greer born 10 November 1780 married ---McCoy?

ix. Aquilla Greer born 1782; married Martha Arnold in Oglethorpe County, Ga.

x. Priscilla Greer born 27 April 1783 married Robert Stuart.

xi. Lucy Greer born 9 October 1784 married John Fullilove, Jr.

xii. Delilah Greer born 20 July 1786 married (1) Bailey George (2) William McNees.


In the name of God Amen,

I James Greer of the county of Clarke and State of Georgia being sick of body but of sound mine and memory, thanks be to God for the same-But calling to mind the uncertainty of the sublunary world and that all flesh must yeald, when it pleaseth God of his great mercy to call. I do therefore make this my last will and testament as touching my goods Idispose of them in the following manner to wit,

Item 1st. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Parsha Hawkins one negro girl name Sylva,one bay mare one bed and furniture and cow and calf.

Item 2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Henry Greer one negro boy named Phill one horse and saddle, one feather bed and furniture also one cow and calf.

Item 3rd. I give and bequeath to my beloved son David Greer, one negro boy named Larvney one horse and saddle one feather Bed and furniture, also one cow and calf.

Item 4th. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son James Greer, one negro boy named Arthur,onw horse and saddle one feather Bed and Furniture also one cow & calf. Item 5th. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Dinah George, late widow of Travis George Decd & now wife of William Caviness, one negro girl name Peg,one mare and Saddle, one bed and furniture, also one cow and calf-and it is my will and desire that when the remainder of my estate after my death and the Death of my beloved wife as hereinafter mentioned, is said divided amongst my children that the part which may fall to the aforesaid Dianah Caviness remain in her possession during her life time, and at her death to be equally devided among her last children by William Caviness. I also give and bequeath to the said Dinah Caviness, one negro girl named Selvia to be disposed of at her death in the manner before mentioned of dividing her part.

Item 6th. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Nancy McCoy one negro girl named Dorcas one mare and Saddle, one bed & furniture also one cow & calf.

Item 7th. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Elizabeth Beasley decd. and her heirs one negro boy named Toney one Feather Bed & furniture one horse and Saddle one cow & calf also one negroe girl named Linda and fifty dollars to her Daughter Nancy it being in full of the residue of my estate hereinafter named so cut them off.

Item 8th. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Sarah McCoy one negro girl named Daphne,one mare and Saddle one feather bed and furniture also one cow & calf so cut her off. Item 9th. I give and bequeath unto my grand daughter Nancy Cook formerly Nancy McCoy one Negro girl named Biddy one cow and calf, one feather bed and furniture also fifty dollars and so cut her off.

Item 10th. I give and bequeath to my grandson Nealy McCoy one hundred dollars. Item 11. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Lucy Fullilove one negro girl named Cutty, one horse and Saddle one bed and furniture also one cow & calf. Item 12. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Aquilla Greer one negro boy named Jacob also one negro boy named Ben, one horse and saddle, one bed and furniture also one cow & calf.

Item 13. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Priscilla Stuart one negro boy name Barnubah one negro girl named Chaney one mare and Saddle one bed & furniture als one cow and Calf. Item 14. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Delilah McNess one Negroe boy named Isaac, one negro girl named Harritt one mare and Saddle, one feather Bed and furniture, also one cow and calf, - the balance of my estate which may fall to the aforesaid Delilah McNess to be placed in the hands of Henry Greer as Trustee for the aforesaid Delilah McNess. It is my will and desire shall be by the trustee aforesaid held and managed for the sole use and benefit of the aforesaid Delilah McNess during her natural life and after her Death said property and the proceeds thereof to be equally divided between her last children or heirs by William McNess.

Item 15th. I lend to my beloved wife Nancy Greer during her natural life the two tracts of land Plantation belonging to me, towit, the place whereon I now live and the place whereon William Smith formerly lived, also Twenty one Negros, which I have now in my possession also all my stock, of horses cattle hogs and sheep, also my riding carriage Waggon furniture and plantation tools of every description whatever, and at her death to be divided in the manner forllowing to wit- the tract of land whereon I now live containing about seven hundred acres, to my son Aquilla Greer Except so much as lies on the north side of the road leading from John Berners to Jacob Millsaps and all on the said North side of said Road to my son in law Robert Stuart, likewise to my beloved son Aquilla Greer, I give my rifle and gun and shot bag.

Item 16 to the heirs of my beloved daughter Lucy Fullilove decd.I give and bequeath the sum of six hundred Dollars so cut them off.

Item 17. My other tract of land whereon William Smith formerly lived together with all the balance of my personal property,(Negroes excepted) to be sold and the negros to be divided unto nine Lots, as near equal as possible can be, and the lots which may be deficient to be made equal out of the proceeds of the sale of the property before mentioned and each of the children hereinafter named to draw for their lot and each of the children hereinafter named to draw for their lot, and the remaining part of the proceeds of the sale aforesaid to be equally divided among the following children to wit, Parshia Hawkins Henry Greer David Greer, James greer, the heirs of Dianah Caviness to have her part equally divided among them Mancy McCoy, Aquilla Greer, Pricilla Stuart and Henry Greer trustee for Delilah McNess- and I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved son Aquilla Greer and son in Law Robert Stuart to be my Executors to this my last will and testament-

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal to this my last will and Testament this thirteenth day of June One thousand Eight hundred and twenty five and in the forty ninth year of American Independance In presence of James Greer Seal Teste William Davenport Jonett Davenport Garland Sims

Georgia ) Clarke County ) Personally appeared in open court William Davenport Jonett Davenport & Garland Sims the subscribing witnesses to the within will and being duly sworn saith that they saw James Greer Sign Seal and deliver the within instruments as his last will and Testament & that he was of sound & disposing mind and memory at the time of his so doin & that they subscribed the same as witnesses.

Sworn to in open Court) Wm Davenport the 5th September 1825

Aquilla Greer, Son of Lt. James

AQUILLA 5 GREER (Lt. James, Aquilla, John, James) was born January 1782 in Bedford County, Virginia. He married Martha ( Patsy) Arnold in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. According to family records, the date was 1 May 1810, but they applied for the marriage license January 10, 1808 which Oglethorpe County records do not show as being returned. On 31 May 1809 Zachariah Arnold sold 100 acres to Aquilla Greer on the road leading from Lexington to Washington near Richard Hayne's. Zachariah Arnold had a daughter named Martha,named in his Bible Records and to whom he left a slave in his will, but no other information on his daughter and who she married. James Greer, Aquilla's father was in Clarke County by this time. An Aquilla is found there by the 1820 census, listed on the index as Aquilla Green.

He may be the Aquilla Greer found in the list of infantrymen who fought in the War of 1812 from Clarke County. He is described as age 30, 6 ft tall with blue eyes and light hair. His father, Lt James Greer, died in 1825, leaving Aquilla much land, and Aquilla was there on the 1830 and 1840 census.

In 1816 Aquilla was named guardian of his sister, Delilah George's children, after the death of her husband, Bailey George. He also was named executor of his father's estate along with mother and brother-in-law, Robert Stuart.

In 1842 Aquilla prepared to leave Georgia and named David H. Griffith, his attorney. Griffith sold land for him then in 1844 and may have prepared his will. A copy of the will has never been found, but there are estate records in both Marshall County, Ms. and Clarke County, Georgia, which name his heirs. He died before Aug. 26 1844 when "The last will and testament of Aquilla Greer, late of Marshall County, Deceased was this day exhibited and duly proven in open court by the oath of Ephraim Hollowell, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be filed for further proof." (Marshall County Court Minutes Bk. Z, p. 290)

P. 300 - Patsy Greer, Executrix, and Robert S. Greer, Executor of the last Will and Testament of Aquilla Greer, Deceased, this day returned into court an Inventory of the goods, chattels and personal estate of said Testator made out by the appraisers heretofore appointed for such purpose which ----- and ordered by the court and ordered to be recorded. Tuesday Jan. 27, 1846 -Patsy Greer Executrix and Robert S.Greer, Executor of the last will and Testament of Aquilla Greer Deceased, having filed and presented for audition and allowances on the 1st day of September last and the court having since audition and examined the same, and caused to be properly stated and being now satisfied that the same is in all things correct, and that all the charges therein contained for which they crave allowance are fully supported by proper and valid vouchers; it is thereupon ordered that the said account be and the same as hereby allowed and ordered to be recorded.

On April 27, 1846 Aquilla Jabez Greer wards Infant children of Aquilla Greer Dec'd. Upon reading the inventory of the real and personal estate of Aquilla Greer and Jabez M. Greer filed in this court by Robert S. Greer Guardian of said minors, the court being satisfied that the same is made and sworn to in strict conformity to the estate in their behalf does thereupon order that the said inventory be approved, confirmed and recorded. ( Here, for the first time is proof that Jabez M.is a child of Aquilla and Martha Arnold)


"Patsey Greer Executrix and Robert S. Greer Executor of the last will and testament of said Aquilla greer deceased this day rendered a final account of their administration for audition and allowances, and upon upening the matter thereof it appears to the court that Patsey Greer the Executrix, Delila Ann Vanderford, wife of Allen C. Vanderford Elizabeth Stuart wife of David D Stuart, William A Greer, James Greer, Emily Cook, wife of John W.Cook Martha Jackson wife of William Jackson Aquilla Greer & Jabez M Greer, the last two named being minors and the said Robert S. Greer, Executor, their Guardian are all the legatees under the will of the said Aquilla Greer Dec'd and it appearing to the court from the affdavit of the said Executor and Executor that the said James Greer, Emily Cook, John W.Cook, Martha Jackson and Williamn Jackson are non residents of the state of Mississippi and reside beyond the jurisdiction of the court so that the process thereof cannot be served on them, it is ordered by the court that publication be made in the Holly Springs Gazette, a newspaper published in the town of Holly Springs in the State of Mississippi, citing said absent legatees to be and appear before this court on the fourth Monday of March next to then cause why the said account should not be allowed and a ---- made themselves accordingly and because it appears to the court -------- "

Such a publication did appear in the paper in December of 1846. There are also court records pertaining to land the older children received. This included Aquilla's land in Georgia, some of which he inherited from his father and also lands in Mississippi acquired from his brother, James. It would be interesting to learn what estate he left Aquilla, Jabez and his wife, Martha.

On the 1860 census, after Martha's death, both Aquilla and Jabez have real estate valued at $2,000 or more and personal estate at $8-9,000, probably slaves. On the 1880 census there were quite a number of blacks named Greer probably still living on that land.

Martha (Patsy) Arnold Greer was evidently the Martha listed household next to William A Greer, the next older son with his wife and family and her two younger sons, Jabez and Aquilla on 1850 Marshall County, Mississippi, census, age given incorrectly as 36. Records of a granddaughter, Annie Lou Houston, give her birth date as 4 September 1790, but the records of Duke Wright Greer give her birthdate as 1793. The birth record of Zachariah Arnold's daughter was October 23 1792. This would make her age 58. On the 1859 Marshall county Mississippi Mortality schedule she is listed at having died June 1860 of cholera at age 56. However family records state she died 27 November 1859. It is not known where the gravesites of either she or Aquilla are. Family records of Anna Lou Houston state Aquila died in 1843, and Duke Wright Greer states he had son named Robert, maybe called Book, but there is nothing in the estate records to prove this.

From family records, census and probate records the following are named as children of Martha (Patsy) and Aquilla Greer:

i. James R., b. ca. 1810 m. Mary Wilkes, daughter of Frances and Mary Wilkes in Green County, Alabama in 1836. On the 1850 Green County census record there is listed James R.Greer b. Ga. with children by the names of Aquilla, Roxana and Robert, born in Al; census dated 21 Nov.1850. On 20 Nov. 1850 census for Marshall Co., Ms., children by this name are in the HH of Martha Greer. My conclusion is that the children were visiting in her HH after their mother's death, and their father had just given their names as being in his HH. In 1859 Robert F. Stuart is named guardian of the children, Aquilla and Roxana. Robert Stuart was probably the son of Robert and Priscilla Greer Stuart, sister to Aquilla.

ii. William A., b ca. 1815, probably in Clarke Co., Ga. m. ca. 1833 Mary S. Griffeth. Living in Marshall County, Ms. by 1850 and still there on 1880 census. On the 1850 census the following children are listed in his household:

a. Sarah A. b. ca. 1833 Ga.
b. David A. b. ca. 1835 "
c. Martha b. ca. 1838 "
d. Mary b ca. 1841. "
e. William b. ca. 1843 "
f. Nancy b. ca. 1846 Ms.
g. James b. ca. 1849 Ms.

On the 1860 census Wm. A. Greer is living in Cornersville, Mississippi, with a new wife, Lucinda age 27, and the following children: David, age 24, Wm., age 17, Nancy d. 14, and James, age 11. Two new children are listed:

h. Charles E. b. ca. 1852
i. Eliza b. ca. 1860

A William Greer and Lucinda Mahan married in Marshall County, Ms. 8 September 1857. (I believe there are descendants of this son still in the area, but I have not been able to prove it.) He is still listed on the 1880 census.

iii. Delilah Ann, b. ca. 1818; m. 18 June 1839 in Clarke County, Ga., Allen C. Vanderford; they were on the 1850 Marshall County Census.

a. Martha J. b. ca. 1842
b. James b. ca. 1844
c. Aquilla b. ca. 1845
d. Elizabeth b. ca.1848

Also in the household were Cornelius Tucker b. Tenn. and James Cook b. Ga., age 22.(Was this another son of John Cook and Emily?)

iv. Martha b. ca.1825?; m. William Jackson in Clarke County, Ga. 14 Oct. 1841; remained in Georgia, but have not been found on a census. Said to have had a son, John Jackson, who was very wealthy and had a daughter, Ruth Jackson. They remained in Clarke Co., Ga., but visited in Mississippi. William and Martha Jackson bought the inheritance of her sister, Emily Cook. (Clarke County, Ga. Deed Records.) Martha and William are buried Jackson Cemetery, Oconee, Ga.

v. Emily, b. ca. 1820; m. 7 Feb. 1839 Clarke co., Ga. John W.Cook; said to have married (2) a Rev. Houston. they were enumerated in 1850 in Clarke Co., Ga.,p.33: John W. Cook b. Ga. age 45 and the following children all born in Ga.:

a. Georgia V. b. ca. 1841.

b. Franklin S., b. ca. 1843 -A Franklin S.Cook was in HH of Jabez, Aquilla and Eliza in 1860.s.

c. Martha A. b. ca. 1845

d. John F. b. ca. 1848.

vi. Aquilla, b. 20 Aug. 1828 Clarke C0., Ga.; m. 1851 Eliza Wright; d. 7 July 1894; lived and died in Marshall Co., Ms. (More later)

vii. Jabez Marshall, b. 20 April 1830 in Clarke Co., Ga.; m. Louisa Whaley, daughter of Alford and Mary Caroline Whaley 31 Jan. 1861. (More later)

viii. Elizabeth, b. ca.1825; m. David D. Stuart, son of Robert and Priscilla Greer Stuart. Priscilla was Aquilla II's sister. They were on the 1850 census in Marshall County, Ms. census.

David D Stuart 31 m Farmer 1250 Georgia

Elizabeth Stuart 25 F "

a. Martha P. Stuart 4 f Miss

b. Mary F Stuart 2 F "

c. Lucinda A Stuart f 10/12 "

End Notes and References

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21. PRISCILLA 5 GREER (James, Aquilla, John,James) born 27 April 1783 probably in Bedford County, Virginia to Lt James and Ann Haynes Lowe Greer married Robert Stuart 7 July 1807 in Clarke County,Georgia. Robert was born 1785 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He was the executor with Aquilla Greer II of the estate of James Greer, her father. It is thought by some researchers that Robert and Priscilla are buried in Walton County, Georgia.


i. Templeton Stuart

ii. James

iii. Robert F. (believed by this researcher to be the one in Green County, Alabama on 1850 census; married Martha Wilkes, sister of Mary Wilkes, who married James Greer, Aquilla II's son. He was named Administrator of Mary Wilkes' Estate ca. 1844 and guardian of James Greer's children in 1859 in Green County, Alabama.

iv. David married Elizabeth, daughter of Aquilla and Martha Arnold; were in Marshall County, Ms. 1850 census.

v. Isaac Stuart in Clarke County, Arkansas.

vi. Aquilla Greer Stuart married Emily B. Jordan 24 August 1843 Chambers county, Alabama; was on Clark County, Arkansas 1860 census also 1866-67 tax records there. Aquilla died 7 August 1897 Prescott, Arizona.

vii. Henry Boling Stuart

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22. LUCY 5 GREER (James, Aquilla, John, James) born 1784 married John Fullilove, Jr. A John Fullilove is on the 1820 Oglethorpe County, Ga. census. In James Greer's will, she is said to have been deceased in 1825. Bell lists these children:

i. David - A D.D.Fullilove listed in Noxubee co., Ms. 1850 age 38 M Planter $4000 Ga., with Susan F., f 24 Al. , George A. 2 M. b. Ms.; A D. D. Fullilove is buried in Carroll Co., Ms, Vaidem Cem., b. 10 23-1817 d. 2-17-1887.

ii. James G. is on the 1850 Caddo Parish Louisiana census age 41 M Planter $5800 b Ga. with Tabitha (Holmes) 28 F b. Ga., James H. 3 M b. La. Robert Holmes is listed in HH, age 34 Overseer b. Ga. (HH 42, p. 320)

iii. John F.(or T). Fullilove 39 M b. Ga., Almede, F, 30, Thos. J. M 9 b. Ga. Sarah L ., 7 f Ga. Wm. H. 3 M. La. Thomas A Mouton 23 b. Ga. (HH 43/43, p.320)

iv. William L. Fullilove 28 M Planter 2500 Ga. Elizabeth Fullilove 18 Al., Evelene 3/12 f La. (P. 320 HH 7/7)

v. Thomas J. Fullilove also in Carroll County, Ms. 8-20- 1807, d. 19-21-1888. He was an executor of Edmund Greer's estate.

There are DAR descendants both in Texas and Mississippi as Lt. James Greer descendants on the Fullilove line. See Estate Records of James Greer, Clarke County, Ga. for heirs of Lucy Fullilove.

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3. Betty Wiltshire, Carroll County, Mississippi.

4. 1850 Noxubee County, Ms. Federal Census

23. DELILAH (DELIA)5 GREER (James, Aquilla, John, James) born 20 JUNE 1786 to JAMES and ANN HAYNES LOWE Greer, probably in Georgia married (1) Bailey George 18 June 1807 in Clarke County, Georgia. Bailey was son of William George and brother of Travis George who married her sister, Dianna. Bailey George died ca. 1816 in Clarke County as Delilah George and Aquilla Greer, her brother made bond as administrators of Bailey's estate on 2 December 1816. By the 4th of January 1819, Delilah had married William McNees as they were named guardians of Mary, James, & William George with sureties being Geo W. Moore, R.Fullwood and John Williamson. On 2 Sept 1822 Robert Stewart (Stuart) was named guardian of the children with Parmenas Haynes, Richard Cox, James Langford and Edward Conner as Sureties. And on April 5 1824, John H. Lowe was name guardian of James G(Reer) George with Milner Echols as Surety.

Before 12 March 1838, they were in Green County, Alabama where on that date a bond of $20,000 was made by James G. George to administer the Estate of William McNees. Delilah had renounced her right to administer the estate. On the 20 July 1846, the court received and released from Delilah McNees to James G. George as the administrator of Wm McNees, dec'd, dated 22 June 1846. James G. George, Samuel C. McNeese and James Greer,(son of Aquilla, her brother).

Delilah McNees was on the 1850 census Green County, Alabama census as were Robert F.Stuart, probably the son of sister Priscilla who married Robert F. Stuart, Sr. and James Greer, mentioned above. She went to Noxubee County, Ms. where her sons, James Greer and Samuel McNees settled before 1855 where she left a will.

Children by Bailey George:

i. Mary George

ii. William George- Did he marry Mary McCoy, daughter of Neely McCoy and Nancy Greer McCoy and died in Chambers County, Al.?

iii. James Greer George born 1812; married 12 December 1831 Green County, Alabama Pamela E. Hutton; died 1851. She died 23 December 1895.


a. Kate married a Hatter

b. Josephine married Steve Brown.

c. Mary born 1835 married Steve Cook d. Nancy W. born 1840 e. Jane C. born 1843.

By William McNees:

iv. Samuel C. McNees gave receipt of his share of the estate 8 July 1846. He married Mary W. Beasley and had at least two children.

a. James Beasley McNees born 9 October 1857; married Leona Amanda Kirk Born 24 Dec. 1862 Handle, Ms. They lived in Shuqualak, Ms, then Hashuqua where he was a merchant, then back to Shuqalak in 1898. He died 1926; She died 1903. they were the parents of Lucien L. McNees, born 12 June 1902 in shuqulak, Ms. and a well known Mississippi genealogist.

b. Annie Delilah McNees, born 11 January 1847 Green County, Al. ; married 16 January 1868 in Shuqualak, Ms., Louis Lafayette Anderson, who bought the house that Samuel Clayton McNees built in 1859. Annie Delilah McNees died 24 Feb 1899 and L. Anderson died 19 Aug. 1912.

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