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The Owen Family


Very little new information has been found on David and Mary Owen since Bonner Frizzell's book, The David Allen Owen Family History. But three descendants have concluded, separately, that David was the son of John Owen of Chester County, S.C. There are many circumstantial evidences that suggest this. These are the facts that Allen Knight's wife , Mary Elizabeth Foreman, was the sister of William Foreman who m. Betsy Owen, sister of David, son of John Owen. Allen Knight was living in close proximity in Chester County, the name patterns for the children are the same except for S.T., and the marriage license of Jane Owen and William Sanders was secured by John T. Donald, nephew of David and grandson of John Owen.

Although Frizzell knew they were in Pike County, he did not publish the 1830 Pike County census record which shows:

David Owen, 1 male age 20-30 1 male 50-60 ( David) , 1 f 15-20 and 2 f 10-15, 1 f 20-30, and 1 f 40-50 (Mary) Listed below them are Samuel T. Owen, John Owen and Robert Owen. Also on the same page is William Sanders who married Jane Owen, daughter of David and Mary. Presumably the younger females on this census are Priscilla Owen b ca. 1814, Rachel Owen b. 1813,another female b. ca. 1816 maybe Mary who is claimed by Mrs. Mildred Laney of Anniston, Alabama as being her ancestor, and the young male is Daniel Crawford Owen and wife,Mary, whose marriage record is filed in Lowndes County on the 9th Dec. 1830.

Deed records show that David Allen Owen, Sam'l T, Priscilla and Sarah Ward Owen sold their land in Pike County in May of 1840 and church records show they were in Randolph County by July. But for some reason, S.T. is not found on the census, but David Owen is . On this census, he is shown, living among many of those named on the Shiloh Baptist Church. He is listed as having 1 m 30-40, 1 m 60-70, and 1 f 60-70. He has aged 10 years as expected, but Mary has gotten into an older bracket, and who was the younger male in the HH?

The 1850 census which has been quoted in estimating David's age states both he and Mary were 85 which would make both born ca. 1765. There are many errors in this census including the age of Samuel Tine which we know was 55 instead of 60, and also the ages of the girls differ from that given on the 1860 census and also their places of birth.

Then on the 1860 census Mary ( Polly) Owen living in the HH of daughter , Rachel Peacock, was 88 so she aged only 3 years from 1850-60. If we subtract 30 years from this age, she would have been 58 in 1830. If age 85 was correct on the 1850 census, she would have been 65 in 1830 and age 50 when the two daughters 10-15 were born. I believe the 1830 census was more accurate since more of the other family data and ages correlate. This would make David Owen born 1770-80 and Mary born 1780-90.

They have not been found on an 1820 census, but there are records which suggest they were in Alabama by this date as family legend states.. They were in Monroe County with the Broughton-Couliette party said to have arrived in late 1816. Voucher records show that David Owen, Robert Owen, John Owen and Samuel T. Owen owed Coulliet money for goods or money. This was probably also where Samuel T. was when he signed petition to stop annexation of Alabama to Mississippi 1817-19. Next Sam'l T. is found in Pike by 1819 and records show they remained there until 1840. No census record of David has been found before 1830 in Alabama. Since Jane Owen married William R. Sanders in Blount/ Jefferson County, it is likely he went there for a while.

There is proof that David Owen, son of John sold property from Jefferson County in 1825 the same year that Jane married. Also of importance is that John T. Donald, the son of Rachel Donald was a security, (another daughter of John Owen). There is a David Owen, Jr. on 1820 Chester County,S.C. census with younger children in HH. It appears that David, son of John was in Chester County after his father died. There is also a David G. who was witness to the first deed when David sold land in Jefferson County, Alabama. This David G. may be the same one in St. Clair, co., Al. in 1850.

A hypothetical 1820 Alabama census would show:

1 male 10-15 (Robert),1 male 16-26 ( Dan C) 1 male 40-50 David 3 Females to lO ( Priscilla, Rachel, and Mary, one female 10-15 (Jane) and one female 30-40.

A hypothetical 1810 census in S.C. would show, probably :

2 males to 10, 2 males to 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 female to ten, 1 female to 26-45. Compare this to David Owen, Jr. below. This is based on the theory that there were no more children than we know of. However, if one looks at the ages of the children, there is a gap between Jane b. ca 1805 and Priscilla born ca. 1812. This indicates to me that there were either other children, perhaps females we don't know about or there was a time when David was widowed, or some children died early. Nearly all the children named a first daughter , Mary, however. I also think it strange that there was not a son named David.* The children of David and Mary Owen as we know them or on whom we have information:

i. Samuel Tine Owen b. December 1795 S.C. .

ii. John Bunyon Owen b. 6 June 1799 S. C.

iii. Robert Fleming Owen b. ca 1800 S. C. !805 on 1850 census

iv. Daniel Crawford Owen b. ca. 1802 S. C.

v. Jane Owen b. ca. 1805 Tenn (1850 Al. census)

vi. Rachel Owen b. 20 June 1813 S.C.; d. 15 Nov. 1870; buried Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Clay Co.

vii. Priscilla Owen b. ca. 1812 S. C.

viii. Mary Owen b. ca. 1814

1810 Chester County, S.C. Census

P. 255 Allen Knight 3m to 10, 1m 26-45, 3f to 10 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45 (10 slaves)

P. 263 David Owen 1m to 10, 1m 16-26, 1m 45 up , 2 f to 10, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45. Was this a brother of John?

P. 263 John Owen 1m over 45, 1 f over 45 (7 slaves)

P. 268 David Owen, Jr. 2m to 10, 2m 10 to 16, 1m 26-45, 2 f to 10, 1 f 16-26, 1 f 26-45 up.

P. 256 Dempsey Winborne 1m 26-45, 1f to 10, 1 f 26-45 m. Priscilla, daughter of John Owen

P. 278 Benj. Foreman 3m to 10, 2m 10-16,1m26-45, 1f to 10,1f 26-45 P. 273 Wm. Foreman 3m to 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45, 1m 45 up, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45. (married. Betsy Owen, was brother of Allen Knight's wife, Mary E. Foreman.

Alabama Old Cahaba Land Records Robert F. Owen Lowndes 1/14 1834 Range/Tws

David Owen Pike County, Alabama 5/26/1836 30-11-18 ( This is likely David Allen)

William Sanders Lowndes 2/23 1836 31/11/19

Priscilla S.Owens Pike 12-26- 1833 31/11 19 Rachel Owen 12- 26- 1833 31/11/19


i. Samuel Tine ( Tynes) Owen born 1795 S.C.; married Sarah Ward Knight 1816; Died 1856, Henderson County, Texas. ( See Sarah Ward Knight)

ii. John Bunyan Owen born 6 June 1799 South Carolina married Elinot ( Elender) Huggins born 26 Aug 1800 25 March, Ala. and died 1 Mar 1857 Henderson County, Texas. Ellender died 24 Oct 1881 Henderson County; said to be buried in Davis Cemetery but not recorded in Cemetery records. They came to Texas with the Owen-Knight group in 1851. On 1870 Henderson County census, Elinder Owen 70 Ga. Fw KH 70 800-600, Samuel T. 34 mw farm lab. /150 Al , Malvina 28 Al They had 14 children: i. Mary T.(Polly) Owen b. 24 Dec. 1819 Al. ; d. 20 Oct 1831,

ii. Epsey Jennings ( Hepsibah)Owen born 24 Dec. 1819; married Kindred Karter Knight 1846 iii. Robert H. Owen b. 12 Feb. 1821; d. 26 Aug 1821;

iv. Priscilla H. Owen b. 22 June 1822

v. David G. Owen b. 25 Jun 1824; no more information

vi.. Rachel Missoure Owen b. 18 June 1826 m. William D.Cowan. Many descendants.

vii. Elinor Harriet Owen b. 6 Nov. 1826 m. John Franklin Stephens, Randolph Co. Al. ca. 1848 . Children: Polly E. Stephens b. 1849 (2) John Stephens b. 1851, (3) Gustin A Stephens b. 1856; m. Samuel F. Patterson 2 Feb 1873 Henderson County, Tx., (4) Brajoria Stephens b. 1859 (5) Rosena Stephens b. 1864. John Franklin Stephens was a Civil War Veteran served with Co. K. 18th Texas Cavalry Reg. Captured at battle of Arkansas Post, Ar. on 11 Jan, 1863. P.O.W. Camp Douglas, IL. Survived and returned home at end of war.

viii. Lou Amanda Owen b. 19 Feb 1830.

ix. Francis Marion Owen b. 1831; killed in Petersburg mine explosion Civil War.

x. Samuel Tine Owen b. c 1833 m. (1) Loueza Featherstone 21 March Henderson Co., Tx. (2) Nancy Catherine Haygood 4 Feb 1875 Anderson County, Texas ; d. 24 Dec. 1905 Troy, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory; bur. Troy Cemetery Troy, Ok. Served with Co. K , 45h Texas Infantry Regiment. Suffered chest wound at West Point, Virginia. Lost a lung; issued a disability discharge 29 Sept., 1862; returned home., Children : Thaddeus Owen b. 1876, Ellen Owen b. 1879, Helen Epsey Owen b. 1881

xi. John Daniel Owen b. 16 Oct 1835; killed in Civil War, Battle of Cold Water, Virginia 2 June 1864. Co. K. 4th Texas Infantry Regiment. . xii. Elizabeth Malvina Owen b. 29 Sept. 1837; m. 28 Mar. 1867 John Harbison; m. (2) R. M Cantrel; d. 25 Sept. 1910,

xiii. Martha Maranza Owen b. 25 Jan 1840 m. William Charles Knight 4 Jan 1857; had 8 children ; some in S. Dakota; cared for by Frank & Lenora Knight Jordan in Coleman Co., Tx. On 1860 census Wm. C. Knight 29, Farmer Martha M Knight. 19 A la, Kindred Knight 8/12 Henderson County, Tx. Wm. Charles was Civil War veteran served Co. K 18th Cavalry Regiment; captured at Battle of Arkansas Post , Ar. Paroled 2 April 1863 due to poor health, returned home . Died in 1873 in; Coleman County, Tx..

xiv. Susannah J. Owen b. 24 Oct 1843 m. 25 Jan 1866 Joesph J. Woodward; d. Jan 1886. He was the brother of Lucinda Woodward who married David Allen Owen. Joseph Woodward was a Civil War Veteran served with Co. D. 28th Texas Cavalry Regiment from Anderson County, Texas. A Susanna J. Woodward m. David N. Payne 20th August 1879, Henderson County, Tx.

End Notes and References

1. Records of Charles Fidler, descendant of John Bunyan Owen. 2. Records of Vernon Lay, descendant of Dock Knight. 3. Henderson County Marriage Records.

iii. Robert Fleming Owen age 20-30 on 1830 Pike Co. Ala.Census; probably the Robert S. Owen on 1850 Lowndes Co. Census gives age as 45 b. S. C. with wife, Mary 40, James 18, Thodosia, 15, Leander 11 m, Allen 8.

Frizzell says he was a cotton planter and had 11 children including James Wade Owen, Randolph Owen, Dora Owen, and Minor Owen living in 1868 in Butler County, Al. One descendent, John Wade Owen lived in Red Level, Alabama. A deed exists in which Robert bought land in 1853 from Littleton Jones in Lowndes Co. 450 acres, part of which he sold to George Pettry, 150 acres. Part of this land fell in Butler Co. He paid Jones $1200. Mary M. Owen signed the dower rights to Pettry.

iv. Daniel Crawford Owen birthdate is given as 1802 by Frizzell; married in Lowndes County Mary (Polly) Vickery. 1830. They moved to Randolph County after the 1840 Pike Co census was taken. They are said to have gone West with rest, but returned to Alabama after residing about 3 years in Sabine Parish, La. Descendants of this family have become members of DAR in Athens Chapter.

Children of Daniel Crawford and Mary V.Owen were:

i.. James Tines Owen b. ca. 1832; d. 1915 m. (1) Martha Boydstron; m. (2) Caroline Maxwell Vaught; lived in Selma, Alabama ; letter from him to cousin John Wade gave much family history according to Frizzell..

ii. Louisa Adaline Owen m. James Patterson Ross-descendants in Louisiana & Texas.

iii. Mary Owen m. Andrew Bicknell. Frizzell states they were most interesting personalities. This is lineage of DAR members in Daniel McMahon Chapter, Athens, Texas. members. iv.. John Lawrence Owen m. (1)Mary Harris; m. (2)Annie Vaught,

v. Elizabeth Owen m. (1) Frank Chandler (2) William Burke (3) Felix Martin (4) Thomas White; children in Louisana and Texas.

vi. George Daniel Owen m. (1) Nancy Elizabeth Ashby (2) Louisa Howard.

vii.. Harlesenna Owen

viii. Henry Owen b. 1846 d. 18-,

ix. David Owen b. 1846; d. ca. 1866,

x. Robert Fleming Owen m. Sarah Jane Sanders; son Daniel Owen, Meridian, Ms.

xi. Martha Helicona Owen.; m. John Henry Brown ,children in Meridian, Miss. They lived in Mobile, Alabama after returning to Alabama.

v. Jane Owen born ca. 1805 married William Sanders, in Blount/ Jefferson County, Alabama 25 September 1825. Their children from 1850 census were Nancy Sanders, Wm Sanders., Robert Sanders ,Margaret Sanders, b. 1839 d. before 1900, John Sanders, Ellen Sanders & Eliza Sanders. Mrs. Mildred Laney states in the Clay County Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery Records that their daughter, Mary b. 1832 d. 1899 married John F. Stephens b.1828 Clarke Co., Ga.; d. Dec. 1891 CSA Co.G. 3 Reg. Al Cav.; bur. Campbell Co., Ga.. Frizzell states that this family moved to Georgia ca. 1868.

vi. Rachel C. Owen born S.C. , daughter of David and Mary is buried in the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Clay County, Al. Her marker reads that she was born 20 June 1813; d. 15 Nov 1870 Gone to a Bright Home. Several unmarked graves nearby in a Rock wall enclosure. Could this be where David and Mary are buried?. She married John D. Peacock ca. 1840. He married (2) Sarah A. Smith Lester , the daughter of Archibald and Sarah Tollison Smith. On the 1860 Randolph County census HH 1717/1417:

John Peacock 49 M Farmer 220 200 Ga. Rachel " 48 F DH SC Mary " 19 F Al. D. G. " 14 M " Polly Owen 88 F D _ S C

vii. Priscilla Owen b. ca. 1814 m. Josiah Mitchell ca. 1840. Priscilla owned land in Pike with Samuel Tine, and others. Priscilla is listed as being born Ga on 1850 census, but in S.C. on 1860., age 46. 1860 census list: Josiah Mitchel ,42 farmer b. S.C. Priscilla 46, " S.C. Mary 19, Martha 17, M. Mitchell m. 15 Farmer, Harriet 10, Frank 7 m.

(Laney states their son ,William Mitchell married Letha E. Lester, dau. of James M. and Sarah Lester . They also are said to have moved to Georgia ca. 1868.)

viii. Mary Owen m. Glisson Sutherlin- Mrs. Laney of Clay County, Alabama claims this was another daughter. They were also on the 1850 Randolph County Census, and these are her ancestors.

Pike County, Alabama

Papers of the Pike County Historical and Genealogical Minutes of the Commissioner's Court of Roads & Revenue, Part I 1828-Feb 1841.

Abstracts on Owen-Davis- Bradley Families-Knight Feb. 1831-In Gibbins Beat, Allen Williams, Robert Owens and Hiram Tucker are appointed apportioners of hands. P. 10. Feb 1832- Ordered by the Court that Robert Smilie, Alexander Jackson, Moses Baldwin, David Hughes, Josiah Dyer, William Burgess and Tenes Owen by appointed Commissioners to lay off and mark out a road from Gainers Store across Conecuh at Robert Smilie to the County line in direction to the town of Montgomery (p.33) 6 Feb. 1837- Precinct no 29 from Wingards to the County line, Ordered that Samuel T. Owens. be appointed overseer, 3d grade.(p. 98)

Aug. 1838 Ordered by the Court that the road from Charles Pelhams to the line of Lounds County near Samuel T. Owen be abolished and set aside.

3 Feb. 1840- Ordered by the court that Dunce Sikes, William Jordan, Seaborn Jones , Jesse John , Samuel Jefcoat, Josiah Jordan and Samuel T. Owen be appointed a Jury to lay off and mark out a Road from near the ford of the Indian Branch to intersect the Road leading from Smilies Ferry to the Line of Lowndes County.(p.154) 16 August 1840- Ordered by the Court that citation issue to Samuel T. Owen, John Hanchey and Barnett Franklin, Commissioners of said County heretofore appointed, by an act of the Legislature commanding them to make their report to the next term of this Court showing the situation with(?) the amt(?) of funds belonging to the County in their hands. (p.164-5)

Part II, March 1841- Sept 1849 Dec. 1842- Ordered by the Court that the suit heretofore commenced against Nubil A. Moore and his securities on the contract of building the Court house for said county and the suit p. 212 Commenced against John Hanchy, Barnett Franklin and Samuel T. Owens the building Commissioners for said County be still prosecuted against them. Ordered by the court that John Hanchey be required to repair the county jail so as it may be considered safe and report the same to the next term of this court for allowance. ( p. 15.) 28 March 1842 Ordered by the Court that Robert Owens be appointed assessor of taxes in beat Number four in the 87 Regiment.

Feb 1849- Ordered by the court that the following persons be and are hereby appointed overseers of the Poor in the several Beats of said County ( to Wit) P. 457 Robert F Owen Samuel Tine Owen SARAH WARD KNIGHT, born 21 July 1800, York County, S.C. married Samuel Tine Owen , born 2 August 1795, S.C..on the 6 June 1816 ,probably in Chester County, S.C., as that is where her father, Allen Knight, was at that time. Samuel Tine Owen was the son of David Owen, born ca. 1765-70 and Mary Owen, the first record of whom is the 1830 Pike County, Alabama census. Family legend states that an Owen-Knight caravan left South Carolina ca. 1817 to go to Alabama. Recent research has found the Owens in the same area, Monroe County, Alabama as a group of people from Sumter County, S.C. whose arrival has been documented as being there in January or February 1817. This group was known as the Broughton-Couliette party, and Nathaniel Broughton's son Edward Thomas Broughton married Rachel Winborne, the granddaughter of John Owen of Chester Co., S.C. and daughter of Dempsey Winborne, Jr. and Priscilla Owen. Winborne was also a Primitive Baptist Preacher.

On October 1817 Samuel T. Oweings signed a petition to the U.S. Congress with 363 Co-signers, inhabitants of Alabama Territory residing between and near the waters of Mobile and the Tombigee River, protesting the annexation of parts of Alabama to Mississipi. Another signer of this document was Dempsey Winborne, a Primitive Baptist Preacher, the son-in-law of John Owen of Chester County, S.C. who also was in the group that arrived in Monroe County, Alabama late 1816. The next record of Samuel Tine is in Monroe County when he signed a voucher for the sum of $1.00 he borrowed from Christopher Couliette. Also signing vouchers were David Owen, Robert Owen and John Owen. These were dated March and April 1818. (See later)

In 1821, Samuel Tine is found in Pike County, Alabama, listed among the 100 first settlers of that County. He was appointed as a commissioner to select a seat of Justice for Pike County. The deed written in long hand begins as follows:

Know all men by these present that we , Samuel T. Owen, John Hanchy and Barnet Franklin, commissioners, duly appointed to select a seat of Justice for said County of Pike, for and consideration of sixty-two dollars to us in hand , paid by John C. Curtis, the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged. We do hereby acknowledge, give, grant, bargain, sell and confirm unto the said JohnC. Curtis, all those tracts or lots situated, lying and being in the town of Troy known and designated as lots no. one, three and four in Block A measuring ninety-three feet in front and depth. Each one will now fully appear by reference to the plan of said town."

The deed was written 6 October 1838 and recorded in Deed Bk A, p. 554-55.

The family of Samuel Tine. and the families of his father, David, brothers, John Bunyan and Robert Fleming Owen are listed on the 1830 census Pike County, Alabama census. Also living in same area were Kindred Karter Knight and William Sanders, his brothers-in-law.

Allen Knight, the father of Sarah Ward Knight, died in Lowndes County, Alabama in 1839. Kindred Karter Knight was the administrator. A summons was made to Sarah Ward and Samuel Tine Owen to appear before the Orphans Court in Lowndes County to show why the real estate of Allen Knight should not be sold. Each child of Allen Knight's received $458.00 being"their full distributive share of said estate"in February of 1843. Also Samuel Tine was paid for attending Allen Knight for services as a phisician for 18 days and received $25.00 in 1841 for this.

By this time he and his family had removed to Randolph County, Alabama in 1840. Samuel Tine is not found on the census there, but his father, David, is. A deed is found in Pike County where they sold land owned jointly by Samuel Tine, Priscilla S Owen, his sister, and David Allen Owen to Abram Cannon .approximately 100 acres for five hundred dollars. Kindred K. Knight, William Sanders, Daniel W. Cannon and John A. Williams sign as witnesses. The deed was dated 12 of February 1840 and recorded 14 May 1840. William Sanders also sold 39 97/100 acres to Cannon on January 29 1840 to which David A. Owen was witness. No deed was found to show when they obtained it.

The records of the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church of Christ in Randolph County show they were in that county by Saturday June 1840 when the following were received into the church: Polly Owen, S.T. Owen, Sally W. Owen, Elender Owen, and David R. (A?) Owen. On October 3, 1840 Samuel T. Owen was appointed Clerk of the Church.

He served as Tax Collector and Justice of the Peace in Randolph County in 1843. He ran as Democrat for the Alabama Legislature and defeated Whig candidate, Jerry Murphy. He served in the Assembly in Montgomery in 1845-47. On November 2, 1850, he and other family members received letters of dismission from the church. In the minutes, Samuel Tine states: "This closes my clerkship for Shiloh Church, and I hope my brethren will excuse all my imperfections. Farewell. Samuel T. Owen." However, they did not leave immediately as he and most of his children and families were on the 1850 Randolph County, Alabama census which was not taken until December 3, 1850. The families Of his son, David Allen Owen and Kindred K. Knight and Stephen Bradley were already in Smith County, Texas as evidenced by the 1850 Census taken several months earlier.

Before they left a church was constituted by the group known as Pilgrim's Rest, and Samuel T. was named clerk. Samuel Tine and Sarah Owen with his brother, John Bunyan Owen arrived in Henderson County sometime early in 1851. He became involved in politics soon after his arrival and was elected Chief Justice (county judge) andwas sworn in 12 August 1852 by Chief Justice J. B. Luker.

After his arrival here, Samuel T. Owen made application for a Bounty Land Claim which act was passed in 1851. He served in the Creek War as private under Captain James McDougal in Captain Denisons's Company of the Alabama Militia from 9th June to 28 July 1836. He was drafted from Pike County, Alabama on May of 1836 and honorably discharged at Montgomery, Alabama on or about 1 July 1836.

The dates on the application and official rolls do not agree, but he first made this claim to E.L. Smith, J. P. on the 5 December 1851. The original discharge paper was given to his attorney, Wm. H. Martin, who ,on the 9 December 1851, made oath that he had received it, and in his negligence, had lost it.

On the 24th April 1855 Samuel Tine made another application for bounty land under Act of March 3, 1855 and declared that he received a warrant for 40 acres under under the former and sold it to Wm C. Bobo, but he could not remember the number. He was entitled to more land and according to official records received 120 acres No. 10 in 1856.

Samuel Tine Owen died in 1856 and is buried in the Davis Cemetery in Athens, Texas beside his wife, Sarah Ward Knight Owen who lived until 18 October 1882. A rock cairn marked the graves until several years ago when descendants placed a monument there.

Sallie Ward Knight kept a Bible record of all the births and deaths of their twelve children, some of which she outlived. In one entry , she made the statement " this day Jan. 2, 1848, all my children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and their children , dined with me , thirty-one in all , twelve of whom are members of the Primitive Baptist Church. The children of Samuel Tine Owen and Sarah Ward Knight were:

i. David Allen Owen born 11 July 1817.

ii. Polly Narcissa Owen born 22 Jan. 1819.

iii. John Wade Owen born 12 Jan. 1821.

iv. Rachel C. Owen born 22 Dec 1822

v. Julia M. Owen Feb. 24 1825.

vi. Ishmael D. Owen born 7 Nov. 1826

vii. Betsy Isabella Owen born 16 Oct 1828.

viii. Priscilla M. Owen b. 31 Jan. 1831

ix. Sarah Emeritus Owen b. 15 April 1833

x. Rebecca Elmira Owen born 10 Nov. 1835.

xi. Martha Maranza Owen born 1 April 1838.

xii. William Randolph Owen born 7 May 1841.

All of the children were born in Alabama and with the exception of one came to Henderson County, Texas and settled. The children and their families are continued later.

Allen Knight and Mary Elizabeth Foreman



i. Sarah Ward Knight born 25 June 1800, York County, S. C.; married Samuel Tine Owen 6 June 1816 in S.C.; died 1882 in Henderson County, Texas. S. T. Owen died 1856; both buried in Davis Cemetery Athens, Texas.(More later)

11. ii. Kindred Karter Knight b. 18 December 1802 York or Chester County,S.C.; m.(1) Nancy Cannon, 7 Jan. 1826, Montgomery,Alabama; m. (2) Epsey Jennings Owen, daughter of John Bunyan Owen probably in Randolph, County, Alabama 1845-6. (More later)

iii. John Whitaker Knight born 28 July 1804, probably Chester County, S.C. married 1830 Sarah Taylor; d.1850.

12. iv. Julia Parker Knight born 3 May 1805, Chester County, S.C.; married 10 July 1823 Montgomery Co., Alabama , John Victor Davis ; lived in Montgomery all of theirs lives. Some of their children came to Henderson County, Texas. (More later)

v. James Foreman Knight born 9 January 1807 Chester County, S.C.; m. 18 January 1835 Elizabeth Champion; d. 1875. She was sister to Robert Champion, father of Mildred Champion who married James C.. Gauntt.

On 1860 Montgomery Co., Alabama Census Second District H/H 155: James F. Knight 43 m. SC Farmer $2000, Elizabeth 37 F SC, Susanna 14, Ala, William C. 12 M. Ala, Robert L., 10 M Ala, Mary e. 8 F. Ala, Julia 6, F Ala, Thomas d. 4 m., Ala. Nancy L 11/12, Ala.

vi. Clarinda Loveworth Knight born 3 November 1809; m. 1835,probably in Lowndes Co.,Ala. William Burgess; d. 12 May 1864; stated by one source to have to have settled in Ellis County, Texas.

vii. Charity Matilda Knight born 11 Dec. 1812; m. Alexander Tucker; d. 2 April 1839. Was deceased before father's estate was settled. One daughter, Mary C. Tucker. named in grandfather's estate as heir; Hyram (Hiram) Tucker was guardian.

viii. Elizabeth Mildred Knight born 09 Dec. 1810, Chester County, S.C. married 1833, probably in Lowndes Co, George W. Dillard. He was named as one of the executors of Allen's estate.

ix. William Allen Knight. 15 Mar. 1814 married Elizabeth Helm (Hellums) in Henderson County, Texas on January 1854. Named in Mother's will in 1847.

x. Mary Permelia Knight born 7 May 1817; m. 1 Nov. 1835 Robert Green Champion in Lowndes County, Alabama; died 6 June 1844 before father's estate settled ; left four children: Husband and second wife came to Henderson County, Texas. a. Parker Champion m. Charlea Brown

b. Lorenzo Dow Champion m. Tersy Croxton

c. Nancy Champion m. William Massingale

d. Mildred Arabella Champion, married James Calvin Gauntt, son of Luke Gauntt. (From Bonner Frizzell files.)

No. 343 State of South Carolina Know all men by their presents that I Allen Knight of the State aforesaid and District of Chester in consideration of the Sum of Eleven Hundred dollars to me paid by James M. Rainy of the district aforesaid in the State aforesaid have granted bargained Sold and released unto the said James M. Rainy all that Track or parcel of land Containing tree hundred and eighty eight acres of land lying and being on the South Fork of Fishing Creek in the District of Chester, Granted to John Price the twentyth day of April one thousand seven hundred and Sixty seven thence conveyed to James Ramsey thence to Allen Knight Beginning at a red oak in the bottom and run So 13 chains and 60 links to a white oak in the edge of the bottom thence Ws 9 chains and 50 links to a small Black Gum thence So 33 to 8.50 to a Stump so. 15 E 12.50 to a red oak Sapling thence Wst 16.25 to a post oak on John Prices line thence No 26 E 13 chains and 50 links to a sweet gum in the bottom thence No. 73 Wst 4 chains and 50 links to an ash thence No 62 Wst 32 chalns 50 links to a stake on a Samuel Mc Neels line thence with his line No 26 E 30 chains and 25 links croping the creek to Mcklehennys line So 62 Wst 26 chains croping the Creek twice to the beginning refference being had to the original grant Together with all and Singular the rights Members Hereditament and appurtenances to the Sd premises belonging or in any wise incident or appertaining To have and to hold all and Singular the premises before mentioned unto the James M Rainey his heirs and asigns forever And I do hereby against any person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof. Witness my hand and Seal this twenty first day of November in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and Seventeen and the forty second year of the Independence of the United States of America. Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of Saml MCNeel, W Wallace South Carolina Chester District Allen Knight(Seal) Personally appeared before me Mr Samuel NcNeel and being duly sworn agreeable to Law Saith on his oath that he was personally present with William L Wallace a Subscribing Witness with himself and did See the within Instrument of Writing Signed Sealed and delivered in presents of us the undersigned Sworn unto this Twenty third day of November. Samuel McNeel Thos Wallace J. Q. South Carolina Chester District I Thomas Wallace a Justice of Quorum from said District do Certify to whom it may concern that this Preasant day came before me Mary Knight wife of the within named Allen Knight and being privet and Seperatly examined by me She does freely and Voluntarily and without any compulsion dread or fear of any person or persons Watsoever release and forever Renounce all her right title or Interest of Dower of in or to the within James M Rayney and all her Title and Interest to the within and forever release. Given under my hand and Seal this 22 day of November1817 ( SS) Thos Wallace J. Q. her Mary _ Knight mark

Last Will of The State of Alabama Polly Knight August 31st 1847 Montgomery County Know all men by these presents, I Poley Knight feeling that my definitive is close at hand, being low in health but strong in mind as memeory I feel dispose to dispose of my wordly goods personal estate for the Love and respect- for my dather Juleye P Davis for her good attention to me in my affliction I give her and the heirs of her body my negro woman Siser and her child by the name of Jack to the bodey Jueley P Davis; I give to my beloved son Wm A Knight one bed and furnitey and one clock an famely Bible, the balance of my goods and chatels an my bed, and furnety I leave to be Eakuel to be divided amonge all my children my old negro woman Lover I give to my daughter Junley P Davis under her spelel care amd pentation this beine my last will I know comite my soule to God, as witness my hande and seale day and date above writen test. A.S Dubberly Poley X Knight(seal) James F. Knight her mark

State of Alabama Montgomery County) Personally appeared in open court A S Dubberly and James F Knight Subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of Polley Knight whon their oaths do say that they saw the said Polley Knight whose name appears to the above instrument sign and seal the same as her last will and testament that she was at the time of a sound disposing mind and memory, that they signed the same as witnesses in the presence of and at the request of the testator and in the presence of each other, sworn to and Subsribed in open court Thos S May , Judge) A S Dubberley James F Knight

7 Feby 1848 )Probated to the personal estate of Polly Knight decd and maid of record, 1 Feby 1848 Thomas S May Judge


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